The Cockney Translater!

01 May 2020

Morning mad mechanical monkeys, whassup.

Ya good,

You should be, things are going to calm.

Well here in the UK it is.

The reason is fantastic calm.

There is a thing,we are not doing, or going to do.

The borders are only borders here.

The people are not restricted in any way, so they get on quite well.

Considering the English government over the years.

A testament to the peoples intelligence, peacefulness in the long run, despite government.

Yah they were the first victims of the realm.

But somehow over the many many years they have forgiven ignorance backed with force and religion.


There will always be people looking for a reason to do some shit, they want to, or want you to see.

They perform, for you aren't you lucky.

So you can look at them.

I am of the opinion that you must let these people act out there last thrashings of fear.

How else we all gonna see where it ends.

Banning them is feeble.

It’s very similar to the dilemma we face physically isn't it.

We have doctors with clear understandings, beliefs.

We have doctors with none.

We have politicians with clear agendas, isms.

We have politicians that have, erm, more.

Politics is now in a world it has extreme trouble with.

The gravity turned off, and all these middle to old age men found themselves floating helpless in the air for us all to see from the most unflattering angles.

They have been caught out by electronics, the web is more a trampoline for them, as they land they try to grab on, to be relevant.

Trying to stay relevant for these "floaters" is very hard.

They needed to employ younger more agile minds, to stay in control, to keep the fear away.

Problem for them is, they have no clue what is going on.

The web for them is a mysterious an foreboding depth in which they float, knowing all sorts lurk in the deep.

They became terrified as there edge slips away.

Relying on technology and a new priesthood they do not understand, or control.

Money/power, does.

Electricity is, power.

Quantum computing is singularly the most dangerous.

Not because of the tech involved the brains, no, not any of that, it’s all quite brilliant, done with good intention.

But I'm well past believing all you cow-eyed innocents don’t know where the budget comes from and who uses it an why. Nah,you’re dirty.

No licence is needed, just money, safe haven.

Governments can do that,well politicians can.

Government does not exist, go get me a bag of it.

They grabbed them (machines) and made a deal, you can stay here and we will make the climate fine and dandy for you.

But, (insert a fuckin huge list of everything fucking dodgy) you must scratch, here.

Here, we are.

The world has a virus, politics has a virus, computers have a virus.

We are all going viral.


Out fluew our brains, splat on the floor.

The world is in trouble because of censorship.

As soon as you put a fence round a natural thing you have created a job.

A constant, garden.

Some things you find desirable, some you don't.


We all do it.

Your birdies in ya little birdy bath, but you don't. want a big turd in it while viewing.

We are selective.

Stop lying to yourself.

The way you are all scared of admitting prejudice of each other is your padlock.

Prejudice is one thing.

It’s actually a start, viewed properly, the difference.

Then comes the brave people from both sides that don't. hold to much in what others did before them, as they are not as ignorant or scared.

They move forward, have a few conversations, all the while being viewed.

By the fearful, watching every move, how it’s going ? are they nice? do they like you?, etc.

Soon the prejudice that kept the line, weakens.

Observation of the proceedings is a major factor.

There are always some, that are to scared, dogmatic to even venture near, usually because of a misconception about themselves, their own people pointed out.

They become very left out, so jealous.

That's what becomes Racism, now you have a problem.

Prejudice is one thing, part of a process, racism is the end of that process.

We all have been, or are going thru, this in stages. ALL

Some keep calm see the game.

But this takes extreme control and civility, something to behold.

I'm always humbled by it.

Especially in the face of some atrocious acts.

All driven by fear.

The politicians have joined your fear, with theirs.

Then add money technology, a totally alien environment, we are only just emerging into and you have ur current xistance.

Little boxes.

Everywhere, now scientists are telling you that's exactly what it all is..

For real.

The proof, they have ventured there and here's an egg we brought back.

So we know that answer now, in this universe.

Thy egg came first.

This has nothing to do with Darwin's ideas. Whether you hold that or not,it’s your right to.

