The Cockney Translater!

29 May 2020

What ya saying you lot, How are you're wibbly wobbly bits doing, bet they’re a bit wobblier ooh er eh.

Let’s see, where the fuck were we,

I can’t remember can you.

Still it doesn't matter you can pick this story up no problem.

There is never far to look for a lie, it’s very difficult to find any truth these days, ain't it.

There was a time back in the old days, ten years ago, when you could wade through the shit, and the good stuff covered the top, it covered the smell, we could get by.

Now the petri dish is about to double again, it’s about to go from half, quite comfortably to full, in one go.

Talking of Go, chess players should try that, not so many rules.

Like a fight, a real one, not one with rules.

The problem with chess is, it gives the player(a good player) a false sense of superiority.

It's a set of rules, a set of moves, with distinct pieces, that again are bound by rules.

Go isn't, it's a street fight.

Anything, well...Go's.

If you're in a ring it's one thing, if you're in the street, it's whole other.

It’s why gangsters tell boxers what to do.

Unusual situation, don't you think.

Of course if the boxers get together, they will soon win, in the ring.

If everyone is a gentleman, agrees to play by the marquis's rules.

But that isn't what happens is it.


What happens is something else.

The criminals that have no rules, they are aware of their own inadequacies wholesale.

It’s why they are doing this, it’s why they end up here.

Doing the wrong thing.

Don't confuse yaself, we are not talking of the tiny tiny minuscule amount of people that are clinically insane.

They have all sorts of labels, if they are truly ill, then they have no choice and it isn't long before they glow, so are removed from the show.

I talk of the ones that are not so far gone, but gone enough.

Gone to the land of the fairies, the elves, of course the goblins.

Using excuses for the deeds they do.

They are everywhere, you don't stand a chance at work, if there is one in your midst.

But don't worry, they will advance or get caught out and move soon.

They don't have friends as you would understand it.

They do stick to some deals if the other one is more dangerous and the more dangerous one will stick to it while it suits, that could be to completion, or not, that depends on their 100 monkey goal.

Trying to dissect this static from your balloon is easy, but something prevents it, until we learn the science lesson, we will continue at the mercy of these players.


We as species only learn the hardway, in unison.

Sure there are plenty who wail and scream about it, to let you know they have emerged, you would, wouldn't you, scream I mean.

Look out!, you would shout.

Over there, watch out!

What would you look like doing that, well some studied that, turned it into a scam.

So now, the last way, is blocked to you, too many charlatans.

Now no one truly knows anything, as all can be faked.

The completely honest now have to fake evidence in order to catch liars.

Sound is not true, video is not true, you are not true, it’s filtered down like a wayward hormone into your blood from the stream.

Now everyone is published, everyone is great, you can be a star, no one stands in your way.

#All you need is a computer and a connection, oh don't have one here are six ways you can do it if you don't.

You can now sit on a stone and type to the world, your whim, your fancy.

Did you miss something?


Some are trying their damnedest to confuse this for their own skin.


They go hand in hand.

Let’s see if you figure out that conundrum.

If you think not, then you will expect to see pornography of the worst kind on the billboard, erect penis sticking out your TV advertising the latest goob pill to make you more manly.

Huge wet arseholes with turds half hanging out digitally projected on the train timetable board at the station, in glorious moist giffing repetitive HD action.


Truth cannot breath.

It’s choking, to death, right in front of you.

Now, today.



They are pawns, dead and dying. Nothing is served except liars keeping them out the press. The press, I just spat on my carpet.

Notice how it’s the most fleeting of references in some camps, won’t you.

TRUMP, RT, lots of t's huh. anyway, they all do it, they are on sides, it’s a war, they want war while telling you they, don't, the slightly stupid tell the ever so stupid what's what.

So you would expect the other side to do the same in reverse, NO, they are all playing it down, because it’s going to end all their games, grab on to this, if you don't care about this poor lad and his family, or Julian and this disgrace, paedos have been let out and served their sentence while he has been in there, for fuck’s sake, I don't care what he said, he only said something that was true.

