The Cockney Translater!

Mornin mathematical interlopers, hope you all still add up to what you thought you did, do.

I don’t.

I’m a complete fuck up.

I have no excuse what so ever.

I have had several jaw dropping opportunities and totally euthanised them.

The reason I say this now, is not to draw the usual feel sorry for me click funding, or for you to tear jerkingly smile at your monitor and lurve me.


I don’t give a fuck about that, I like you for most of my life have looked out for number one.

It was just fortunate that in doing so I dragged my family and friends with me, many times this was particularly lucrative.

This with adjusted silence and words, made people become dependent on me.

This is a responsibility.

Which I did not feel too much, while the money flows.

The problem is when it stops, or worse someone tries to stop it.

Then things get nasty.

So my sordid little story is much like others who have found themselves in a similar position.

Except for one thing.

Who I ended up doing business with.

Unwittingly like us all at first.

Like everyone, EVERYONE else.

Including you.

So come with me, while we enjoy a trip down hysterical historical memory lane.

With someone who is going to tell the truth.

About everyone.

Again, including you.

Me, us.

I will of course as always let you draw any parallels you wish to in your own moment of mathematical clarity.

I’m no barrier to your own thoughts am I.

How could I be.

You’re just sitting there reading.

No, I’m performing a similar function to the nice little barriers in the airport at immigration or across an exhibition you’re not to see yet, just keeping you honest..

But trust me it’s all you.

You’re essentially cooperative, for the greater good.

Even if you’re sitting there cleaning your gun counting ya bullets.

Sorting out yah smudge mask for the demo, while saving your piss.

Doesn’t matter, you are all being pushed by a force, completely tangible, it exists.

I'm in no way giving you a tidy excuse for your churlish behaviour, nope.

I’m just trying to pull you by your understanding of yourself, the memory at the back of the cave.

The huddle.

Where we all started.

I’m trying to get you to look up.

Let me describe a standard dilemma for you.

Then you may see my position, as I have no need to keep anything to myself anymore at all.

But it will effect those around me, so I must exert some sort of caution in my movements, squirms.

Imagine you have just found out that one of your friends has lost a loved one in the most horrendous circumstances.

You have been tasked with telling them, knowing they are going to explode with A RAGE.

What if the murderer was a child forced into it by another child.

A family member.

Ahh, now it’s sticky isn’t it.

What you gonna do?

No fuckin about big head, Know-it-all pundit/predator/persecuting/public, WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY GOING TO DO ?????

Will you just tell, walk in the room and tell.

What is going on right now while you’re considering this?

Are you keeping it secret?

Until you know what to do.

Well in the time it took you to read this, someone looked over your shoulder with no care and ran outside to blurt it for self-indulgent ecstasy. CLICKS.

I leave you there, for a bit.

You fuckin idiots.

Ok, moving on.

Audience, that clicks energizes, feeds anything no matter how perverse.

Is that you?

Or are you a factioneer?

One of the blurters, blurting out immediately without a care.

Now let’s put that which was spoken person to person on the intrawebs.

Certain "people" that think they are worthy of the soap box so are not.

Especially when they have assumed someone else’s persona to do so.

Imagine being someone talking in private about a very delicate subject similar to the former mentioned above.

While you’re deciding with other friends and involved individuals about this awful matter someone eavesdrops.

Then not only does that person think they have an amazing morsel to exuberate the already imagined crowd..

They also realise it would be even greater to be presumed as one of the responsible adults trying to sort it out with the MINIMUM of bloodshed.

Would you then go away and in some strange metamorphosis begin to emulate the principle adult in the situation, following their thoughts like some estranged fanatic dancing like there idol in the lonely bedsit mirror.

Would you then assume that persons thoughts as your own, warping your own self view, as it of course would.

Would you then because of your position promote those thoughts as your own?

Therefore painting yourself coherent?

In balance.


to be trusted.

Would you then use those thoughts now of course your own to gain power.

