The Cockney Translater!

21 May 2020


Morning virtual visualized victims, how’s ya electronic backbone holding up, to the strain of all the trial of, denial.

You’re tough, you will be ok, I have total confidence in the herd immunity of you all to any sense of any type, incense or otherwise.

Well not All of you, About thirty percent of you, that hold the good seats.

You are on a wagon, it’s flying towards a hole, you gonna brake, or break.

Both, I should think, You will brake too late, so it won’t matter.

If we go by the standard set so far of the haves deciding what's best for the have-nots.


You would know what's best as you see so much human compassion while flying along.

Here's a test, How much is a pint of milk?

How much is the fair from A to B in your wonderful city you inhabit, in a totally different way to all of us.

How much of a lying bastard are you.

Well in the world of cameras and their recognition, as being the eyes of the most insidious bunch of creatures that ever had the misfortune to breath is, they are on them too.

So expect more special laws there soon won’t you.

If a politician tries to stop me getting some people some licence, they will be dragged all over this place until they just want to run and hide from the fucking world.


Just so we know where we stand.

So, Why don't we start with the current shambles the current self-heads are trying to sort out for themselves so they look great at best, or at worst don't have start hiding in castles or boats.


The law.

If you quarantine yourself for a non-deadly disease that is transmitted by touch, not airborne.

You’re good.

If it’s airborne you’re not.

They can argue you can infect others, and what's more it is deadly indiscriminately.

So that's that, matter of time, in court.

The same with travel.

If a positive effective test can be found, that will be on an ID if you want to travel.

Or why do it.

If you are deadly, and can get on a plane, the whole thing is nonsense.

Then it should be stopped immediately.

Not the plane, the stupidity.

Ignorance Of science known.

That you said existed, then ignored at your horrific convenience coupled with fudging of the budget for your own scare tactics.


No, it’s not inept, those days are gone, thousands of deaths ago.

That took long term wanker policy.

Dereliction of duty.

Involuntary manslaughter.

It has already destroyed lives, millions.

They will die from all sorts of things connected.

Children already have, their heads meeting the wall, as the neglect already present has been fuelled by inept devastatingly ignorant aloof policy, joined by this incredible selfishness.

It’s continuing right now as we speak, but the news is about the sun and how naughty we all are.

Meanwhile in the world that should matter.


If you make me in any way, take a vaccine, by making it impossible to be a functioning human being unless you do.

I want the insurance companies to come up with a policy that DOES protect against any and all the side effects, like you have.

Oh yes, if you have the money the policy awaits, like the pope said about his mum an insults etc., oh so long ago.

So yeah, I will have that policy please, so I know I get treatment.

Or, My loved ones are duly compensated to help them get on with life.

(not that they need me, they are cool, just being a git)

Yes insured for the list on your vaccine, that I will have to take.

Or you will stop us travelling, oh hang on, you can still travel on planes, ok, when you get to it in winter.

For the festivities, that are not happening, if you get your way, according to how serious it all is.

Proper fucked this up haven't you, lol. It’s mega serious, but you can fly, but the airlines are bankrupt, wear a facemask here, not there.


If I get my way.

Vaccine insurance, that will be covered, by the now saved NHS, or should I say D>W>P.

The government, Must pay, so you will.

If you don't give this, insurance, You cannot give a vaccine, or any other treatment against my will.

So, that's, that.

Then What?

I know, it will be suddenly not a problem, someone's head will roll, and off we go for the next try at a social credit system.

ID, is needed for all of this now.

You already carry it.

You cannot bank if the card is turned off.

They just needed the all encompassing reason with no proof that we will all of had at some point.

They told you, herd immunity is a confirmed herd, you accepted it.

You are farm animals from this point on if you let them go this time.

Catch all the liars.

The trust is gone.

Here's the proof.

The little things are what count, they point out the big things you need to know so desperately.

What is it American business says: "Keep it simple stupid"

So, let’s.

Mr Harry Dunn.

He is the most important person in the world right now.

Our country is about to get completely into bed with a nation that voted for a man who puts his nation first above all things, which in itself is folly if you have any grey matter at all left.

This policy is backward, like the thinking, it’s medieval.

Like the thinking.

It’s the thinking that employed serfs.

I don't expect for one minute to change any thoughts, we are way past that.

I want to know personally if it’s worth worrying about anymore.

If trust is gone between people and the now leaders we appointed, so much so that they have to employ tactics to keep ANY opinion down, we are already done.

This Young man’s death is a personal tragedy, that can be led into so many others by the attitude of the perpetrators.

Trust is slipping over the event horizon, If it is not grabbed back with the most vicious of effort now it will be gone for ever, our forever.

Your Child's, Your grandchild’s

You can do something.

In the next vote.

Vote for clarity, no agency immunity.