Or Religion. That is again being used, it’s what it was designed for, only the very weak minded think any different now.

That's all irrelevant now.


Come on.

You know why,

It starts with a bang, probably going to end with one.

Your big fear.

Nature, the current.

Our impact, on a thing so old we can’t comprehend with our mind.


You’re just scared of the change for you.

It will all grow back the same or different.

It’s your kids.

That's what really matters.


Something in you all.

At last something we can all agree on.

No matter what idiocy we portray, in fear.

We agree on, something.

I don't. mean some woman in the crowd shouting in a whimpering voice "but what about the children"

That's another construct.

Provided for you.

So you miss the truly wonderful thing in there.


I'm glad of this guilt.

It may just save us.

Because nothing else has arrested us for a nano second.

Even now the little boys parading as men are sailing their boats about, gettin’ all annoyed.

Criss crossing till they crash into each other and get an excuse.

Fucking hell.

Really, everyone ok with military doing any fucking thing but helping at the mo are imbeciles.

If you’re from over there, fuck off with ya boats and planes, you’re the trouble, clearly.

Or are the peoples of these countries cool with that?

The people in the world get a chance soon.

To vote on these absolute fuckin wankers.

That's when, you, change things.

Everyone, Everywhere sees you all now.

Doesn't matter what the current problemism schism politism is.




I do not admire you.

I find you all very limited, and alone, in an alley, you are nothing.

Your staff are all you are.

That's why you need the fear on them.

In case they see yours.

The UK.

Is a boat with a chance.

Lets look at the leaders.


Would you go into business with trump.

Putin, I'm not even gonna ask,you deserve it if you did.


I obviously do not take part in party politics,understanding the situation as I do that would stupid for you to think.

I would not be a conservative if I did.

I would not be labour either.

I work with what I see.

A person.

You have the world, quite literally on your shoulders Boris.

You’re more trusted in other countries than there own leaders.

Do you know why.

I do.

I have a personal display.

I'm fed up with it on the side lines.

I will continue exposing the real situation,which is going to be fun.

As i am not anything you can put in one of your evidence bags.

I'm not going to be stupid and irresponsible.

I'm going dog you, constantly.

Pointing out all I have time too.

That I know is sooooooo sore.

I'm going to kick every big head liar straight in that knee, that elbow.

Each week.

It is going to get worse every time.

Or, you can stop reading me, quoting me, bastardising my words into yours to get the weight of honesty.

Stop stealing, while moralising.

We can prove it.

There are 1800 odd people in here that have been witnessing, what you have been doing.

For over a year we have recorded all, electronic pathways.

Doesn't matter what you blab now, these people see what has been going on.

For over a year. They have been giving me words to insert in odd ways to catch you for fun.

Depending on who you are and of course your particular bent.

They want me in the game.

To bust it up.

So we can get on the board.

I obviously can’t get involved in the traditional sense, and wouldn't want to.

I actually don't. want to.

At all.

The thought is making my skin crawl.

But I am going to, am already.

And you’re going to acknowledge me.

You have been riding long enough.

I am going to be a complete and utter thorn in your side until you do.

Then it’s honesty time.

Not irresponsible game playing.

Not telling on your duped confused minions.


Just you.


And your dog media.

In England there is a very major power struggle going on that most have no clue about.

While Boris was ill, a member of his own cabinet tried to oust him from behind, usurp.

I know who that scummy fuck is.

If it shows it’s face again.

I will start with the truth I know of you, that will be my rocket and your end.

In the UK there is an institutionalised fear.

It’s mouthed by bigots at the fringe.

The fringe is not two ends, It’s an edge all round, like the spectrum of fear, they play on.

But it’s just masked, xenophobia.

Have you noticed that Alex Jones Plumreal and David have something in common.

Scared middle aged white men.

They have been targeted for years.

Because they have a fear.

Hence guns etc.


This has become a big problem.

There is a network of right wingers in places of authority.

They don't. meet.

They are not a cult.

They very rarely go to things like church, they use religion, as this is all just an excuse for their fear mongering.

