The Cockney Translater!

16 May 2020

Hello you radioactive reasoning reactionaries, watcha been up to then, naughty aren't ya.

I'm glad to say things are moving on lovely for us all, we are saved.


One small thing though, we aren't are we, It's worse than ever, we know a little bit more about the sordid behaviour of our illustrious ones, with no help from their press.

Heads roll daily, the cull is quite something, it's not just you all suffering, no, no, for once lots of their lower ranks are feeling the pinch.

Pensions, pinch.

The vice we have put them in is their own design, the vice to hold us, it‘s falling apart, before our eyes.

Soon the general public are going to realise what's going, and, been going on.

Let's talk about relative safety, like a commander feels in the field.

At the back.

Out the way.

With tea, coffee, and dry feet.

Like being a diplomat.

Yes let's look at the diplomat, the shit that travels.

Turds in a plane.

They have a freedom you can only dream of, they travel with total hands off.

But not just them, the family do to, oh and let's not forget the admin.

The admin, is, who I will concern myself with today, that is the handy list.

This list of peeps can be added to at any moment, any bod the "diplomat" chooses comes along with the license of freedom.

All of the biggest and most dastardly deeds known to man started in the hands of one of these messengers of death.

Perhaps you now start to understand the true nature of politics, that's what they call it these days, for you.

You have seen countries suddenly expel the other country's diplomats, you're happy with that aren't you.

When that happens ,yeah, get out, you bastards that did the thing your country did.


Just stay with it a while, don't move on.


That's how short we think these days.

Don't feel bad, it's meant to be.

You're in a fog, a soup of your own making.

It's a soup that Donald likes, the best place to hide if you're a seventy something lizard lounge lethario, is in the swamp.

It's the greatest place for him.

Plus he is doing very well.

I think, he has accomplished the usual thing he accomplishes, the one thing he is good at.

Good at, funny, we often use a word that way huh, yes actually he is brilliant at it.

The it isn't a skill, it's a way of life.

He is principle from birth, gets rid of other chicks, then screams from then on until he gets what he wants.

Like a big kid in the supermarket isle.

It's that simple, even the democrats can't take it anymore.

All he does is make everything about him, obvious, yes, but really look at it, that is ALLLLL he has done, if something happens along the way he can grab credit for, hey, America's great again, he shouts and he owns it, if it's shit, he blames everyone else doesn't matter who, his, theirs, yours, if there is a pussy to grab, Donald and Alex are there. Sales.

Donald is dodging the consequences as are his mates.

The real culprits.

Their selfish toad handling of every situation has plummeted the world into it's current spiral.

Oh, yes, it was them, of course others must be relied upon to do the usual despicable shit they do, but hey, that's what they do.

China were always gonna do that, Russia were always gonna do this. You were gonna get annoyed and helpless.

Do you want to talk about that whole mess.

We have all been watching for years, it goes, it comes.

I often think how we look, from space.

Really think about that for a moment.

After your face returns from despair, it will turn to mirth, you just have to wait a bit, for a bot, to cheer you up.

The bods selling stuff for their bosses, they love this.

Alex and crew are loving it all, as are the followers of Alex.

The slightly drunk, morbid types that make out there fun, with a weird grin from ear to ear.

They are going to cooperate with each other are they.

What is it they say, "When The Shit Hits The Fan"!


The thing I find fascinating, is the fact they have not thought through.

That they will all kill each other eventually, probably from a cowardly distance with a scope.

This will undoubtedly come after a disagreement starts between an "alpha male" and his "insignificant other" you have all seen them, maybe some of you have met them.

Well they are in every bunch of these dry mouthed, hider/shooters.

They have absolutely no clue that they are selfish, nasty, insular, scared stiff and unhappy.

Let's think about their world. You're quite capable, you're a few meals from being them, they just scared quicker.

I'm not going to describe it, I don't want to.

I'm in a good mood, lol.

I feel it's time to leave them to their preparations.

As I said before they are no issue, they will take each other out, they will just be civilised about it.

The most disturbing thing about it is, they want this, so do some of you.

The system crashing, YAY!.

The thing that disturbs me is not even that you may want that deep down.

That is bad enough, but the fact the people that want it are preparing for it, this has now morphed into a force of people that are being edged into making it happen, because of their own insecurities.

Here's a good example of Nigel Farage's new partner, Alex Jones, for instance doing that.

If you asked them privately, what is it they want, they will give you the truth, if you scan right! But that's not the bullshit they display to the public, is it.

The result of what they say is hatred, Nigel thinly covers it with the annoying fact that the money we spend on borders and security etc. is a farce, as people with no compass and little knowledge of the sea, cross it with regularity. There's a surprise, erm, look around the globe, how do you think we did that.

I would pay good money to see Nigel do that in a dinghy, I will pay my share to see you do that. Fly on the lip documentary, type thing. Fucking hell I can see it now, it would be hysterical, you could have Alex' old friend Tommy as first mate.

Oh it could be a race, the American racists and the English ones, first across the channel.

Alex can captain one ship, Nigel the other.