Even if you think it heinous, more heinous than fucking a child, you MAD?????????

They agree to not disagree too much with each other on this subject, meanwhile a family watch wankers like me use this deplorable situation to effect something anything in you to come to your senses.

But, you can’t.

Smothered by everything, work, play, staying away.

This is not going to end in the way we all think, the situation is getting worse, not better.

I am a rambler thru the forest, pointing at mushrooms, no one is taking notes, they are there for the experience, the game, the fun.

When the time comes to know whether you're holding a toadstool or a shroom you will be fucked.

So I suggest you, start paying real attention.

I will stop rambling, too.

There are scenarios, they are many, they cost a huge amount of money to run.

They are done for all sorts of reasons.

Originally like all things the excuse was good.

Again like all things the good was very very good at being bad.


A natural check.

Something the scared try at every effort to control.

I am more scared of that scenario than any other.

Some of the most vengeful unthinking acts are as a result of the slightest hand movement.

We are in big trouble, one slip, one trip, and the vile smash.

Perhaps you would do well to look for Ian Fleming's granddaughter’s only real acting role, she did very well, I thought.

It may be dated but the story behind it isn't.

It is based on an actual scenario, found by mistake, by the Nation.

The scenario, licence was taken by one of the actors, he is still about and has not aged.

He doesn't even know why he wrote his part, but he was removed.

I should think he has become quite the Sage.

One became a vicar, the best line, Babies, babies you must all have my babies.

Shit that was funny.

You think I have no sense in saying this gobbledegook, until you look, then my words are English, glum and meaningful.

You just think they are flighty and fancy.

I have been playing with the morons on the mic, they are in a game it takes no talent.

You just need a sponsor, the sponsor is anything that wants you.

I hope you have seen the sponsors of the current gaggle of goose steppers, the other side's are just as bad, just as bad.

All liars, all looking for control.

They know talking to those that are not squalking, is a waste of time.

If you want attention you need honkers, squeakers, all the better in sneakers.

They make the most noise for your buck, but they are all wind, so will not get you in too much trouble.

The perfect audience, they will scream on cue, clap for you, snap for you.

On cue.

That's where we are, I know you see it from the corner of your eye as you sneakily comply, that's ok save your skin, that's no sin.

On the screen we are told everyone is there, all represented.


All are not represented.

The screamers, the look-at-mes are found through the desperate neeeeed to be known.

Famous, like their idols they saw before with all the stuff spread round on the floor.

They are collected, given the directive via secret suppository or quite open administration from the proboscis of fun, some are willing and have seen, they used the same ploy, they want it.

They are your pundits, your gurus, they all sell on the side, while being sponsored.

The sponsors give away their leanings by what they sell and who they use to do it.

But don't be fooled, they're is only two sponsors.

One lot believe one thing and the others believe another.

Some think we are the end of a waterfall.

Everything happened until it couldn't any more and we are what's left.

The end of entropy as it itself progresses along its million, endings.

The others believe, that it is not, that we are not anything of the sort.

It is not a wonderful accident, according to them.

They both have equal access to the tools, and they get on with it, while we all play war and politickling in the outside and inside play areas provided.

At one point of course some of the politicklers looked up from the cud, as did the warrior from the carcass.

But hey the power is intoxicating and the flesh tastes gooood.

So the true lookers, could be left to look.

While this looking continued the kiddies became happy with being kiddies.

If my regulars could permit me to step to one side of them for a moment and talk to the angry car crash attendees we have looking.

They are huge in number, so really attention should be paid to them, don't you agree.

So, hello,

You are aware so you patiently play the game you know I'm playing, you have the total assurance that you will be told in a way that suits, you are patient and benevolent.

So let’s talk to the ones that are here to spit.

If I could ask you to stop screaming obsceneties for a moment, also if you don't mind could you wipe your mouth, too, you look ridiculous.