Now this network has grown into something.

It has become organised to a fashion.

There are senior policemen, politicians, administers,etc.

The administration element is the most dangerous.

That is where the most engineering is done.

I have five years worth of evidence of this, dismissles that should have been arrests, policy that upon the most tursory of examination is completely discriminatory, yet is policy.

Hidden, no.

No one gives a fuck, they got a job.

Housing associations are the worst effected.

Obviously, that's where you can shift the blame onto the poor.

Anything can be achieved, and is.

If anyone of them is completely caught they all run away and throw the captured to the people screaming look, we caught a racist.

Is this some agreement, some noble final gesture,take it for the team.

Nah, know how I know, Cos I caught some, and they grassed.


Ok, that’s not a threat Boris.

That is a promise.

I'm not going to any news agency.

I will tell here,scan in documents.


I have recordings of officers doing just this, once framed properly by a legal team they will expose the policy.

I have freedom of info files before and after doctoring.

I will talk to the Met only, Officers of my choice.

The intra/cut policy that plays on the prejudice in their employ is everywhere.

They are in all, DWP, Housing, Local authority obviously the police force.

The worst about this is since I have been fucking with them so publicly they are scared to come near me.

Oh yeah I get the cowardly threats and childish action.

I have been visited by the police in various guises an forms over 36 times in two years, no arrest,in fact the opposite,upon being given solid evidence of racism,it is ignored.

I'm kept from solicitors as they are threatened the moment one is stupid enough to take it on,or they read and are not stupid enough to take it on as they get scared seeing who is clearly involved.

Couldn't give a fuck.


So yeah, some choice shit about it.


I get an email.

By the end of business.

Or I go from here, where you cant shut me down, because it's all legal, I have council.

All recordings will only be used appropriately as evidence.

But As soon as I can circumnavigate the don't. embarrass the liars laws, I will sunshine, trust.

Want trouble, or you wanna talk to real people, I have a line of them.

Waiting to see if you are legit, or just another one.

Labour, sure, why not, any of you, I don't. care, Church even, you're all entitled to it.

But Only when legal.

This isn't going easy, it's going hard.

That is that.

But you can do it the open.

Lets get the organisations out of government.

Then we can talk.

Then people may start to listen again.


On this,I don't. want a job, I don't. want to be involved more than initially necessary.

I will of course do what I have to when legally obliged.

I have respect for the Ideal of law, just none of the turds running it.

Public school boys n girls, plum mouthed mathematicians that like a bit of rough n tumble.

They are what make up most of the brass in the nicks.

That is of course the best course of action,

They know all about the hood.

Do not march some tired shit about this push that officer, it's none,in the scheme of things it inst even token.

The ones that are ethnic, they fucking get it daily.

I know some,cut the fuckin’ shit, they get it daily, in all sorts of ways.

No one with any real knowledge will get in any power role, the weed sees to that, it comes as a fact that quite often the most thoughtful in the hood smoke green, as Bob said" it gives a man time to think", so follows.

The drug is peaceful, it promotes stillness an thought etc., we all know, even grannies.

Beer, well its monster juice, so that bollocks.

Not even going to give it airtime, insulting you argue, period.

The truth is as any real CID will tell you on the quiet, if they nicked everyone and stopped green in certain hoods they would get creamed that weekend.

So they let the usuals thru.

If they need to nick someone they ask the usuals who's a violent cunt about money.

Chances are they are involve din heavy powders etc., so, for them jobs a gooden.

So what the fuck are you all playing at.

Well I tell you what.

You ain't gonna get away with it any more.

Grenfell, Harry Dunn, This virus.

All down to you an your corporate friends.

I was a contractor for the local authority, I was a senior contracts manager for various companies, handling various fiddles.

Usually ending in a wind down.

Seen all ends.

I know names.

But I'm not irresponsible.

Some of these idiots are just that, idiots, wrong job wrong time, scared.

You would be.

So I don't. do Julian Assange type shit.

I actually popped up the same time.

