The Cockney Translater!

Evenin winkles....

how'z you?

In rude health I trust , good.

excuse me a moment , talk amongst yourselves...

up yours!


So ,

once more we thrust the cat wildly into the pigeons..

not because we care, just because it's fun... lol.

Hang on a minute , where is everyone?


Echo ..........echo.......... echo.........

It's big in here.....

No one.

No one to tell me ,,, "NO Stephen"

Should be interesting...

We are unfettered.....un hindered by ludicrous pointless whims..

nonsense and celebrity...

No cunts, in short..

so maybe we will have no rules.....

no ,

one rule.

the golden one.

Un twisted Numbers.

otherwise known as...?

Hang on to your fantasy's five years of fun and games at the boys in long trousers expense.

I'm rather dim as you all know...

so , I think it's high time I learnt some shit....

You can come...should be fun..

I know I'm gonna piss myself laughing at the positions some are going to be contorted into by their own words.

You see, I have hung around with all sorts, from high to low if you believe in that sort of thing...

The beliefs of some are weird , that's all they are , other men's words to make you cower in the corner..

lots of mechanisms are used to do this ... some of you are very well read... are aware of the lid, the ruse, the blind...

Others are not so fortunate... .they have no fucking clue what's what....

they are even used to cause more upset , when they wouldn't of their own accord..

I of course speak of the young... the impressionable...the fatherless , the motherless...

The new children of crete, concrete.

I am still just about able to be worried for them..

just enough idealism left to salt their chips, maybe..

So to all the intellectual sock puppets, the ones that KNOW, nothing, I say..

GO AWAY.... you are not needed here...

This is of no consequence to you, you already, know!!!!

The passion I've seen in the faces of the threatened, the lost.

The ones in the bowl...

That is my concern.

Affordable housing.

A thing worth doing, even if it's just the basic dignity to support yourself.

Personal dignity.


Not just a hand reaching down to scorn or take, or both.

I was terrible as a child... this is known..

I now know why.

So I'm gonna tell them, more than tell , but that's another day...


Numbers of hits, The ego's obsession...

The internet you know, you have been taught to Know , you're taught ...very...

Strung thin, on your string ..... streeeeeeetched tight..



I have given everything I own away..

Rather stupid I thought , at first.

I have not stopped smiling since.

Not everyone can do this... but when it's time to break the thing, it's time...

It's my turn.

I have heard stories of my predecessors, I'm looking forward to my own.

Eh martin.

I learnt the basics at school. Then both parties agreed, after much

fuss, we should, well, leave it there..... (that's how my mum

explained it to my Godmother lol)

Then due to the usual curves and twists, I became involved in a world I didn't know exists..

My father/family kept my feet on the ground.

He made sure I was aware of what really lurked in the undergrowth... the

ones with the white collars and big words, He knew I could handle

anyone else...but he also made sure I knew I couldn't do all jobs with

one trowel.

I'm a bit broken, nothing serious, just not a good idea to play, the

"Who is madder than who game" with us, I mean, Me, DO

This has made me popular, unpopular, in equal measure and I wouldn't change a thing..

I more or less ended my business career by standing on a board room table and pissing on a contract...literally.

So generally , Fuck

All comments will be read by someone. If they are any use, I will put them here. Good or bad.

If by some miracle You have something to say that is worthwhile, well researched and honest...

I will come see you, Talk to you, put some questions to you.

Help you.

Immediately you see my worth, not one lying fucking tosser will take that up...


So that's saved a lot of TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT, which is nice.

The Lid.

Shall we start with the first mistake/Perversion of the modern world...


Warfare, the first Hijack!

Ok, that's where we start..

After all, five years to kill.

Might as well make it count.. some guests are going to join me... some you

know, some you won't... I'm Personally more interested in the ones you



No incantation, No titivation, just the truth for you , contemplation...

We should end today wiv a dance....

I prefer a Charleston type jig to this , and of course don't forget the lean down jazz hands at the chorus. lol.

See you tomorrow.

Or at least the day after tommorow.

Public notice : Stephen will have a handler accompanying him in any public place or in close proximity to anyone interviewed.

We assure any member of the public concerned about Stephen's livingquarters he is in no way ill treated , is given free-range within his compound. He also enjoys a plentiful supply of fresh Pie n Mash at any request.Thank you for your concerns.

The-Illumilazy ;) x.