Would you then use that power to incite violent thoughts in others. (because you are not with comprehension of that power)

Would you then take it one step ever so stupidly further, because now you have a baying drug crazed crowd wanting more weekly, daily, hourly.

Are you in an infinite content nightmare of your own design.

Now you find yourself sneaking in the room and secreting yourself, intercepting communications between the adults to get your drug to distribute.

Thus saving yourself for another hour.

What have you become.

The problem for our lost friend now is, the adults have been watching all along.

We have been using that very indecent grapevine to bring you here.

To be dealt with by me.

In person.


Because I need not titillation and adoring crowd.

I need calm.

I need peace.

So knowing, hoping damn well you reading (most of you) would never do that, I know someone has.

What’s more that someone I think is essentially like us all, a very ordinary vibrant peaceful loving human father mother daughter son etc.

I think they have showed me quite clearly they are aware now by the 6 degrees of life how serious this all is, really, getting.

Especially for them.

I would like because of this, to help you.

I can.

You could do the right thing now.

We both could, it would take guts, funnily enough you proper proved me wrong there, you have guts.

No two ways about it.

I put my coffee down.

(trust me all my friends know how difficult it is to impress me)

Some people reading know exactly what I’m talking about.

I have like always tried at least to make it make sense and help anyone that just innocently reads.

Wouldn’t you in my position.

I think you would, if you know what I’m talking about or not.

Because you were inquisitive enough to get this far.

If you’re new here, come back, it’s about to become astounding.

Which I would like you to keep to yourself, because there is enough hysteria, don’t you think.

I would like your friends to discover you read this by honest means.

So if a friend says do you read say yes, if they do not, do not tell them you do.

Thank you.

Let’s get back to our normal programming, being as you have all been so patient while I indulged someone else.

Thanks for that.

As some sort of recompense for that lost ten minutes I would like to talk about a few subjects briefly.

Recently I said that I would give commentary to our little flight through the solar system, that was a mistake.

What I should have said was our little trip through the universe.

We are all guilty of being small minded sometimes eh.

I meant universe.

The pyramid is a tool, a little while ago I released some info here n there, so that if you were anyone professional you would have been nudged in the right direction, they were.

So over the last three years various more sensible new hypothesis have been proposed. Science would have pre-intrawebs comeback with its all-powerful stick to beat, it can’t anymore because it has got soooooooo many things wrong in the past it doesn’t get listened to anymore.

no audience.

no power.

Scientists cannot exist in theology, etheria or any other such brain art, their brains do other things, they need to stick to them and stop noticing waves other than gravitational.

That’s where we all live now.

Where everyone knows everything.

The pyramid was a tool.

A piece of standing engineering.

All that is left is exactly the same as any factory in Detroit.

It’s been fascinating to watch all the different views of the people crawling all over it.

(like Detroit)

I have some drawings; they are copies I made.

Dr Schock is right, the sphinx is 18000 years old give or take 700 years.

It has been shaped in various ways, it also has always been there.

I mean always, it is the monolith clark perv boy refers to with stanley.

It was reshaped from the original rock, that stood there, by the current peoples.

Passing down knowledge in the way graffiti does.

So Of course it was the site for a massive monument to such knowledge.

But the knowledge was for all, The priests stopped that.

They started slowly banning people from the tool and its monumental instructions.

Then they employed the large to go and scratch off anything outside in the world, still available to the mass.

while they deciphered and murdered the last.


The description I saw was astounding something that astounded almost as much (made clear by vomit) was the fact I was not going to keep it from anyone.

I have an ability to draw very very quickly.

Whole portrait painted in an hour, colour two hours.

With a pencil if it can take the stress I can draw even quicker.


I can only unfortunately draw things I have actually seen.

so that’s a bummer.

but it’s still been very useful.

as you can imagine.

Especially in the business world of all stuff.

Like a camera. With a nice cheeky face, an a gob full of shite to speak.

Internally I have been using a strange aspect of this talent/disability which arose a few years ago in earnest (I have always done it but thought it useless/not real).