I needed to be conspicuous but not nicked, or taken seriously by my old compadres.

So I went to a soft target for my landing.

The bloke there said you need a name, I said why, I'm not hiding my name that's stupid, didn't you hear me just now, one person that was there is editing this right now, in front of all the others.

He said I will name you Julian, I said no.

He didn't know why, I fuckin did.

Then he named me after big ears.

Which suited me.

It drew the right attention.

I Left there and continued on with no accounts on any platform, Because I knew what was happening.

Couple of small ops to save me, a few to make money at a time needed, couple other things.

No begging ,no youtube, no twitter,etc.

You all know now why.

They cant fuck me up.

I never did and don't. need them.

I'm going to eat them in front of you.

Ten years, Three past statute.

No possessions.

Ready for court.

I wait to hear.

Talking Of Total arseholes.

Elon Muskrat/Jeff Abscess.

They are chancer's, both.

They are avoiding cost of sales.

In Elon's case, His website does not cater for people with disabilities, he will now cry, I hope you do dream stealer.

Mr Human Absiss, Besos, he is also avoiding costs.

Sound trivial?


Well if you avoid known costs of sales, Especially in this way, you are trading illegally.

Your sales insurance will not cover that transaction.

That means that the person who just got you to take delivery of something,does not have to pay.

So if everyone orders something, they can refuse to pay and return it at your cost.

Because you treat people like they're things. Not personally of course just every other way possible.

That will stop both you and Elon getting together and fixing the market.

You see people, Elon has nothing.


It's all other peoples.

Tomorrow you could be Elon in a small way.

Just go to a struggling business (which you didn't make struggle, they do,first) .

Tell them you have hundreds of customers (it doesn't matter if you haven't) .

Tell them you will sell to your customers for them,then steer traffic wiv ya mates Ghoulgle., but you want a discount and 45 days grace, for the "help".

This is fairly standard, and it is a rocket man (either one both parasites) after all.

But it could be you.

Just you aren't them, so it would be small.

They get the deal, then they go to you and send the goods immediately, quicker the better.

Longer to get the money, hang on to it and then pay a smaller price than any punter for it, 45 days later.

Meanwhile you the punter could of had that discount yourself,but its all taken up by bloodsucking selfish dreamstealers.

So you cant.

They then charge you interest on that 30 days, oh yes, for you 30.

All legal.

No credit needed, they are not doing that. They're fleecing you and the mom n pops.

All disgusting parasitical behaviour by greedy chancers.

Meanwhile employees, yeah, well, more is spent on the media campaign against the staff,than on the staff.

So,someone else's goodwill thru desperation,they made happen with muscling their market first with malleus afore thought, Wal-Mart etc.,an many others.

Now with no vote no decree,your details,security details are in the same hands.


No comment needed.

Ask any security expert about that an how its open to abuse.

Fuckin ridiculous.

Now,it is all countries, America has access to your details thru Jeffo.

Oh, you think they don't. share, ok.

Well what about the criminals an agents that do work there statistically

Where would you put an agent.

The pentagon

Why, They pay shit, which is why you can get an employee into the amazon dbase.

North Korea, they ask for the agents wages. lol

Russia at least pay a bit an let you keep the wages.


We will get somewhere, I promise you, onlooker.

Slaters, watch out for craters.


Oh nearly forgot, look at these two products of predictability.

Alex old son, you gotta admit that's a keeper (I know you have a sense of humour).

As for you crazy legs, that just about sums you up.

One hamstersplaining, one squeezing his giblets to prove something, what he only knows.

Perhaps you and Max from VLADTV can get a breakdance crew together, borrow some of Vlads 1000 buck tracksuits. Be Sparkly.

OOh OOh, you could call yaselves "The KeiserBlades" yeah yeah, huh, huh.

Go down well wiv ya punters, eh.

Their mental age and all.

Well you both gave us all a fuckin good belly laugh, well needed, ta.

They haven't got a scooby doo have they.



Oh and congratulations on the "Baby Boris", nearly forgot, you will wish you had some nights, lol.