No diplomatic immunity for criminal acts.

Vote for the party/politician that promises sanctions against the USA until that woman is handed back.

If she had any Morals at all, she would board a plane today (you can no quarantine you’re going in remand like anyone would that ran down a man on a bike after driving without due care and attention, probably inebriated.

Still that sums you up anyway, doesn’t it.


Sanctions for some but not for others.

Ring any bells quasimodo?

The amerwican Ambassodor says we have a friend in amerwica.

Is that right, do fuck off, ok, just fuck off, you’re a liar, send her back, now.


LIAR, like Donald Drumpf,

Fake hair, fake tan, fake name, fake university, the only thing that isn't fake about you is your IQ.

Which is apparent every time you open your mouth, we can tell as the ever more stressed staff remove your foot from it so we can understand it.

I tell you bigmouth name caller, see how you do in a call with me.

A tip if you ever find your shrivelled testicles, and take me up on it, Put plenty Of cossack hair lacquer on, cos ya hair style won’t make it mate, ask anyone that knows me, like you do, remember Scotland tosspot.

Give me an advance wavier, to come and see ya.

Like the diplomats get, and the families.

And anyone, else that takes the fancy.


Make me laugh, some more.



To use religion in the same mouth.


And I ain't religious.

But wouldn't do it.

Let’s move on.

But not forget for a moment. Remember to not forget, everyday.

NASA, aww.

Left out of the race these days.

Only military secret stuff.

But wait, no, here they come right on queue, for you.

To remain relevant.

We have Jeff, and Elon, the dream stealers.

We now have NASA back.

This will be a disaster as NASA are not in their own control, so they won’t be able to survive in this new world of instant gratification.

It’s an impossible task for anyone there at the mo, they are the ones doing a shit job.

I'm not talking about the scientists they are second too very few.

No, I am on about the politicklers that get funding on the promise to the science that get their rich friends to donate, only to be double crossed come rocket budget time.

Well, get with it NASANAUTS of the web, do a better job.

Here’s some tips for free, cos I loved you all with the rocketswhen I was a kid, It gave me hope cos anyone that wanted to do that can’t be all bad, an you said we did it.

I believed you NASA, You said the world did it, even saying the Russians helped.


Now it’s weapons, well done spacedrumpf, you complete idiot.

Nasa, tellyvise the whole thing.

Cameras on science peeps, those that have a flair, and want to.

They can have their own youtube channel, use that for something wholesome for a change.

They can let us know the truth, the wrangles and angles.

So we know why the director quits before the big button is pressed.

It will be a success in all sorts of ways.

if Honest.

It will also assure you freedom and budget from the people because they will trust and support you.

330 million people, helping.

You won’t need military budget or politicians.

You will have us all.

But, one thing, can I have a ray gun to shoot at Jeff's and Elon’s rockets (unmanned of course) lol.

Talking Of nasty fantasies, Have you seen the all new "edgy Woody" thing Owen does under his dad’s hat?

I like it, straight up idiocy, no holds barred, fucking hysterical.

His rants are gettin’ better than Alex’, I have a look while having a coffee in the morning.

It helps to start the day with an insignificant silly laugh at something, Like a funny animal video, but they get samey, so I thought, hey I know, Owen.

His descriptions give him so away, someone should really tell him.

Mr David Knight could you give him a heads up on how to secrete fear properly, like Alex.

Glad to see you’re fighting fit again btw.

Let’s go now where we will go mainly from now on, as there is little going to happen for a while.

So I would like to start and concentrate on our other things we do.

I have some old descriptions and drawings given to me, also I have been in places and moved equipment for people.

So I can draw it.

This is of course being done.

But we unlike others don't want to waste time, yours or ours.

So we can leave the sensational to the fakers for money, out there, there are plenty of punters for them, so they won’t miss you (if you just found us).

Stop being a mug.

The doors here are going to be opened.

Be there, not in a hole putting off the inevitable.

Two things are going to happen here.

When they are done, we will open the doors.

Let’s take a shuttle somewhere else now back to our friendly friend, who has made his choice.

Now he is told that he will be asked to a meeting.

It was left at that for then.

The meeting was between the friend that had the horrific problem, the witness.

The mutual acquaintance had now become just that.

They met in a cafe in King’s Cross.

Crowded, they both liked this.

Our witness had some questions of his own, the type you ask when you’re being a cog.

Why have you not gone to the police?

His answer was simple, his business laundered money for varying clients.

He could not afford this, but wanted this man dealt with.

All he seemed to really want to know, was when, presumably to make his alibi cast in stone with wrought iron work supporting it artistically.

To be stumbled upon by the local plod to his utter horror, how awful.

Hopefully on the phone from his alibi’s allotted destination.

Our witness was given the details sordid and otherwise.

