The Cockney Translater!

08 June 2020

Lock Them Down.

A new form of LTD.

The bells, the bells, does any of this ring any bells, oh it’s the alarm, for what?

ring, RingRRRRRRRRRRRing, Well it’s all going like clockworck isn’t it, Amazon what some people will do to guard their oranges.

Ain’t it.

Times up, We are here, I'm glad.

Let’s get it on, as Marvin said, he didn't mean it like that did he, did I?

We can get it on in one of two ways, I don't care, because unlike black people I'm very hard to identify.

I look white, but was born in a black area, I then found out why I was in that area, over the following years.

I realised over the years because of varying exploits and jaunts into to neverland, both self inflicted and un-scripted, That I was something that usually took the first place in that, queue.

Even before jews and black people.

Then I had the undeniable education, The middle of the see-saw.

I have suffered racism from black and white people.

The black people did it from knee-jerk reaction, I assure you. So is that racism exactly?

The white people that did it did it with paper mainly.

So at last I get to speak, too.




Smash the police that are not the police anymore, the people wardens.

I get to do it, cos I could not give a flying fuck what you think.

Fuck you.

Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of you.

Violence is the enemy, and I am not talking about a load of kids doing what kids do.

I'm talking about the adults standing in the crowd.

The bullies.

On each side of the fence that have a beef with each other, that are using these kids to get their fight going, the one they want.

That is clear as day, if you’re not a complete self-flagellist.

It’s even more clear in the General media,

The main stream media, that's a real joke now. The factions of media, lol.

Now the whole world and it’s brother has to watch the not so main stream media affiliate themselves to sides in exactly the same way, as their invisible tutors say.

Every politickler and funny hat wearer, is at the ready with the glove to catch you tailored just right, so we can all keep the one true perpetuation engine going, the violence of division.

Despite all their efforts these kids have defied all your tricks this time, mainly.

Off course the professional agitators in the crowd will dupe some.

But only the few.

Mainly they have just said clearly no more, I saw that and so did you.

So I am not going to compare crusty inanimate objects, to kids screaming.

If you don't mind.

I have buildings and have demolished buildings, in town just completed a few years before, demolishing them, because princy don't like em, just like that, millions cut down on a whim.

I have cut holes in walls I have just plastered, to expose brickwork, then varnished it to stop the nasty dust from falling on the big china cock that is art on the fifty thousand pound side board it sits on, in the drawing room, cos it looks gooooood, today.

Perception, How many buildings is a kids life worth.

If a statue wrongly cast down from its mesmerising quiet stair, to remind you, of who you are.

If that person commemorated is truly an angel of the people, a person of good renown and note, then the people that remember him/her, let’s face it, it’s usually a him, will put back the erection!, won’t they.

As this person is proved to be worthy.

It’s just metal, it’s not a person, it’s easily replaced.

A worthy memory cannot be tainted, just your ego.

If not, then why does it need remembering, if it reminds you of the greatness, then surely it reminds others of other things, in just such a powerful way.

A metal reminder.

If there was a baby trapped under the corner of Buckingham palace, would we knock it down immediately to get the child out, would we check the colour of the baby, first.

When the helicopter flies out to get yet another moronic idiot with such low self esteem he jumps into the sea for the baying crowd, does the colour of the skin ground the aircraft.

We as humans have Identified the problem fifteen times in my lifetime.

Rich people are trying to stay rich while entertaining you any way they can so it all remains that, way.

They now have a new excuse, well, new, not that new, eh, the excuse is the corporation to hide behind.

But it’s people, you clocked that.

Now they are going to try and convince you it’s a computers fault, because it’s the right calculation, you can’t argue with numbers, there it is, in, black, n, white.

The religious sidle up behind their respective bullyboys and we are off.

The AI would only do what daddy says, and it’s a daddy, trust.

It will do what it is brought up to do.

That is the fear you should have of technology, not of technology itself.

If we agree on the logic of no violence.

