The Cockney Translater!

Hello my free range friends, found the fence yet?

Some have, the algorithm watches with its cameras hovering over them inconspicuously, that means when you look up they turn away, cos you might camera them.

Such fun.

All the ism's rolled into one, what do they add up to?

A bunch of excuses for bad behaviour, the right of any person to do what they want?

Or a simple but well orchestrated push, at relevant moments. Who is doing the pushing?

That would be fairly easy to sort out if the police arrested rich people with the carefree abandon they do poor people.

But alas they don’t.

The set of rules for them is becoming painfully apparent since the intrawebs, one side-effect of it we consume and become victim of in turn.

Funny how the very thing that is used by the weirdo hacker which of course now has name doxxing is what undoes the untouchable, strange justice, equilibrium, in our aquarium.

Of course they are only untouchable when they keep the secrets, the minute they don’t keep the secrets or it looks like they are not going to be able too, they fall prey to the thing from Harry Potter that sucks ya face.

Or two blokes strangling them in their concrete last boudoir.

We all just watch, stunned, while the BBCCNNMSNBCTYTINFOWARABCITVCHANNEL4 do damage control disguised as journalism, ooh another ism.

they do pop up eh!

The jumper slowly unravels as we watch with glee and horror.

The horror at what is revealed, an the anticipation of what will be revealed.

I wonder if most are scared for the people trapped in this disgusting group of know-alls or just scared of what it all means inevitably, Massive change.

Or are you still doing the ostrich on the fact it don’t end well?

When the shepherd is a wolf the sheep are not a flock are they.

So they will scatter and run, basically won’t turn up for work as it becomes more pointless by the day to do so.

As the realisation sets in , that you work for a corporation that is funding a marionette show to keep you busy while it strips the world, you lose energy.

In a strange way.

Added with the fact the solar sphere is about to enter a place where electricity becomes less potent, for machine and living thing, those who survive on that energy alone will start losing too.

Those that didn’t will be as usual, downtrodden, so they will just carry on.

Slow motion Pompeii, for the world to see, the hundred monkey effect will spread like it always does.

Trust is gone.

The fit to lead are not the leaders, they are the guilty offspring.

Inept, wanting, strained.

No one of them should hold a joystick, but often does.

They do this because their name ends in the same noise as the one before.

That’s it.

All the self-made infrastructure they lay claim to was not built by them.

Doctors and nurses should be on double and missiles traded for wisdom.

But we live in the age of Fanatics.

I don’t talk of the obvious extreme believers (in anything) nope, the unobvious ones that created them, to my mind far more dangerous.

They started a long time ago.

Visited, then changed.

Unfortunately the new artisans of life didn’t clean the canvas properly first.

So, they paid for it.

That left us being farmed by the damage done.

That’s how it’s been since. Scratching each other for another’s security.

It is unravelling.

Some people that did bad things, they are going to have to run, to the ends of the earth, because after all upheaval the guilty will be sort.

Only takes a few, the disaffected father that lost a son, the mother that lost a father, they will get the transport and the licence, from what’s left of us, the calm.

No one will stop them, and the plan will not work, then the guilty will skuttle their ship and we can start again.

The question only, is.

Will it be with electricity or not.

I give you a little tester, if you wanna play, go turn off the power tonight.

see what you wake up to.

The authorities would have you believe it’s all totally covered.

All you have to do is go into any city anywhere and you will see the rot that is coming your way.

Then go and look at the dirty tricks employed to farm it and control it, with budget.

The left gives, the right takes away.

The middle looks on in apathy unwittingly waiting to starve or run.

There is a veryfine line between symbiont and parasite isn’t there.

It’s way over the line now.

Don’t know if you noticed at all?

Don’t you find cell towers in odd places, we are told it’s because they're needed there, are they near natural lines?

How good are you at hating someone you don’t know?

How many words spelled correctly are needed to incantate into to your shell like ear.

To reverberate around your mind to bounce out your fingertips for me to be taken in.

Belligerent teenagers pushing even more belligerent OAPs about, is the rebellion extinct yet, are we there yet mum?


Alex is reverting again, took two days.

An Cenk, he is standing on his corporate sponsored chariot about to wave his friends goodbye and thanks, as he speeds to be best googletician ever.

I think the others are in a romance, but ana small a is a bit more fly, she is gonna be a bit, finger to the chin, Hmmm.

Still gets rid of that flag waving divider. So suits me.