The rest was left to him, better for all.

On the way back to the car our witness thought it would be just the same for him, When he spoke to whomever it would be, he would want nothing in his head either.

This meant big money, not an idiot.

Sure enough the housekeeper was coming home and he was run down by a drunk, who was arrested for being drunk and killing someone.

All deals done.

The call was never even made about anything.

The destination was liked so much it became the residence.

The house concerned was sold, then demolished, something huge sits there now, oblivious.

The day came for the favour, to be returned.

No one answered the call.

Surprised, Our friend was.

He took his surprise and a nine mm, to see one of the parties involved.

The person was the mutual acquaintance.

The acquaintance could see the resolve in the eye, so did not fuck around.

That and being in the corner of the toilet, I mean in the corner of the actual toilet, his head wedged between the wall and the side of the toilet bowl exterior.

At a most uncomfortable angle for a convo, especially as the old contents of the loobrush and holder poured onto his face and into his eye and eventually ear.

But he persevered, after all at lot depended on it, at that precise moment.

He could tell from the saliva and fangs so near his face, they dripped expectantly, on him.

All accompanied by gnashing as screamed sentences came rushing in at high volume, straight into his face, it was so loud his ears were making that cracking sound.

People banging on he door drowned out, no care given by this now monster.

He answered, quickly grabbing breaths,

No, I don't know where they are, they have houses everywhere.

They buy and sell constantly, they have security.

Why was he used, why they don't want to play ball now, why.

I am facing people that want to know, you’re coming with me, he said.

No, No, I won’t, said the man, looking dead right about that, by the look of the colour of his lips.

He let him go, as he stood up, and straightened out, the man said, you don't understand, they control everything, they care about nothing.

As the witness pulled open the door, he helped up the deathly now mumbling man, the office was full, ten people, he told them all to get the fuck out of the way, and put down the pudding on the nearest chair.

I would call him an ambulance someone, he said.

He began to walk out as a security guard stepped forward he stopped, the heavy breathing boss waved his arm mouthing, no, no, let him.

He continued to walk away, and a woman ran after him.

She called to him and said that's my dad you arsehole.

Our witness gave her his condolences.

She said it wasn't him, he is as stupid as you, she followed him to the entrance berating him, all the time peppering it with his stupidity and how he knows nothing, and if he did, what would he do, etc.

He made a call, as they came out the revolving door the automatic was given to a lad on a bike, he took it in one go not stopping and rode off at speed, just as the sirens came.

Our witness being jostled into the van was wondering, why is he so stupid, apart from the obvious reason.

As he bounced along looking at the twenty year old through his wise old eyes of thirty, he thought about his stupidity.

Three weeks later that very woman phoned him,

She shouted at him, hope you’re satisfied he is in hospital again with his heart.

He smiled, an opportunity, it must be needed, as he thought this way.

He said, he was very sorry, he had made a mistake.

Could he come and see him, she said no.

Put down the phone.

Shocked, at the request, the front, but dad didn't think so, he told her to phone back and accept the request to visit.

He was at home by then, in the garden, at the shady tree, best place to be.

Our witness thought it looked like he was waiting on the platform for the last express that evening.

The man said, I wanted to tell you something to curse you, you could say.

What, how could you curse me, he said.

Business is business.

He said, you will feel cursed.

Those people you helped, they set that housekeeper up, after he threatened to become a liability.


You helped them, and you made sure you identified yourself and a few others they were thinking of doing business with, this is how they check you out.

How do you ask someone if they are sick.

In a certain way, evil, beyond belief.

How do you make friends,

It’s risky to say the least, there is a system, they use it to vet you.

They want violent people to protect them, then they use the law to protect themselves from them.

To vet you, they need to know how you feel, one of the best ways is to ask if you will help get one of the very things they are, this enables them to get rid of undesirables in there own ranks, the failing financially, the liabilities.

This way, they know by the way you conduct the business whether it is just that, or you took pleasure in it, or justice.

If so, you’re forgotten, if you come near, again, someone like you will be waiting to take the same exam, on you.

You will never get anywhere in any real way, after this, doors will shut, that were open, no one person will no how or why, they just will.

You will struggle, like always, but now it will be forever.

If, you are the sort of sadistic fuck that took pleasurein it not justice, it will be duly noted, then you will be asked to"help" them in other ways, your life will work in all ways financial, all superfluous to the, true.

Like you.

The shuttle, that's a word, for a form of transport or is it, what was it first.


Shuttle bus.

There is an older shuttle, it was used to lathe away the lines of time.

I can draw it here, Iso chronus curves are a favourite as is the FSC.

This shuttle moves to and throw.

Level as the water allows.

Shaping isn't moving though is it, to throw that big that far would take an effort, that kind of effort happen with such infrequency, doesn’t it.