Put down the drug of choice, and have a moment of clarity.

You know you are angry and you know you are scared.

Let’s not beat about the bush on that one, this does not make you bad.

You may have made mistakes in the past, but unlike the popular saying, you do deserve an even break.

Could I ask you to just move away from the frantic edge, for a moment.

Let’s just sit here for a moment and listen to the silence.

Let us go round and round n round, oh look, we are 7 years old.

We are on the roundabout in the playground, It’s going round slowly, it’s early in the morning.

All the other kids have not arrived yet, you and me are the only prats that read the clock wrong, so we both already have laughed at that, and we cannot hide from the truth of it.

All that can be heard are the birds in the cool morning air, as it gently brushes against our faces.

The sun beats down as we go slowly round, waiting for the others and the fun to begin, the mischief.

Look as we go round a see-saw comes into view.

Trees, birds, sun, see-saw, trees, birds, sun, grass, see-saw, trees, birds, fun, see-saw.

We both jump at the same time.

Land and laugh at our respective choice.

We run to the see-saw, as we both realised the bigger kids aren't here yet and we get a go for once.

Of course a big kid will get you on it with the other watching.

We know what happens then.

You are catapulted into the air to land on the metal or wood to hurt yourself to rapturous applause.

Happens in the boardroom everyday.

But we are on the see-saw, me and you.

Enemies we two.

You go one end I go the other, we have no audience just allegiance.

We get a free go, so let’s not ruin our chance.

Let us sit either end in agreement, for this morning.

You go up first, I owe you that for being here and getting this far.

What will you say as you rise.

Then my turn as I look up at you, then rise myself, as it is inevitable on this fair lever.

This balance.

I will say thank you for helping me ride, for once unhindered by the arseholes.

Then we hear.

The sound of them.

Here they come already screaming at each other, stealing each others stuff.

Kids will be kids.

More cobblers, I've proved it, many times.

We know Our moment has gone now, we must put on our faces again.

So we don't get mauled too much.

As they kick us off, and take over in the din violently piling on the once simple honest thing.

Up down up down, no longer using gravity pulling pushing against it.

all riding each end over loaded.

Flying up down limbs bodies landing being hurt to laughter and baying for more.

They lean ever farther to each end, up down up down.

It’s creaking now, they are on the extreme, it don't look like we will get a chance to try our new morning again.

Shall we stay and watch it break, on the day we found each other, for the first time.

Or shall we do something about it in peace for a change.


Shall we all remain on each end, screaming at each other.

The extreme screamers, the fanatics bled by lies of religion based on maths.

Or shall we walk away.

Agree to build our own, for us.

Then sit in the middle while two other see-saw, we just watch from the middle.

Witness, it all.

The calm truth from to and fro.

We can always look over at the extremist, the doom mongers, they will always be selling their wares.

It is time for us to rise above it all, leave them to their war, see how far they get when you won’t vote any more.


Stop it all.

The most important thing on this planet today now is you, if you heard me.

Are you that intelligent, don't worry about being scared, that's normal, Alex Trump VladTV,CNN ABC y to z, they want you frantic, clearly.

They want you yanking and leaning in the most contorted manner.

They need the extreme to sell the idea of mayhem, all the time, to all the people, to the ones not so near the extreme end yet.

The aim is to keep you from the middle, the balance, because if you do it for just one minute and you have your morning in the sun, you will be satisfied, and will never go back to that playground again.

You will be grown, and what's more you will have a true friend, with no bribe, or reason, just to go, to an fro, with each other, it’s a ride, there will be accidents, but without the frantic extreme scaredy it will be just that, an event, handled.

No profit made.

If you are on the end, stop it.

Either end.

You are going to break it.

If you are near the ends but can see they are a bit mad and ignorant, you should start moving to the middle, but do it slowly, this mechanism is delicate.

Don't let them see you remove yourself and your funding, they will go crazy and break it immediately.

