The Cockney Translater!

05 Jun 2020

Morning peoples, they got you looking at steeples, you will.

At some point if it hasn’t already this born scenario we see play out is going to put a heel straight in your rose garden soon. Presuming you have a rose garden and not a balcony.

If you have a balcony, instead of a garden you know exactly what rung you’re on, you can jump anytime you like to see how deadly high it is.

For just one moment can you sit down (oh you are, ok) and think of all the things being up in the air for all to see.

There you are coming home and you see where you’re going long before others.

When I lived in one and next the one I lived before, I saw both sides.

I lived in a House in the hood, on an old street that didn’t get swallowed by the estates built around it.

For some when they first arrived they liked the green and pleasant prepared land, they came from a fuckin hovel.

Here there were trees and grass, not only that it was preceded with a war of unimaginable ending.

People had enough, a belly up to the back of tongue enough.

Everyone, EVERYONE, wanted no more bangs, except the complete idiots, lunatics, fanatics.

The “know whats best for you”s, the brainy.

With a good brain, well a let’s do it our way if we have to, brain, they built the pleasant land.

The inhabitants were picked for skill and age, strata of the pro-rata, data.

They were let loose in the pen, many figures started to accumulate.

Slowly but surely over the years the animals in the pen started to see, this isn't good at all for me.

I'm in a box, I'm not ok, they tell me when to go on holiday.

This isn't a box, it’s a battery, some are in charge of the static, we see.

The figures pointed out to the manager of the farm, they had educated too much, it could only lead to harm.

The management said let’s keep our head, we will turn down the learn, make it harder to earn.

They can think about that, but not where there at, if they discover this, that will be that.

Well guess what kiddies here we are, you’re not safe anywhere not even in the jam jar.

In fact watch out, the car is a sign, if it’s too posh you will get a smashing fine.

Now all are scared, the game is up, everyone is a liar, but no one wants the cup.

You’re all too scared to tell the truth of you, in case it’s not right, I'm sorry madame your kid didn't pull thru.

That is what your mum’s told, as her face turns completely cold.

Is this the answer to act out your fear, a revenge for a past you can’t see clear.

There is nothing special to you that's different to anyone one else, we woke up together be scared of that if nothing else.

You better calm down, there will be nothing left, this will suit the right and the left, when you're all weak, tired from the fight, the booze has run out and the gun’s lost its sight.

The man in charge likes to rhyme as well, he talks of shooting and also looting.

He likes the gun, for fun an recreation, but it will come out if you forget your station.

As they all like shooting let’s get him an’ Putin, mano a mano, we can watch while commutin’.

Commuting for work in the middle of their virus, I say theirs cos it damn well is, I'm sure it existed before it was assisted.

Nature made it, through their hands maybe, did you consider that, as you worry for your baby.

I’m sure you did, after all you’re not daft, but if you are don’t worry, here’s a raft of knowledge from the past, well one persons version for you to hang from your mast.

The mast on ship about to go off Niagara, It's ok, It’s all with Viagra.

I have no shame, nothing to gain, don’t care about money fortune or fame, simple little rhyme I did write in one go, no edit, no bullshit just my stupid self, like you, on my shelf.

Ok, I’m pissing myself off now, so don’t worry I will pack it in.

I could go on about all the shit they are going to go on, about.

Nah, let’s just take a break, shall we.

Put down the fuckin placard for fucks sake, you are not unique or new.

Look behind you, oh for fucks sake I cant help it can I.

That’s not to belittle anything anyone’s doing.

But about the only thing I can actually do these days, is tell you what I see.

I do that so you can interpret it with me, what the fuck there I go again.

sa a a lap!., k, let’s try again.

Really though, let’s be a bit still for a minute.

Everyone is getting nutz.

Everyone remember that, look at the actual numbers, compared to the varying personal propaganda that suits, go look where you don’t like looking, name the flat numbers from THE AGREED census.

This is going to go very bad very quick, and all you wanna be veterans are gonna find out why the real veterans hide in the woods, mostly.

Sorry, saying hiding implies cowardice, that is clearly not that case, so let me be clear on that.

No, they are mostly what was called shellshocked.

PTSD I think is the general term now.

Well they are on the edge, so are the "never fort a war but wanna" bods.

Like Alex, Grant Shapps, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, president emporer forever whoever.

They want a particular war, it goes hand in hand with others, like them, they have and are all part of a group that reside under flags which control the residue in t-shirts that are on stupid people doing what their t-shirt says about them, because they are scared.

Not the big mouths, they have plans, all of them, and if they didn’t, they fuckin do now.

