The Cockney Translater!

08 May 2020

Top of the morning bottom feeders, hows the soup, GOOD?.

Well here we are fresh from the Victory in Europe.

Oh, no, that was 75 years ago. I'm thinking of that Brexit thing aren't I, you may have heard about it.

No, I mean world war 2.

Nearly all the peeps involved in that are dead, A whole lot of them died at the time.

I had family in that war, lots.

All. In some way or another.

I will come back to that. What I have witnessed in My quaint English Hamlet.

This disease we have, the current one we are all tickling to get a thrill, or a boost, politicians, pundits, gurus, chat shows, any fucker really is on the bandwagon and calling it an ambulance.

Meanwhile the medical staff wander round empty hospitals watching people die.

Doing what they can. That's why you see urgent looks from some doctors, but complacency from others, assumptions.

The media Know who to talk to, By that I mean if you go to a combat fresh medic, A bod that's just come away from a situation that is nothing short of medieval.

Limbs off, half heads missing, horrific life changing stuff of the first degree, stuff that some of us would see and be more injured for longer than the victim.

Then nine times out of ten they save them, then rehabilitate them, as best they can.

But that's the point, they save them, there are a plethora of procedures, methods, tools, machines, later on understanding on a new level, that saves them.

This is different, if you get it, an your in a bracket, your dice rolling.

The urgency, is a very confident well trained person, that's got, nothing.

They do what they can, then watch.

I'm sure a few pray, too.

The main death toll will be like a constant waterfall, that no one wants to own.

It will continue for years, it will be the subject of the biggest email arse covering competition you have ever had the misfortune to behold.

Already the toll is not correct in any way.

The amount of patients that are not going to get checked, have cancelled procedures an so on.

Are you going to SAGE that for us?

Can you get the algorithms on that for us?

Sages, you couldn't make this shit up, it's k'dickian.

SAGE's, Remember that.


Then of course there is the suicides because of lost roles.

In the play of life.

It's ok though, they were just extras, no lines, padding.

The largest source of tax revenue and voters.

Meanwhile the cashmedia, They are a varying bunch of affiliates to parties


They are not journalists at all.

They give you a skew, on there bosses wants or their own personal bent.

Then the other side set there hyenas loose, to do exactly the same.

We all watch through our fingers (yes that's right we see you) wondering how they have the front, then see the pay checks once leaked.

Paychecks, euphonism for bribe.

Ignore it money Say it that way, money.

Then we have an even more out of control situation on the various compartments we were herded onto(social control platforms).

This enabled control of the funding.

Very amusing to watch the varying outfits of the world click there knuckles with a grin when this started to emerge.

The Russians had a huuuuge advantage, due to the fact they work for a living.

The Americans were caught with, GREAT BIG PANTS DOWN, THE BEST AND BIGGEST, PANTS, IN THE WORLD, Believe me. PUF !

Despite having tools to take the tools out of their tool box and the best, erm, weapons.

Completely useless in this conflict.

Incidentally, one thing hamster and I agree on, is, its a war.

No doubt, also, its not going well.

The west is losing terribly.

They pussyfoot about with conventional weapons, all knowing the minute someone gets a good enough excuse they will press a small button. Convincing everyone it was limited, like their foresight.

This is while the various navys from varying countries all start motoring about.

Always amuses me thinking of the admirals, with the little models, It always reminds me of the old boys at the pond with there radio controlled warships, mocking famous battles.

There are hackers in this world right now that can launch, the governments and security services are just to scared to tell there superiors, along with all the clever bods they have trapped in it with them, the fraying edge held by paper.

The paper isn't holding the weight of the knowledge they have in the pit of the stomach, it tears and out they come, hang the prison sentence.

Just for there desperate efforts to be thwarted by the press in its many factions pulling on them until they side, or snap, then they all walk away and spit back on the corpse.

then in unison, they shout..


The Division of faith by the men in hats staff in hand. Stand idle.


Waiting, to be right.

To pick up the pieces, in order to have some relevance.

The soil is thin over there lies, evermore closer comes the day when it's found, eh.