Slowly move calmly to the middle, they will become less weighty, soon they will no longer be able to move it, because we are too heavy, too balanced.

Too true.

The beliefs are two ends.

One thinks it’s an end to ends started by a deity and we are it.

Some think it a beautiful machine, one even named it so once, shamefully.

They think it is a mechanism of unfathomable size and circumference.

They think it so huge it cannot be understood by one mind, in all its magnitude.

They think the solarsphere is a place designed, a thing flying through the universe so well designed we can survive our flight to see where we go.

They believe we are a last ditch attempt at getting it right.

Not a beginning, even though they hope it will be a beginning, again.

They believe if they do not do this every time the cycle will not renew.

There will be no more corners to round from our point of view, as the circle of life is of such circumference we small as we are will never see anything but a constant curve.

They have gained so much ground over the extremists.

It’s started as a mark on a thing that will be there next time.

A mark left for a descendent.

So they could see someone before was here.

They figured out what was happening from that note to the future self.

Guess what, They didn't tell anyone.

Would you?

Think, for a moment, you’re calm and sensible enough to be sitting there and noticing things that can only be noticed by calm, watching the lunatics over there on the see-saw, going crazy for control of anything they find in the din.

The more hasty and aggressive snappy bangy, the better.

Would you walk over and try to get one of these arseholes attention and say, hey stop for a minute I found something wonderful.

What do you think would happen next from your own experience.

So, I ask again, not for blame or judgement.

Would you?

Well that is of no never mind now.

They didn't.

You’re here because of that make no bones about it, skull or otherwise.

If they had not of done that in there uncanny wisdom and observation, we would not be wasting our time typing or reading about this disgusting state of affairs.

We would be cosmic dust.

We are still on our way, these people failed to keep the arseholes out, they failed to keep the machine language from them.

You are witnessing it now, the great step backward led by the GREATEST of them all, they told us, Amerwicca.

They have see-saw mates at the ready. agent orange says it.

I hope we step out.

you and I, I don't care who you are.

I hope me and you can be ok.

Get in the middle, now.

In our respective countries, and push them out, for good.

The UK could be a start.

Boris is in trouble, as is his counterpart.

The game’s up.

You are going to do some weird shit soon.

They know, they knew before you.

Hence all the hysteria getting worse and worse over the lasts ten years.

They wont keep me out the fight because I will continue to stand in the middle with an attitude.

I have had enough of them all, so have you.

Put me in it innit, I give you my word I wont let you down, any of you all sides.

They do not want the scheduled change they have been totally unable to slow, in fact the more they try to control it the worse it gets.

Hysteria is needed, so they have time to think.

If you take an untested vaccine you’re a fuckin idiot.

Draw the syringe from the same bottle and stick it in Gates' kid on telly.

The one you brought from the random camp, that's the deal.

You say you’re honest, then let me be honest.


Because people ain't buying what you're selling, no more.

You’re no better than any goob pill seller, if you don't.

Fuckin must be fuckin crazy.

Not me, you.

No one is sticking anything in any kid.

Without it being properly tested, if you say it is and it’s great, provide total cover thru insurance.

They won’t do that, we know why, so that's you fooooooooked right there billy boy, and ya patent.

which should be publicly owned btw.

Greedy megalomaniac WANKER.

Who the actual fuck do you think you are, you arrogant cunt.

You decide nothing we do, all of us, fucking hell. What the actual fuck, has everyone gone crazy or so scared they do anything any wankers says.

The radiation that made us will take us away, Cygnus is the torch that carried life here, the charge for the amino acid to do the right thing.

That charge is still there, it’s still tracking us with it’s very special light.

Frequently I feel the energy.

You do to, it’s the only thing good about you, don't ignore it.

It will be at your peril.

No preacher knows anything, if he preaches, that's the clue.

For you.

Do your own, keep to your own.

There is nothing wrong with that.

He is spouting words from a less educated more sophisticated predecessor, that all.