So the windbags that do the leading, they have a big responsibilty.

On all sides.

All swords and words have two edges, which both blunt with time.

Careful what you chant.

There are cameras everywhere, there won’t be no denying.

What is said in anger and haste in the world now is oh so different to the world yesterday.

The opinion shifts as does the volume, on the mood, of the crowd.

If you are a surfer, you know you're the twig.

I have been watching these soon to become moguls of a new death, they are not aware in the height of hysteria.

Everyone with a mic, better chill the fuck out.

Get me.

I was walking through London yesterday, I encountered a kid in Tottenham, he was wandering.

He looked like he was, not a good idea if you ain’t from there, you better look like you know where you’re going, if it ain’t your manor.

As I would of said it a long time ago.

If I could spot this, you know the local predators, do.

I was sitting having a snout outside Tottenham Hale tube, waiting for a mate to pick me up.

I was sitting there thinking, as you do, watching bods go by, smiling.

People could see me smiling cos I had taken of my mask.

I had it on in the tube an airport etc, but took the chance to take it of.

Got to tell you, I love the mask, I get to do what I always have to do in some obvious way.

I get to where a mask, totally legit.

Great fun, for the arsehole that plays with them all day.

But, no, It ain’t fun, I know, just sayin’.

There was a kid riding round on a bike.

I like wheels, I’m a bit dim.

I love bikes and anything with wheels, this was a piece of shit, the bike I mean.

I was thinking, then I thought, why is he riding round here.

I'm smiling, a good amount of you already know what he was doing Eh!

I fell in to, I didn’t look to much at him, more people came by, A man about thirty came banging down a hill on a skateboard, he jumped the curb at speed, and he saw I saw, and was already smiling I guess, and he did.

What years that took to hit that at thirty and just pop, bag etc, he looked like he was off to work.

There was nowhere near as many people about as usual, but this is a main hub, so still peeps, about a quarter I'd say.

Then my mate rang me, He said meet at so n so road, I won’t have to get involved with the one way system then.

Which I of course agreed to, I had done that thing you do to friends which makes them hate you quite rightly for a mo.

Come get me bruv, ta.

I rolled a snout they only had matches in the shop, so I lit my match, and got my shit.

As I'm walking up the road, I see this bod he is walking along looking round, I thought as I said the first time I saw him, geez, stop doin that.

He is about three hundred yards ahead of me, and he stops at a disused bus stop, and started looking at the blank sign and how delapidated it was, It didn’t look like it was operational, but it was.

I had plenty of time to see this seen unfold, as I walked slowly smoking my blunt.

I'm also gettin a bit older and had just come from heathrow on the empty weird tube, here’s a video.

I thought about ringing my mate, and saying I’m going to be a bit longer, uphill.

As I did, I instinctively looked over my shoulder, anyone that lives or works in a city knows what I mean, ya feel a mug if someone grabs it eh.

In my none conscious glance, yep, sure enough, here he comes picking up speed looking around, he already knew there were no cameras there, we were now on a very lonely stretch of road by a park next to the entrance of a notorious alley.

And of course there’s matey standing there looking all over.

I'm a cuntasaurus rex as you know, so I did get my phone out.

I didn’t turn it on, I used it as a mirror, an spied my mate on his bike coming up the frog, lickin’, now.

As he caught me up, he made, and so did I, he went flying.

I laughed ran over gave him a kick, at which he was missing.

The chap at the bus stop, didn’t even see.

I got my shit an carried walking thinking, yeah, you is the target, this ain’t your hood no more, I found that so funny for a bit, as I got to the guy, he looked at me with those eyes man.

I said what you lost, he said yeah, I said where you going, I won’t say where.

I said to him yeah you ain’t far, if you look over there you can see a pylon in the distance, that is in the car park of your destination.

He said is this bus stop working, I said yeah, but you just missed one, and it’s reduced, so that’s you for an hour.

He looked a bit worried.

I said you late, he said no, but that don’t look like a good road t walk up.

He was wrong actually.

We can all be unlucky, but it was a motorway with a path alongside.

I said it ain’t far you will walk it in 15 mins I would and I'm an old fuck.

He laughed, a smile, a fucking nice smile too.

Bet his mum loves him.

I said nah, I'm going down that way into the badlands, you’re alright up there.

He said thanks and I left him waiting at the crossing to get to the path on the other side, the safer side, away from, people.

Like us.

You and me, all for a set of circumstances.

I waited for my mate, finished my jay.

Now, Tell me what colour everyone was.



The police are out of control because the boss wants, even they are shitting it now.

How’s it feel.