The government (pick any) in your country has fucked up.

I have been intrigued with why the brainwashed are so completely complicit, in their oblutions.

Amazing, denial, nah, it's worse, you know, but don't know, what to do.

The thing to first do, is bring a stop to secrets.

By that I of course mean responsibly, no matter how serious the subject, if we don't have enough money to pay for the drug for the old fart, lets use there propaganda example, major 2 million bob, if he is in the balance or the bloke that used to run the chipshop down park lane, who do you think gets the shot for three grand.

Hmm, ok, let's put it this way, less barbed.

If there are three shots, three grand, and nine patients, how do you start the sum.

Well, that's the scare story the deceivers use to control politicians, no one wants to be the pandemic leader that didn't listen.

That's how the secrecy is held, with fear of us.

How about, you stop the games you bunch of fuckin idiots, cos we can see, like ya mum n dad did, or older brother, we see that way, human.

We can end your dilemma politician, we can take Thor's hammer from your head.

Stop the secrecy, let us see the numbers.

So we can decide who gets the shot n why.

Like we are adults or summink.

Now, I will tell you why they cannot do that.

They cant afford the drug and the game.

The reason they cannot afford the drug is because a company that is huge, like a sun, says it costs this.


Yay, home again home again jiggety jig.

Health, is not a cost.

All industry and commerce must be dismantled in the health sector totally.

Doctors and nurses role in society changes back to what it was on schedule to be.

The rescue services also, of course, treat it like you do war, a necessary hang the cost, treat it like that.

I would very much like the might of a country to be judged on that instead of how big an fast ya missiles are.(seeing a pattern yet)

The people would make that work.

Know how I know, Because you have made a mistake, or fate stepped in.

The one thing all rulers need is division.

The tool, the fence.

They start seeing, you stir shit thru your varying agencies, it's been going on for years, as all that read anything critical see.

The key is to end division.

This is impossible with the mechanisms that have been in place so well adhered to, such as class, faction, religion, all are used as utilities to the system.

Which is now an actual calculated system, watched closely by major share players.

Not the share market you see, the real one.

The markets, the TVand press share is just the window.

The shop is way more informative.

All the tools to keep a farm running.

Based on Division.

No way any individual entity, or organisation, even scratch it.

You just saw make up, not a real wound.

It heals as it goes, then morphs a defence from its adhoring public.

The fanatics at each extreme end, the varying mouth pieces run over an patch there masters body licking and soothing.

The victorious walk of with the trophy of victory, nothing in it to actually drink.

Hopeless huh.

But then we had a scheme, which is clearly someone's scheme, I will tell you as soon as I know, that has made us all scared.

Well the ones with something to lose, so the ones that count, the money.

It meant we all had to stay in doors.

This has been gleefully applied by some an gone along with nervously by others, who had little choice.

Anyone that says anything is threatened, with electronic disembowelment, or at least a full inbox.

Which keeps them busy.

They hid behind statistically the last service anyone trusts at all, the NHS.

We trust them because it is the last face you see before you disappear into oblivion only to be happy you came back, all be it with some needlework.

Not even your loved ones can be there at the last moment.

If you have been through something like that, you will know exactly why you trust them, your fuckin still here is a big reason.

They have hidden behind that.

The doctors an nurses are fully aware of this, an carried on anyway.

They have no choice.

Look at the position.

The promo is, save the NHS.

It Looks fine.

Did we save it then?

Oh yeah we are waiting to see, if its saved.

What's actually happened is its deathly serious now, because we are physically and financially on our knees.

So if it surged again we would be screwed.

The system will fall apart.

You all however, mostly did what you were told.

You cooperated with them.

This has had a massive side effect on the numbers.

In telling you to cooperate, you have started to cooperate with each other.


That is the single biggest chance humanity has had in its entire existence.

Now vote.


For the end of secrecy.

The banksters depend on it.

The media.

The news organisation that is caught telling bullshit is banned from all platforms.

For a set period, then indefinitely.

Like the free press of the people are.

