The Cockney Translater!

Hello angels, that wanna be demons, or is it the other way around,

I can never remember who I’m actually addressing.

So many angles with all the time in the world to explore them...

I been watchin’ the fun n games, have you? Yes, of course you have…

Gettin interestin’, ain’t it..?

Bitcoin having died umpteen times only to be alive an’ up for the fight,

Straight after the smoke n dust settles from the propaganda missiles being fired at it, just like the indestructible rock monster it is.

All funded by old style money, so credits for the king of the time..

The names need to get bitcoin out of circulation, which has so far been comical to observe thru electrickery.

Their childish swipes with french loafs trying to do damage.

While being funny for the few, it’s also been impossible to do.

Bitcoin is after all far stronger in essence than any current old style currency, erm, currently!

No, they need a devastating blow, I thought they would have a better arsenal than has been deployed so far.

Maybe they are saving the big guns for last.

So far the only thing impressed is my sense of humour...

The people they are using must be pulling their hair out, if they had any.

Seems money can’t do it this time, because it’s about, money.

The first time the banks have been truly challenged.

Meanwhile the cockroaches public try and make a buck of the side of the gargantuan struggle they witness, like WWF appreciators, so they know who to hate and who to applaud, with their investment moneys.

They have made the money, from the false fluttering fluctuations.

Now for the killshot.

It has to be something that crypto can’t recover from.

While they think that up, if they haven’t already.

I am more concerned with the back door ethics being used to get you to pay in bitcoin for indirect government services.

Oh yes, they are pouring scorn while quaffing lobbyists champers, while drinking there fill, they fill their coffers.

Sneakily in various countries of note, the governments are intercepting bitcoin for the funders.

They are thinking up ways to constantly buy it up.

To take it out of circulation, shelve at price.

This is going on now, as they think up /or load their killshot.

It’s why the price climbs again, even though they inflate from many nozzles, people see the balloon going up, that won’t do, they want to catch you good, bankrupt the wannabe revenge dotcom millionaires.

They are insured that way, the insurers are in for the genetic tree.

They want all the evidence of who you are…

Hence the publicity push on ancestor related websites. DNA reflective data is very valuable in all sorts of obvious ways.

But it’s also very useful in predictive sums to.


They all have their axe to grind, when all are sharp ready for the electronic Shiva to wield, it will be armed with them all; making one predator to go after the opponent.

Yes, any transaction with the established money and bitcoin will result in it being removed from circulation.

The kill shot, in the end.

They will, hoover, it up.

Insurance companies, paragons of your virtue.

So it can be Congealed by the algorithm into a digestible morsel for the corporation, and its owners.

Does that mean they own you? Well, don’t worry they failed this time, but remember three knocks works both ways, they won’t stop, they will wait until you do.

Until then, do you actually think for a big policy they won’t look up your data illegally, do me a favour, ffs.

But the insurance make their money from the ordinary mug.

That’s where the lions share comes from.

So they want the data, they know it’s going to be stopped at every post, but they are in a long race.

Meanwhile during all the hubbub, everyone has identified themselves for the headhunters.

They have enough race data to predict any predilect of your fancy.

Your postcode tells them most.

You’re in a pen.

Your hood.

Your area.

Any trouble, the council move you out Grenfell style.

Never waste a calamity, Jane.

You see our system does work after a fashion, but, it’s been tweaked for the few.

No big conspiracy, just horrible greedy types...

The types that sit and preside over our respective fates.

Like a judge...

Above reproach, for thirty, forty years, makes judgement, on mothers, fathers, candlestick breakers...

He does that over the length of his career. (I say his cos I’m going back in time and up to now, female anything has been recent, token..allowed!)

Then we find that all that time he has been assaulting little boys an’ girls...

Surely all his judgements are quashed immediately... oops... did I say something..?

Wake up council..! You have a job to do... CPS, a joke.

Notice how they got the prison crisis out of your hairwaves?

People are still dying, you’re just not hearing from where you live, the press won’t show you, cos they ain’t been the press for donkeys years.

Yes, society is losing its way roman-style, as you knew it would.

Well, it will, when trusted are found wanting!

I think of my old dear (mum) at times when the low field rises.