He is having greater trouble each day as his lies from previous liars wear ever thinner.

The holes appear and the congregation disappears

Now they are about to go in holes with guns and their own food.

What does that tell you about the religious.

We are great fuck all you.

But there is way way way way more of you.

I am fully aware as you are, that you are not evil, just because you believed a lie, you only become evil when you use force of any kind to impose it on another.

So if you are a preacher, of any faith you are a fool, if you are not a liar.

Hobson's choice.

Not my fault or any of ours.

The problem is, they are holding buttons everywhere, how do you think they will react when they find out they been had?

We already have an example of them doing faithful acts.

What happens when that's trashed and torn, what process do we humans go through when that happens.

Well you have time to get the religion out of politics, and out of thinking.

It can go stand over there, it’s great remember and all omnipotent and shit, so it will be fine eh, or is that shit to?

So you stand there, being dim, and controlling yourself.

We will come up with a way to vote without fraud as apparently that is the only thing standing in the way of world peace!

With all our AI quantum shite, we can’t come up with a voting system, that's the problem. Really, do you really think people are going to continue to be that dim, I have more faith in us, that's how the word should have been used before, The hijack.

Leaders want this they say. ok no problem go ask any leader of any country if they want war, they will all say no, no, no, we want peace.

We can ask them all those questions, we know all their answers.

What's the point of that, they are all lying wankers keeping it good for themselves, CLEARLY.


You stop them, you in the middle, and our new found roundabout riders, let’s agree to stop them, together.

We can argue later calmly, when they are out, it will be way easier.

So, press licence.

Make it mean something, qualify.

Not with a test made by the wankers, no, all you need is a voice, a computer, then you can be licenced to tell the truth, or be fast tracked to oblivion, not prison.

The first lie, proved as a lie in the courts, no matter how big, the person that said it, gone.

So that is the copy righter, no the mouth in a nice frock.

Waiting for a cum stain.

Go look at the uniform that started on VLADTV, the ‘Monica Lewinsky’-look, it’s something wanted.

So Janine, and every other daft cow, you're controlled monicarollops.

The men are a confused bunch of semi-flacid comedians/used car salesman characters of men using the same rehashed jokes, again it’s a look that infektion likes, so they all comply.

To show allegiance, blue jacket, touchy microphone, these traits they pick up to please, seems trivial it isn't, watch them now I point at it.

You see it’s what Russia andChina think a working class person will respond to, the funny thing is, the actors they use have more sense than their gangsters parrot producers running the show.

They have a problem, they are doing two jobs, one is more important than the other, the first is be a producer and tow the company/gangsters line, the second is to save their skin weekly on a conference call with a scary man, to ingratiate themselves so stay employed (which was a challenge for them in the first place that's why they are on VLADTV) in their respective countries

This means silly things that bossy hints at as his boss says that what the amerwicans likes, you end up with this treacherous bunch dressing their dollies and action figures just so.

Go look, it’s so bad, you can tell the affiliates.

Recently I poked the bag, they all ran to mother Russia.

Including Alex, hey Max, nice try, with you on bitcoin by the way, watch this.

I know something about bitcoin, I'm going to say it now.

The only reason, my waffle is going to do what comes next, something you cant and will never be able to do, is because, I am connected to something and some people with godmoney are fully aware of this fact.

So when I say what is going to happen in the future to bitcoin, they will quickly slightly move their mountain, the people that watch will do the same and so on, you know the deal Max.

You’re trying to replace the dollar, or any other gap filler that comes along traditionally, because the controls are so steeped.

This would be great for your boss, eh.

But, I don't care about that.

I got a bigger piccy.

Bitcoin is going to climb so fast soon you will not be able to get on the wagon if you’re little, take Max up on his pledge, get your ten dollars worth.

Because within six years from this day, bitcoin will be worth between 100 and 160 thousand dollars a piece.

Then there's no more dollars, who wants to be a billionaire?




When we get there, it will be the only money trusted, along with a lot of other things.