I don't care about there views, it's never been a problem before.

I like fanatics saying they are.

It's easy to dismantle their bullshit if they are allowed to speak, it's an education.

If unfettered by control mechanisms.

A third pill,

Not the red or the blue.

The yellow.

Balance, the middle, its why it's been made the colour of cowardice.

So not wanting to behave at either end or extreme is seen as weak.

When in fact it's balanced. The best we humans can hope to achieve, it's a see-saw ride, I know, but it's what we are, we must constantly balance no matter how competent we get at it, that's when its dangerous, when we have it easy, which we have.

This virus is of no comparison at all to the war.

That is propaganda.

The spitfire, war crew trying to stay relevant.

Well it's all fucked up now.

The blowhards comparing it to a bomb on ya house and ya whole family dead, aside, it may well give them the chance to prove themselves as they so dearly need, yet.

As I iterated its far from over, and I don't means the virus.

This brings me back to the quaint English village.

Sixty percent of the bods there are all good, why wouldn't they be it's lovely and they have money and a community.

However as always, the few exist, that want it just so, and woe betides you if you fuck with it.

I moved in.


It's been classic.

Funny, horrifying, revealing.

I have to say the 30 percent (much to my theresa dismay) are the problem in the world, they are fanatics. Macro/Micro.

Right wing posing as christians, which of course they are not, didn't Jesus say something about cheeks an that.

Anyway, here we all are, I have upset the racists big time.

They did the usual "you're gonna get your fuckin head kicked"etc, terrified the shop owner, he's been robbed and the robbers go in there an taunt him.

I decided to punch one of them in the face.

Chase one down the road in full view of everyone while I screamed obscenity at him.

All very un-village-like behaviour, so everyone agreed, I must go.

There (as always) is that Tommy Robinson/Farage/Alex/lemon type, group that do the muscle for the toffs, then it's Pimm's all round at the cricket club later, then they clean the chairs once they have left an get the good brandy out.

Well there are a bunch in this village, a family, in about five houses, with the usual idiot hangers on friends, you know the deal if you live in a an area with the two types of housing, rentals owned by the nice privates.

Yesterday was VE day if you didn't notice, or don't care.

As you have no clue as you were not born and don't watch any TV, as that's there last bastion.

if you missed it, it was VE day.

In my village they were all out social distancing using it as an excuse to get pissed mainly.

Very few were alive, an if they were they were kids.

Their parents did the dying.

As I said, I had relatives (being from London) killed because of the war.

I'm sure they have.

I don't like days like that, it depresses me.

So I keep myself to myself.

I know who the actual unabashed racists are, as we have had run ins, as i said.

It was quite something to see the party that ensued in the afternoon as everyone got drunker.

Singing got louder social distancing is for the scum in the cities not them, they have done none. (not that I give a fuck) But they have done some snitching on the people they don't like. While doing whatever they want.

When the singing got louder I had a look with a grin hoping to see one of these hypocrites fall over or summink.


I realised the racists were all sitting there with them.

Let's not mistake my term racist, it's not an assumption, it's a fact, one of them came up to Rhi an said, "where are you from"(Rhi goes very brown in summer), Rhi being polite just answered as I walked over.

She said, "Oh I'm from Switzerland

The person also a woman with a skinhead haircut long at the front an back skinned all over said"oh good, I like Switzerland and Germany, Austria, there are no N^£^^&rs n P43*s there.

This was reported three times in calls to the local force, Recorded.

(I had been putting up with the cowardly bullshit for ages, as they assume I'm like them, The insult the shopkeeper then ask him for favours as they are such losers.)

That was over a year ago.

Well I have made my feelings in the village clear about this it has led to altercations(fights) etc.

The varying agencies are weaponized regularly, which the right wing element secreted in them have gleefully enjoyed, unfortunately I have been winning another way, I have Recorded everything for two years, all paperwork convos, video of meetings about me, the clearly racist element giving statements to get me out of whitey land, they have gone unscathed. In fact it has been made very clear, I am the problem even though there is and has never been one charge against me, on the contrary, they have helped physical attackers get off and remain in the area.