I was gonna say she was impregnable, but that’s obviously not true... hee hee... juvenile, :)


I went thru life with my family and I knew from the propagandas effect and what they wanted me to understand, they trusted something, someone, they knew something was good on the hill.

Slowly as I grew, I watched their confidence wane.


My dad did his army and was then a PHG.

My mum as I have said, did her bit as an ambulance driver. They ignored the wrongs and tried for the rights as they could best decipher them.

Neither of them fools.

Then of course I started my climb up life’s ladder.

As I learned things about their beliefs to be wrong I told them what I could, what I knew they would be familiar with, so they could see in their own world.

It was a horrible thing to watch.

Two decent good people realize through the child that the system was being tortured into a new shape before their eyes.

I didn't tell them hardly a thing. In fact I probably blurted out response to their statements because I couldn’t take the imposed false hypocrisy they emitted due to the constant barrage from the world's eye.

So we should talk about the 33.

They were an organization of 33 bloodlines.

Royal, you could say if YOU want to... I'm not.

I’m talking about the organization...

The non preferred.

They consisted according to the first knowledge of 33 individuals.

Clearly human men of great stature, wisdom.

It’s said by the stones that they are the keepers of genetic traits.

They had attributes now dispersed among the races.

Past from species before us.

To us all.

Through them...

They had rather a naughty past... these guys.

They did some pretty awful shit to their fathers.

Supposedly!... as I think it’s all just more stories with added re-hydrated proof, the proof being very old and very convincing, but ultimately I wasn't there, so I don't know... just relaying the story for the few that read.

I spread it about to annoy the censor.

Race is just funny to me, as is religion, in the face of what they know/said/showed me indirectly and directly.

We are one thing set asunder.

Now we are being herded and encouraged to build fences, thing is when you let people build fences around themselves, it’s not long before you’re penned in.

A form of balance as you’re just standing there, not taking part.

It’s being done with the urgency of a cheap sales rep.

Better hurry it’s all gonna run out, the shelves of life will be empty for your children, run, run, as fast as you can, steaming to the usage, therefore the consumption and eventually demise... of everything, good for the kids?

Yes, get yours... everyone else is.

The funny thing is, there is no population boom, there are issues with the opposite in some places.

Go look at the basic arithmetic.

Our fate will be sealed if we lose any race entirely we need all the code for the answer.

Consumption is change, whether you like it or not.

We need everyone.

To make one.

It takes time.

It was going along, I wouldn't say well, no, just along.

Like we would.

The pendulum just swung from one side to the other, plus, middle, minus, minus, middle, plus.

Then it was jumped on, highjacked, now it swings all over, round and round we go, where it stops the algorithm wants to know.

I’m not big on conspiracies as you can imagine, I get to laugh at those to.

I must admit I been a bit of tinker with those guys.

They deserve it, I have been inside their crew they are such liars it’s funny, I have first hand seen them canoodle their stories to one homogenous globule of bollocks, to help I, all, stand up.

Let’s face it, they are hardly scrutinized.

They appear in pubs to the ill informed.

They point around maps, while showing you, knowing they don't understand the key.

Taking piccys of nothing, talking it up, making sure the conference committee agree.

Smearing things they are not allowed near because of a dodgy past.

Shady weird stuff.

Generally jealous at not being accepted.

But they dissuade some good folk, so ya know; I fucked wiv em an itty bit.

Plus the begging from the poor and effected they do, it’s despicable, very religious in ethic.

Donate, click, fund, help, I don’t want to fund myself, I want you to, I have not been able to be what I wanted so I made up a career, please click, I’m on YouBoob...’ geeeeez, it’s soooo pathetic.

Oh luv you guys, nothin' but luv guys, bless.

If you were connected so well, to all the intel, why do you struggle?

You would not, beg.

You could take one connection, one snippet of the market known to inflate your tired weary show.

Short of the defunked privileged aunt’s money they are all opportunistic wankers. Period.

Slightly loose in the belfry unemployable dingdongs, their forlorn dishevelled audience nodding along like those dipping glass birds from the seventies. Ornaments to a bygone time.

Sadly for them.

You can look, like they did, on the intrawebs yaself.

But of course, I know what stops them using intel.

Ethics, hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahha.

Ahh we are back again, to what matters, why you’re here.