How embarrassing for the governments, all that tax payer money spent, just for Nigel to stir anything he can to stay relevant personally, and lick the racist arse of the thing he serves.

Alex does the same, all initially to feather ones nest, but ultimately to sit at the knee.

Alex, is becoming rather odd, he is copying traits he sees and admires in others, for his wider audience.

He listens to convos then says the exact same thing, in the same tone twisted to his own nasty rhetoric.

It's very weird, we have all been watching in here, as it's our convos they are listening to and disseminating across their lurid bunch.

We know this, we have for some time, as I mentioned, we are of course not alone.

Elon sponsored Joe Rogan is listened to, as is Eddie Bravo.

That is interesting as I actually think Mr Bravo is one of the more relevant among our bunch.

He is not one of them.

He is caught in a tide, this will become apparent in the future.

Anyway, it is all quite unpleasant.

Copying mannerisms and voice inflection to emulate your hero that hates you Alex, do I have to spell out how unsettling that must be for your crew to witness.

Elon, You shit up easy don't you, you flew out the trap quick on me didn't you, too quick son.

Your week, your finances are failing.

Jeff, now he stayed composed, this alone says to me he is going to cream you in your richboy moonrace.

Jeff, I'm coming after your shares.

See how we do, I have a keyboard and lots of friends, in lots of countries

We are now going to start on you.

This will eventually drown your price.

I suggest the people employees striking start there efforts more towards ownership, so we can stop eroding it, when its on its knees.

Then you can buy it cheap, switch it back on the right way.

So, to recap, Elon is going to crash and burn.

As he is a chancer.

Jeff is going to put up one hell of    a fight, beat Elon, to only be beaten buy his own greed.

Then the employees take the shares for cheap.

Ok. Good.

We have started on it as of two weeks ago.

I have no idea the time scale, that will become more apparent as it gets along.

This isn't exact.

To the UK, There is a power struggle going on in the background.

Grant Schapps is a crook in my opinion, based on my experience.

Boris is the usual, but he is in a very unusual situation, I have no idea what he will do.

Neither does he, nor his cabinet.

I should think his wife is the one to ask at the mo.

He has them all worried.

The new thunderbird puppet the labour party have propped up is well on the eye, eh ladies, and gents.

Appealing, where was he a few years ago.

How convenient it all is, how Tony Blair witch project.

I'm done with them all, have been for years.

I want to do something way more constructive than piss about with the machinery.

I would like to tweak it.

Here's one, a tweak.

If you do not want to be in Europe, pay to be a citizen, of both.

So if you are someone that does not want to be in Europe, don't pay.

This will undoubtedly lead to some restrictions for you in trade.

Why would you care, you don't need Europe. what's more you don't have to pay anything towards it, of course travel is your right, but I dare say its going to cost you a bit more as your not in the club.

The ones that want to be citizens of Europe can be, they pay tax etc. to the European government as well as there local government.

They will obviously get something for that, to do with Europe.

A list of things to make it desirable, like your list for not wanting it, as its so undesirable.

You will all be happy, wont you.

Well get ready, cos that's what's coming.

Oh the politicklers an pundits don't know yet, but there bosses do.

I bet they are scratching there heads now, how the fuck does he do that.

Fuck it must be annoying.

I'm grinning from eye to eye, myself at the mo.

I think its time for me to use my talent for different things.

don't you.

Let me tell you something told to me, which I checked to the best of my abilities, to that point it is true.

Further I cannot go, the police stands in the way, for the law, that binds them to.

I should think we could go and arrest about fifteen paedos right now, but cant, because of immunity.

So a story, yes lets.

The people existed, did it go down this way, well, who really knows.

A person, in the business of media, makes friends everywhere that's the game isn't it.

The game has become fine tuned over the years, like all games it has become subject to mini-games inside, these games inside are so numerous now no one knows them all, except some do.

The real, players.

Not even on our script, they are on there own.

How do you detect such creatures?

You cant, the only time you see them is when mistakes are made, people work for them, people make mistakes, creatures do not.

But when your organisation gets into the games, well delegation is the key.

But all in the dark, no one arm knows any finger, or what the nail is scratching.

So to our friend, the wanna be big man that isn't in any way.

But sure would like to be.

He is making friends, cracking heads, that can be cracked, saving the harder ones till later after a bite or two, made him careful.

In the introductions somewhere somewhen, he is called upon to answer a question.

A simple question, the question is posed in an impressive place, after he is granted access by making the right squeak n hoot at the right time interval.

Here he stands, drinking a cocktail, finally in the right place, shit if he fell over here he could make something of it, after all he is the big man waiting to get out of the little package.

Wait until they all realize.

But for now treading lightly in the undergrowth is the way.

He completely understands that appearances are nothing.

The hard way.

Equally he has seen himself underestimated and the same consequences awaited that bad math too.

Its a ladder, an on it are snakes, so climb slowly and carefully.

Don't arouse the anger, the notice, but arouse the interest and mischief.

Dangerous game.

He meets someone on the balcony overlooking the enormous pond, with the enormous fish.