The brighter side for The Young Twerps is they can now do stories instead of constantly promoting Trump. (do you think they know Trump supporters watch for fun)

Their peeps watch Alex.


I think its all pretty pointless.

Having pushed our friend Alex to finally go for it, we see he knows little.

He will be busy watching the stones fall down the pit dug by granpa, I wonder if it’s occurred to you Alex, you could be just wrong.

You went a bit out there on the last chance I had to watch you, burning your arm and so on, all very lowbrow old son.

You should be careful, it will be silly to be associated with you and that won’t do the potion sales good, you’re hardly an advert yourself.

Do you take all the supplements you say are essential, I mean, you do say with gusto they are all absolutely essential.

So you must on, about 17 things to my reckoning and yours.

Or you could just be full off shite.

What ya reckon.

I am actually gonna leave you alone, I do not want to witness you destroy your life and that of your loved ones over pride.

You could calm down, say different words.

But you won’t, you trapped.

Shame, maybe in another life you could actually have been all you wanted.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is not how it was supposed to go.

Remember to grab for Trumps hand as you fall backwards, then you will find out how smooth it is.

Bye Alex.

We however, are going to continue with the said version of events.

when Sir Frank whittled up a jet engine from some bits in his shed, (with no help)

One of his main problems was the engine running away in a chain reaction, he needed something to Govern the throttle/fuel supply.

When you want to hold two stones together because your foundation may shudder, you use a Cleat.

A metal cleat.

I have watched with awe at not one person ever getting there with the expertise of someone. they have never worked instone in their life.

The strange object that I draw here rudimentarily is the guvnor, For a system, that too could run away.

With grave in-vibrational consequences.

the govenor

The machine ran on the background static of the life and clouds that move around the metal core.

The energy is not explosive it is implosive.

If used correctly it does miraculous things like all unknown science witnessed by the unknowing.

There are some symbols that have been meticulously removed all over the world, some of them would very easily led you to the true use of this machine.

Hence the redaction being so thorough.

Here is one.

corn tab

I will draw some rig that will explain some things.

i will tell/draw how the stones were shaped so incredibly accurately.

I have already hinted to the few to see their action upon a glimmer, most immediately bastardised it to produce their selfish fruit.

There is no truth in the truth movement, only cult of celebrity like the adults do in the big real conferences, they don’t just copy the format of the conference they copy the managers the booking fees the in fighting, all learned an mimicked cos they saw it work.

The academic mind trap of ego.


Making sure they went to the right coiffeur to get the right political hairdo, an bingo.

My contempt for them is similar to my contempt of politicians.

The guvnor was to break a beam of light along with a frequency of course, It was timed by an isochronous curvature, the light exited the shaft and was broken in exactly the way and time it needed to be, in fact the beam was split.

To start the snowball.

I will tell you the way it worked, not just the machine, but why people came and why they stayed,

Why some tried to take, only to find it given to them.

The faith spread like the blue fire it used around the world.

Little to no one knew that the necessity that bred the invention had been long exorcised in an awful single night of human violence against a benevolent refugee.

The Temple that surrounded the complex performed two main functions, one I will get to, the other was to procure people.

If you had dwelled on the forgotten side of life, or found yourself bereft.

Some were just people walking that way for commerce and personal reasons, tragedy, all sorts of things.

But most drifted, were pulled once they came within a certain radius.

It felt good, where you should be to see.

when you arrived you were greeted, If you had nothing the temple gave you somewhere to stay.

You were fed, kept.

It was a city within a city and had many things running as any city does.

While you sat and did nothing people would engage you in conversation, draw you back into trust an friendship, calming you.

this took as long as it did.

And if you found nothing you became someone to do the approaching.

This coupled with observing your own boredom, an of course your good nature, you stood and started to help.

Soon you could be integral.

No one above another only merit in your task held you in that tasks responsibility and therefore respect.

The one thing you were asked to do (not forced) was to walk the four corners.

To prove this you were marked at each gate.

To do this properly it took seven days then you were new.

Upon return to the temple most knew their task.

As they had seen another toil at it to provide for them.

It would always work in the field of the pulse.

It’s not you’re broken, it’s more someone’s fixed you.

There is something hanging around that is most unsavoury, orbitng our solarsphere.

I’m going to draw it.

I have a feeling we are going to regret doing nothing while the greedy swam free.

I kinda am already.

Hence this yarn.