The police cannot commit crime everyday,

For example, if someone doesn't want to do something because of their own reasons, but have not committed a crime, you do not get to commit a bigger crime, than being quiet, you do not get to immediately assault them because they have an attitude according to you.

Beating someone up and imprisoning them until you discover what YOU want, is a bigger crime than any. This moment in time, in the street the police do what ever they want, only cameras change that, take as many knees as ya like. Bullshit.

If this means an increase in numbers but a decrease in violence I suggest that increase in numbers is taken from the public, that are watching.

Problem with that is, most people that do not want violence, will have nothing to do with it themselves.

So will not stand up to crime, but crime would be less if they did.

Now the biggest gang of them all are at large, make no bones about the police being a gang, you just don't see it, cos you’re well off.

If you offer any sort of resistance to the police that humiliates their authority (which is easier everyday) they go a whole different kind of way on your ass.

I know, I was assaulted, robbed by two police officers that I could have dispatched in seconds, the only reason I didn't (at that point) is because a very gentle "johnny foreigner" as Jeremy Clarkson put it once, stopped me, by being there.

I didn't want her involved in what was about to go very bad.

Namely I was going to take the two idiots I had round the waste, then show them the meaning of the saying a madman has the strength of ten.

I have picked up cars, before in temper.

I was, and had in my mind figured a way of throwing them and myself over the balcony.

I didn't, I didn't, that was why they were sent, to make me react, so they could shut me down, having not been able to so far.

They were breaking they law, I my neighbours and anyone that heard the commotion knew that.

From that point on in law they were not the law.

In the real world, not the one that exists now, I could have arrested them, which trust me, would have taken about three seconds.

They were fuckin idiot kids, one was a new zealander, shame faced too.

The other total cunt was on orders plainly,
I will tell you what and how, soon.

With the documents, and the video, Hertfordshire are one of the most discriminatory forces in the country, money then colour.

The rich bods wanted me shut down and the other rich bod mates tried to get thru the various agency, I can prove every word I just wrote, With their own Paperwork.

They investigated themselves and guess what, they were great.

You’re gonna eat that you discriminating lying bastard.

The particular lying bastard I refer to is the one on the bottom of the investigation, that lying bastard, we will work our way back from there.

Only thing that stopped it for now was the lockdown and illness

So I decided for them, not to put them in a box. (little boys playing policeman dressup)

Because, I knew what way it would go.

That’s why those poor souls viewing what happened to Mr Floyd didn't get involved, because they knew, what way that would have gone, he would still be dead, and so could they be. But defo arrested and in shit that will then fuck you up forever, all for trying to survive in a fabrication, a game.

Then what are their kids gonna do?

You gonna line up and help, well yeah sure you will now, it’s news worthy, it will get you noticed, but would you back then? go on, lie to yourself pigeon.

Well some were trying, but they get no help, from anyone really.

The government leave charities going they like, they dispose of the ones that they don't.

So they will bay on about mental health, then lock up an ill person cos it suits. Shut down and bully any professional that goes against the grain.

Even when It’s sorely needed.

Because they are playing.

This could be solved in weeks, and I could do it.

Four officers from lower ranks, four colours.

All committed to what they signed on for, to protect, before Hendon re-educated them and they were trapped in the lie.

Give me them, and the authority they bring with them 'us' all watching, law, and the right to open secret doors (not stupid ones that need to be so, nah, not pulling that shite) and then this fiasco will start to unfold right before your eyes, it will start in days, cos I know exactly where to go and look.

They All know who everyone is, what axe they have to grind, All sides.

That's what scares the control, you finding out they have all been dealing with each other in the background, having oh such a lovely war, while the poor fight.

I'm not bending a knee to a game and that is that.

I will take my hat off in communal shame that we all feel, if we work right.

You don't tell me nothing, that is how this shit started.

If everyone is taking a knee because that is the desire of a communal decision, of course I would, but you walking up to me and saying so, yeah, that’s more politickling, right there, at best, at worst it’s a way to start a fight for no reason.

We do things together.

Or not at all.

The game they play, the politicklers, they play it with knowledge.