Since realising (it’s actually some 5 years ago now) that I can draw something my mind’s eye has seen, this aspect has become useful.

Because I have seen lots of things I should not have, I have seen things that I thought mundane at the time, due to my ignorance. That have now become oh so prevalent.

Internally, let me explain that.

I found one aspect of my former crew very comforting.


In one place you must answer honestly.

So the internal I speak of is not some etheric place in my mind.

I talk of in here internally.

There are conversations had by us about what I should do.

I'm no idiot, so to get in here you go past me.

That is an "experience" I think is the word most people use politely when I catch whispers about it.

Liars don’t do well.

The word used politely about that when it happens is "excruciating"

What I find really enthralling is when said info is ever so secretly secreted out there, science novice poet priest in all guises use it.

Well they would they all want the power.

it brings, adulation recognition whatever youwant to call it, they all want it.

The energy. What you don’t like energy?

The fact it is used by them, is exactly why we do it.

We just point in the crowd, "oi everyone look at that"

Of course it helps if the crowd are a bunch of very energetic clever people (which I’m glad to say you are) because of the tree an forest thing ya know, wouldn’t be much point residing in a pseudoscience forum somewhere populated by sex criminals and weirdos posing as the pseudoscientists, to of course prey on any innoscent that happens by.

That little educational episode was quite something.

There still there go look. eeeeeuuuuuuw.

but back to you, us.

So the fact my discerning readers use us as a muse is good, they are meant to.

It’s the only way we here could agree for me to do it, as we decide how to ultimately do it responsibly.

Hence my constant harassment by the authorities (cases coming in public courts)

I think my confused ramblings just fell right into place for the few that look on wondering.

Yes you’re not nutz, you did see something.

So did a lot of the pundits that read here, that is an unfortunate consequence/side-effect we have to endure, the various self-indulgent versions of the truth.

You have to say one thing.

They did see it.

annoying as that is.

I am going to therefore take my own medicine.

I recently told someone to grow up.

I think I should to.

What I have circumnavigates politics religion completely.

I am telling you the truth.

I now think the time has come to responsibly disseminate that truth to you all.

With no favour.

Because we have to stop this worldwide hysteria for violence stirred up by a third party for control therefore ultimately power, profit.

We have a responsibility.

So I asked the pundits now to stop doing what they’re doing, because I do this for nothing.

I do this at expense, personally and financially.

I have never asked for anything.

I have never joined anything.

I wouldn’t have would I, I knew what was going on.

If you earnestly look back, you can see me warning you.

Since 2011.

One last thing.

If you fuck with me, you will see what happens, look behind me.

I will draw you doing what you shouldn’t, and upon investigation you will be caught.

That will mean prison.


One thing for sure you won’t do well in population if you fucked with me.

In any country.

I would never want to do that, I don’t work for the man, I’m a real gypsey.

I would let 90 percent of them out, they are the free thinking independents that would protect you, that’s what they were caught doing, trying to survive in the terrain created for them as a trap, they were just trying to get the paper to survive, the trap is designed to make them do heinous things.

They will of course bang Up against it, that’s what it was created to do.

To rid you of the brave it could not dupe into service.

On street in all countries criminals refer to their roadmen as soldiers.

If that trap doesn’t work then religion will.

They wrote it ALL.

They are following equations eons old.

To reconstruct whatever they want.

But I have been showing everyone in here for years.

They are not the privileged few, they are weary sad few.

Now not so much, because what we knew would start to happen around now was a crack in the door, I told them it would and it has right on time, so that was nice. lol.

We can now do something.

Ideas are going to be put forward here to millions around the world.

They will work because they are not ideas, they are the natural state you should have been dwelling in.

Only someone knew that and twisted it.

Click bang, yes it just dropped didn’t it.

Thank fuck for that.


I have to go draw stuff, as I’m sure you can imagine.

And I think you need to call me.

Don’t you.

All the best.


Have you ever seen something perfect happen.

A random failure, through an equally random hole.

Did you tell?

Did you jus get translated, nice!