This has led to the police being put in a very awkward situation, heads have rolled, also in the local authority/housing agency (which can be nameless until later) has asked persons to leave.

We have obtained all files, from all except police.

They stall an lie and have played with evidence an statements..

This is not my opinion, its a fact and the court shit was about to happen, then covid.

It all came to a halt.

I have some more evidence, I need to go an get from somewhere hidden an cant, I hid it because they tried to get it in a raid.

Again, illegal, unwarranted.

(unfortunately the body cam malfunctioned on both officers)

luckily mine ( hidden camera) picked it up. Oh dear inspector, got a feeling that opinion of events you relayed from your officer is not going to reflect well on you. (Or was it you they retired?)

I have left a sum of money with them(police) which they tried to return sneakily, which I rejected, we will be getting that back in the open, they put the frighteners on my brief so she ran.

She has kids.

Depends on there(police) calls for work.


This is all trivia in the grand scale of things and I just find it all amusing fucking with them in there nest.

But, I was writing here during, the clear evidence of date and time make it quite irrefutable that the local agencies have an element that work for central.

I will prove that with there communications.

I have not written a letter, I just sat and absorbed all the attempts and kept typing.

That fact alone hangs them out to dry.

I am not even to bothered about court now, as I have some lovely footage of known racists visiting my area for a party, with locals.

Under the Union Jack, the flag my grandad fought under.

I asked my mum one sunny day, while they were talking about a thing that happened, someones husband being killed as he delivered the post. Bang whole factory in bits no husband to be found, not one bit.

I asked what it was like, my old dear always brushed me off, she didn't want to talk about it, it clearly affected her and my dad, he was in Burma.

They don't like heroes.

They read books.

To reconcile their understandings.

I pushed it, by asking a more irritating question, Why did grandad join.

She looked at me an thought, I saw the time roll back, then she looked back at me an said, well everyone had to, they were coming here.

What would you do if someone came over the fence, Run?

I said no, course not, she said well then, grandad, all ya uncles, had to, so did ya dad.

Plus the Nazis were killing gypsies first even before the jews, so that was a big reason to.

Occupation of the country for us was a death sentence, not something that could be endured like previous prejudice.

So for me to see these people standing under a flag with innocents, celebrating something they had no part in themselves, defaming their ancestors, mine, yours, because they fought for their freedom.

In that throng of people dying were a large proportion of

N£"$"^S n P$*%'s as she put it.

Makes me fuckin puke.

It also makes a total mockery of anything we fought for.

You're the smell in shit. Fuelled by the Farage garage.

I walked past them all, some said hello, and do I want a drink, I said no, and smiled at the racists, who all looked at their boots, Doc martins, of course, these are posh racists on benefits with mobility cars, cos they are in the know, get me.

It's deep.

I will show you, here.

I have friends in the force, people that have nicked me when we were young, some of them even went to my school.

They know exactly what I am.

They have been looking at this from the Met in London.

Unbeknownst to the their friends in my area.

A black officer, Quote.

"it's like some geezers just found a box of uniforms innit"

He was relaxed and talking to me. lol

They have saved my life along with the other honest people I have encountered and shown the truth, well they are now involved and have been victimised themselves at work.

Again, evidence of high up tinkering.

Lately the tinkering has changed from aggressive, to get me out of the area, to trying to appease me with bullshit, always a different officer, you know the drill.

Now, silence, from all.

Just nothing,

Which I might add is illegal and negligent, makes a mockery of the bullshit mission statements I read constantly.

They state the opposite of what they do if" you don't think right son".

Terrible shame for the majority of people in that particular village who are fine, very nice open minded fun, I have made some good friends there..

But it will be good to see the liars exposed.

It's what it is.

It will of course be named as will all the people involved, some of which I know.

Should be a car crash.

Talking of car crashes, have you seen hamster an his new found news reading not ranting ability's a bit boring, aww.

Well, he thinks his numbers (like others) are because he is so electrifying, and a mystic now as well I think he was waffling about, idiot.