He drinks his enormous drink saying enormous things.

While his new friend thinks him an enormous bore.

But continues the objective, anyway.


Others watching that resolve, calculating it, as he is calculated now.

All in one room.


The Question then.

"you, re not the kind of person that suffers fools well, are you"

"At least, that's what I'm told"


First piece moved.

What do you say, if its you?

A)        "Who told you that"

B)        "no"

C)        "why do ask"

you could add to this list endlessly but lets stay here for now.

"Who told you that"

Was the answer this time.

His new friend he already knew said.

"I know some people"

Our witness says.


Friendly friend says.

"I smoke, so when I go, I talk to them"

Our witness says.

"Oh those people"

With a smile.

The conversation moves on from there, I will spare you.

Our witness's new friendly friend goes on about how he is capable of all sorts of wondrous things, but is very weak in one way.

This embarrass him in front of his wife and peers.

He explains that he is a powerful man, but against an equally powerful man, it does come down to muscle.

He is not set up that way.


Disappointed, dejected, that it just came down to that again and not some recognition of some spark in him, no.

Just where he is from.

Mixed with the fact he knows which side his bread is buttered.

Seems to have a control over the overt side of such a nature, however tenuous.

That was the qualification for this, interview.

What does he do, leave it, insulted, or take the string to bite back another day?

Needless to say he grabbed on.

Hats the problem you have in particular, feeling if he is going to get his legs blown off in this game.

Which is not happening, as far as he is concerned, right now.

But he does know people that blow off peoples legs, so, let's listen.

The problem.

It was not what he expected at all.

A debt maybe, an argument, business or otherwise, that will boil down to money.


This man had a friend who he was deeply indebted to in business.

Not a partner, far more important than that, his business did not exist without this chaps doing the same.

In fact this guy invented his business, so if he suffers so does he, in ways only he can imagine.

This friend of a friend is suffering in the most despicable way.

This awful thing he explains winced faced and hand wringing is,

The Housekeeper.


The Housekeeper has been fiddling with the kids, they knew something was wrong, so they installed a house wide surveillance system, and there he was, oh yes, a he, the Housekeeper was a man.

How unusual thought the ladder climber.

The now worried harangued man continued so well, he passed over that odd point.

He said, the man had molested the child in his charge.

The Nanny was in the kitchen when it happened.

The ambitious witness stopped the account there, now more concerned for himself.

Why are you coming to him with this he asked, what is it you want.

The Friend gets to the point quickly, as he can see this is getting out of his control.

I was talking to someone about something and your name came up, it came up because you are someone that knows people that have been in prison, real, prison.

We would like you to find us someone to deal with this man, we came to you as we know in prison these people are killed if possible.

We want someone that will do that to this man.

If you do this you will never want for a friend in business again.

We will sign a contract based on this in an area you wish to be in.

With this he rested, breathed out, it was quite a performance by all accounts.

He also noticed that not one person came out on the balcony the whole time this conversation continued, in fact at one point, when it did idle for a moment someone came over and refreshed their drinks.

He agreed to.

I will tell you the rest next time.

On to other things.

That are important, as being kept in the dark, or covered over is how this all happens, that covering started many aeons ago.

What I am supposed to be talking about to you is way more hopeful.

Ultimately will free you in the true sense.

The other freedom can only come from the self in the first place.

The ability to say, NO.

In unison, on one thing.

In sum, a controller's biggest fear.

Our saving grace will be a shovel, then a trowel, then a brush, then tweezers, compressed air.

Careful examination, by free enterprising happy honest people with no fear of finance or prosecution, digging up their own soil, keeping their own pieces.

To show us, in their country.

In peace.

Do you know what comes after peace.

How simple.

Prosperity has nothing to do with money.

We are going to get some money together.

For a Mr Brien Foerster.

I would like him to contact me.

If you know him, could you do me the favour of asking him to contact me.

I ask here as I want the convo here in public.

From the off.

He seems a straight sort, so I would like to presume he will do me the honour.

We have an email here, please feel free to do so, any of you regarding this, thanks.

To the stones we go.

The origin of the rhythm now found by NASA.

The thing the stone heard all along.

I do like how to cover their constant final statements, they rename things to stop the fact they measured wrong in the first place and don't wanna look hasty, which they of course are.

They say the universe is this big and it does that, all based on the mind.

A few measurements from soon to be superseded equipment, assumpted on in the most conclusitory manner, only to have to, about face, when they are of course caught out.

They base all their thoughts on a rigid process based in text imagined from noises to describe a frequency they cannot experience first hand.

They have my sympathy, Imagine being that burdened.


The rhythm of the thump, the sound, the frequency that calms.

Resonating in the larger one way the smaller another.

But we all do.

It came through the back to the chest into the heart of the ape that lent there, to rest and look up.

The change was a signal sent long before anything else.

A long invasion, requires a lengthy infiltration.

So many players, so many aspects.

All so confusing.

No matter, you will see soon.

One thing, when you read, do you hear a voice, is it your own, how do you know that?

Once you know, you can never let go.