Dodging back to the 33.

The main linear track of what happened is just that, they keep it that way, in physical form.

They keep their mind for each other to see and they do not lie to each other in the hall.

You wouldn't understand that, I know, but there you are.

It’s a very hard way to be.

They sat at the heads of a line for all 18000 odd years.

Passed down, anyone in the line suitable or next, various things were considered by the family putting who ever of their own foreword, who they could find, you may be totally unaware of your oncoming fate, some lines are spread all over.

The families will snatch the next in line from poverty fame or fortune, it will be explained and they disappear.

They then sit in that chair, told how their family feel about things to pass, on their behalf, as it’s always been done.

All to keep the knowledge away from the very people you think you can trust.

They never had anything to do with us.

It was one lines offspring, there who you name and hate.

Not the 33, that’s the smear, to keep you in fear.

They kept the key away from the beast in us.

Or maybe with us, my judgement is still out on that one, personally not publicly.

Those families were given knowledge by one line in the 33.

That was dealt with most medievally, but then, that’s when it happened, so you'd expect that huh.

From that moment on those seven families have caused havoc and mayhem for mechanism.

Using that knowledge, which was topography and navigational information.

It’s been their game, while watched closely by the 33 lines left.

One now ours, yours, mine.

I worked for that man, for his time.

Which was short. By comparison to others before him.

He had all their thoughts, the journal is daily for them, it’s the only written evidence of this.

The seven offspring are trying desperately to solve the genetic riddle they are left with, how to put themselves together to remake the one destroyed.

They want us out again, they want it back, their way, full interference.

The 33 lines as was, they’re wrong, very wrong, we are meant to be in there, or it wouldn't have happened.

It’s a way to undo time for them.

A desperate struggle no one of them sees the end of.


The ones you seek are not obvious, that’s who they hide behind.

The system will weed out those that see them.

Marginalize them, to silence them, this is what the guru fanes.

They do this in every place they need to, where people could control themselves if awake.

The systems are set up just so, the onlookers think good, that’s taken care of, like the smiley poster says, then a quick shove off down the shute to humiliation land, otherwise known as the job centre.

The DWPs front desk of NO, NO, NO.

Don't you find it funny, how the big helpers always turn out to be the biggest liars and killers.

All the systems named clever helpful names do the opposite to their unfortunate fortunate recipient

But back to the supremes (not the singers lol) the lines came from the original last of a kind.

Unfortunately back then we were far too primitive a vessel to hold a whole genetic code.

One line could hold one part just, if they were helped along.

Problem is that help was a very bad move on the superiors’ part, we are human after all.

But I must not jump ahead, or back, (so I will. Ok. Hahaha, ha. To annoy the read-repeaters.)

They had a couple of upsets, some which surfaced into the money world.

Only a couple.

The rest of the time we have all been left to it. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s just us, being human. We are functioning A OK, stabbing each other in the back for good/bad reasons, all the same to them.

The 33 just didn't want the very well known families to get their hands on the "do what you want switch" basically, so hid it, forever.

(Forever is 800 years so far approx)

They have been very effectively vilified for this, by a very effective vilification outfit. Again forever...

You would all know this struggle on the surface as religion.

I am not religious. It’s bullshit, including theirs as far as my own opinion goes.

It’s not religion.

It’s men.


That led to fortunes, that were of course hung on to.

The 33 stayed away from that.

Left it to the showers, the birdies, the rockers and rollers.

The obvious.

The greedy.

Those you know, they are in fact the offspring of one line.

A shameful story.

Ejected and replaced by a non-supreme line of intellect.

In the hope that a human watcher would stop it ever happening again (that’s you, a human picked from any race for acumen), that was 800 odd years ago.

7 individuals have held that grudge against that seat, that led to the end of the 33.

It took a long long time, but it was them.

They now sit in china.

Have done for 5 years.


Don't think race or nationality, you will miss with every accusation.

You’re ignorant.

Remember that, you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

If anyone says they do they are a liar, cos I would know them personally, they would be terrified, just like me.

I get away with it at the moment because of two simple reasons.

Well three, one I'm great fun... I can tell you that one, just between us, eh.

But yes, one of those reasons is the very religion they adhere to even now; those seven arseholes have fucked your known world completely by shifting God-sums around the globe.