Or did you think they only sage shit like pandemics.

Nah, they talk to the psych, ask for reports, get them voluteered, they say well, the human goes thru these phases in grief etc.

Well you’re going through them, you youngsters with hope, just like you should, and they know this, they will condemn this exact behaviour they have known you will act out.

It’s nature.

You’re angry, and young.

You’re being used.

The problem for the politicklers this time is that you all learnt, not from the professor as the right wing like to stir, nah, your parents ain't got the cash, I speak to real people, politicklers, wouldn't, and can’t.

Street, taught you.

So you know it’s just another bust on the conveyor belt of bullshitters, that you’re going to stand in front of and watch square eyed and mesmerised, to make your leadership choice, no matter what choice you make, you will stand in front of another conveyor belt and call it a job, cos a robot was to expensive, to stand, there.

Because it’s always the rich who win.

I want you to get us more licence, so I can tell you.

With professional help, of course. Not just me, we need there people. No masons though, eh.

To many in the police and judiciary.

I want to go in the places they would have a fit about me being in, with you, that's where the truth is.

This will be guarded with all they have.

Everything they got, because if someone honest and sensible got in there, that will share all, no matter what.

This game will be finished, forever, then we can do it for real, all of us, not just wannabe hero billionaire dreamstealers, that go along cos they are fuckin’ rich by the fuckin’ way, how do you think they got there.

Turning on them at the last minute to save your skin Elon, isn't going to work, face me, with your big ideas, I will do something no one does to you, tell you the truth, if you’re so fuckin great, prove it.

Suited you once you spin doctor, you can shove your money, it isn't yours, anyway.

You won’t buy me off, sonny.

I’ve had friends longer than you are old, I know where your money is taking you, already, bighead.

Oh, yeah, not forgetting the racist right-wing man, the fat old orangey white billionaire, yeah, he's got your back.

Good luck with that, I say the same of any of these despots that have come together at last, on one thing, how to keep what they got.

That’s something they all agree on.

There is one thing about spraying a slogan on a statue, it makes their neighbourhood look like a shithole for a change, thought about that you fuckin’ traitors to the kids of this world.

You fuckin’ liars.



dividers, flagwavers.

We end violence from anyone on anyone.

We all know what restraint is, these men show none.

Taught to show none.

Then we will teach them.

As all violence for its sake will stick out, like a knee on the neck now does, they still do it btw, I saw several instances as you did, this weekend, until a camera comes by.

If you charge into a sitting bunch of protestors or kneeling whatever part of the anatomy they


It will not end until they destroy everything to make you listen, sure it will fizzle out, but each time it will get worse.

You are the adults.

Stop condemning kids and grow up yourselves and do your fucking job.

While it’s hard, you don't get to be outraged or angry, you’re supposed to be aside, for us all.

So let’s start there, start firing politicians immediately when they’re caught doing anything but working for you.

The money couldn't be sorted in years thru varying stall tactic ideas when it came to universal credit etc etc, the shambles of the Maximus Atos discrimination trapping, all because of budget, then when budget is agreed, still nothing moves past a snails pace.

Soon pulled billions out there arse at a moments notice to save the corporations and stop you not going back, didn't they.


If any politician takes any money, they are bent.

And you know what I mean, so cut the shit.

Money out of politics, just out, all out, all of it.

Citizens that can go in on mandate and look at your deep government fuckin’ secrets.

That will uncover every greedy fuckers lies.

Truth, no secrets.

No violence from anyone, or you’re done, as soon as you raise you’re hand, your arguments done.

But that will only happen after change, that is often done violently.

So the cycle continues, another baby to be avenged.

life is a circle.

If you’re trapped.

And we are all trapped.

You’re not ever gettin’ on a rocket anywhere.

We, this generation, now, are the last.

Unless we stop the cycle of lies, greed, power.

Rich people, keeping it, by dividing us.

Good luck, EVERYONE.

Even if you are stupid.

This is the last of the translater.

But we will return, re imagined.

We will leave the scar here, to fester on them, until then.