The BANKS KNOW, they are scrambling in every way to stop their irrelevance.

The world will heave.

All will change.

They will attempt to buy it all soon.

They have to.

They always dreaded this reality on its way.

That is what this is all about.

Now you bod looking, do the maths quickly,

A lot of people read here, they are small like you.

Go now, buy, take Max up anything. NOW

The big boys are slow but fast, fast at doing it, slow to move the money.

Too hidden.

So you for once have the fuckin jump, just cos you read this today, a guaranteed advantage.

In numbers.

We are read through 20k sites all over the world, it’s how I keep my server cost down.

As WE pay them, out of our own pocket and have never asked for anything apart from to support others, which usually turns out shit cos of all the above.

Roughly six percent of the private internet in the world, that's you users, not fuckbook, or twatwankers, just you.

Read this.

We had indirectly 80 million hits in two hours last sunday. so fuckin what, it’s the first time I discuss our numbers here, we don't even run analytics, I do it now so you can calculate how long you have to fucking get going.

Get home from work, and do it, don't worry if you don't know how, go to Max, or some such offer.

Turn your computer to mining, but get some.


Do you realise, if you buy enough before them, you upset the apple-cart forever, and the media just don't matter in this, they can say and do nothing, they copy our tag all the time, hell Alex's show is a hotch potchy of his attempts to emulate me, for his right wing shit, it's a running joke.

Joe Rogan ran away, to steal my idea, He could not do music or clips it fucked him and his mates.

So he has done a deal with spotify, I couldn't give two fucks apart from the fact he used Eddie’s innocence and character to gain momentum, fucking Eddie, well he used anything he saw anywhere he is a fighter(hey Joe)he would.

He says it’s because he wants to be able to be free, lol.

Well that's what his new publicist Alex says.

Well here's a shock Joe, you’re full of shit, you will be bound by exactly the same laws on spotify as everywhere else.

Adjusted yeah, but you still a dog on a chain sonny.

That is assuming you’re an honest greedy fuck.

You will be curbed, as you know, this is just a marketeers ploy to dodge the fact of that obscene money grab (which again I don't care about) The actual facts are, that spotify is controlled by Chinese money.

Go look.

And you don't need the biggest share to be in charge, you just need to know the polonium trail exists all the way to CITY40.


Don't fuck with the VLAD.

Up yours from the UK.

And do fuck off with the planes eh, very little boy soldier, you’re going to get us all killed with this, we will all be dead, and you will be cool in ya hole.


Thought you struggled, fuck your countrymen, yeah?

You want them in a war with the orange prat.

People, People, Come on.

All peoples, get them out.

Now, I cant believe it, but the computers will save you, cos they don't care.

The most important thing Zac Voorhees did was tell you he was told to make a fact a lie, he got in trouble for not doing the job, but he did, the AI changed it back, WE ARE THE PROBLEM NOT AN INANIMATE OBJECT.

Oh, and VLAD do me a favour don't polonium me, get on your 30 million yacht yourself and come over take ya shirt off and batter me, that's your style ain't it, you’re the man, for the people.

I don't mind if you do me, I could respect that, poison, nah mate, one of ya special forces, nah, just YOU.


We are about the same age, is that the language and thinking we use now, in these modern times, lol.

I have denounced violence as a facilitator for wrong, but if you have to, to respect my words, or your countrymen too, well ok, Queensbury off we goooo.

It should be the same for all warmongers secret or brazen.

Politics is a peaceful alternative, that is why it started, that is long forgotten.


Stop giving it big with guns and missiles, the people are not going to let you do it, and they know you’re working your way to it, ALL of you, I'm not just picking on him.

We now know, we feel the danger, Chinese people/European/American/African, all.

We know these elections could well be the last.

Well I will say, Even if you’re all cowards.

This is it, If you don't change this thing’s course this time, we are screwed.

Do what you will.


Project disgusting, rancid and cowardly

City of despair and pride