No it's morbid curiosity of what's going to happen when you and all your dry mates go in ya holes, or have you about faced on that now to?.

He works on the gambit say everything something will be right, we can then go back and cherry pick that quote among a million an say we is da guruuuuuuuu.

He is a racist

Here is a clip of him doing just that, he is Trump's boy.

He also has the disgusting habit of ranting about who is a paedophile, he reported on one well known one as many others did, he hated this guy for all reasons as he didn't like his politics, Alex uses words he thinks hurt as much as possible, its because he is so tender himself.

His favourite is to call everyone he doesn’t like a devil worshipping paedophile which undoubtedly lots are, but there are many who are not.

He just doesn’t like them, so he calls them it, just like that.

There is two problems people that do hunt them for real have with that.

one, it makes people think we are like you, namely a fucking idiot.

Two, it’s crying wolf seven times out of ten, I don't like your politics if you can call it that, but I don't call you disgusting names that hurt the very victim, by hurting the use of the word properly so it sticks.

He has always done it, that's why he hit on Epstein, as others did.

But If you look at the numbers or have any talent for watching them(those that do hi) you see that he goes for churchy stuff and paedo stuff when he feels threatened, this is to compensate for the fear he feels, he will look anywhere for a shield.

This fucks the real hunters, that have to deal with what they find on the floor in a garage, its the one reason I would like to fuck him up in the ring.

I have seen this devastation first hand you fucking prick.

Stay with it spend money see it thru and report honestly, don't do this BOY.

You and your personality cult it’s sick making.

VLADTV owns them all, that's why they have the same guests, they are all on the same holding pattern.

Fucking morons.

Nigel Farage, gets lads to vouch for his honesty, an like his toffy racist brethren in my village, lockdown ain't for him its for you, he just does it to get you the news about a few boats.

Erm, Nig, you're irrelevant now son, take your astoundingly stiff upper lip an fuck off there's a good cunt.

I am not a remainer btw(if anyone gives a fuck).

I just know where nig gets his nods from, the same place Steve Bannon does.

Still most see so it don't matter.

He wanted Europe broke for all different reasons Eh Nigel.

It's up, the game.

You're warmongers, dividers for the butt your money comes from, through dodgy donations.

The police are mainly bad, 40% of officers are okish, scared, but ok.

Lets think about no line, blue or otherwise.

Well unless someone gets hold of the situation soon its going to be irreparable.

The people have had it with the powers, an not new ones.

Mr schnapps an his app can fuck off, that's what mistrust does, fucks a good thing, it will be abused like EVERYTHING else is, in the future, hell its why they help this shit thru.


Margarets boy.

The game is up, no one believes you, even ya mates.


Cooperation ends at the front door.

I said recently can you help crimebodge, they say don't get involved with people, but he needed help, it was needed.

I now regret it.

Not because of anything to do with the case in hand, just the message of thanks he sent to the people I nudged to help.

They all sent, cos I said, look.

I regret it because I had to talk to some officers that have saved me through real honour, they even sent money to you mate.

Then you start with ya rope and such, tellin ya son, lucky I wasn't about your chin when I saw that bullshit, I thought good, here's a guy with brains that's had enough, what's more he is taking it seriously, then you do that shit, which fuels the opposite.

We are here in this mess, we will need police more than ever soon, the good ones will save us from the bad ones.

Even though they are scared and outnumbered.

I feel like a cunt. You should feel shame.

You just helped that cunt who likes headbutting members of the public.

Undo, that, or I'm gonna start undoing what I did.

Lastly here's some real truth about the oh what a lovely war.

Real truth.

Well done, this work is to the point well presented and informative without condescending.


Can you send this guy money please, here I go again, gettin involved, it's called hope.

Going back to some stuff for Mr Foster, I like his style to, he isn't preaching, again, good, I hope his tours can survive the onslaught to tourism, I was going to book myself just before all this.

I will be seeing you Brien, once I have obtained permits for you.

Slater from the traitor hater.

Traitors legion

America's war against Switzerland

The Hitlers that survived