They just didn't bank on bitcoin, if you forgive the pun.

How about I get back to that big complicated mess later, and leave you with a thought on race.

As we all intermingle, the edges of our races truly do, what’s produced is very valuable.

A catalyst in the form of a child.

Any catalyst that brings to sides together with a quicker chemical process aids that process.

Eventually as transport is solved and we adopt a more global ability to talk and trade because of that physical fact, we will all end up one shade.

Where are you now political fanatic, troglodyte, memory of a bygone ape?

This arithmetic alone should make you see your worth, your fights worth, your clinging to an inevitable defeat.

For all the wrong reasons.

You have been conned.

There has always been one religion behind them all.

As with all things, they invented money.

The fight is not always where you see it.

In fact a well prepared attack is usually preceded with a lengthy infiltration.

As before, those close to me will see the gurus and soothsayers’ stories change accordingly, once they have read and caught up, they can then ignore anything they said before.

I’m a handful, but I'm not dangerous if your intentions are true.

Funny how it’s people that don't know me, have never had the courage to meet me face to face, are the ones that say I'm dangerous... not anyone that has actually met me.

But still you all understand the scum that inhabit the net now, much betterererer...

I knew 7 years ago... I came to tease them...

Cowards with no names.

There are much more serious things to deal with on the net, than pathetic would be knicker sniffers.

I talk of course, in common purpose.

Eh, Brian.

The paid, to be their weirdo...

The sub-contractor...


They are using quantum bullies to get there way.

They had the bucks, so now have the bang, electronically speaking, mostly.

They are a real bunch of charmers...

Internet head hunters for the cheque. Oops the money transfer to the thrice and thrice buried offshore.

Yes, rather stupid of me to say these lifeforms out-loud...

There job is just simple, dog your electronic existence.

Which is mostly your existence these days, financially.

Unless you’re an idiot consumer in Facefuck, or YouBum, Goooooogargoyle, then you’re just pawned.

No one in the field I speak of has anything to do with such duckfood.

Financially we are all vulnerable now, thanks to the banks lobbyists’ money in the government pockets, cash is now illegal.

Like legal aid is now only for criminal cases, not civil, so the poor can’t fight the corp.

Good old politicians that are not politicians, there hasn't been a real one of them since fuck knows when, I wouldn't lie to hazard a guess,

They should be asked to be politicians, not go on big brother.

But we will leave the theatre to Cenk and Alex to play with.


You see they work with, discouragement...

They even delve in deep to "big data" to change the history of financial lies. Just in case a client gets caught.


That’s not just a word... it’s a term...

Discouragement software run by algorithm was set loose on the net in 2011.

The algorithm and the software are two different things...

Perhaps explain discouragement software first...

(Not an expert here so bare with me)

This software started its life in other software as a tool an option, a box to tick on someone, to get rid of annoying customers.

You know, back in the day the banks got caught out with their clients descriptions, don’t call me lemon you plum you know the apple, if you hear my rhythm.

Yes banks called customers oranges and apples, it pertained to how much money they made out of them, not how much money they had, which was a guided misconception.

No, the banks like working class, middle class people all working, living beyond their means etc. etc., you all know by now, of course.

But there were the customers such as small business people, people that retired but did work in the industry, which is actually an immense number of people when you connect all the ancillary admin companies involved... accounting...

These customers were a total pain in the arse...

They cost the bank twice the profit, and then some.

The customer that has a credit card, uses all the facilities but pays the bill on time, nothing earned for them, lots of transaction costs.

The customer that ignores all deals, knowing dam well there is no such thing as a generous bank.

But uses the bank daily for money change...

Those customers needed driving away, to another bank not in the know, i.e. honest, oh yes there WERE some.

Not now, none.

Money itself is bent.


First of all, BT helped by making a phone system that helped the direction of calls, then lots of companies did, the phone exchange run a round... gggggg go.....

Click, after an hour waiting, simple, but effective,

Then when they got a chip in everyone’s hands, made us all online it...

The most unsecure banking system to this date... worse than moving gold.

We all get frauded daily by that, but still.

There we are, all online doing our shit...

Then we start getting interactive...

Well the problem with an interactive customer is, they are a pain in the arse, they cost even more, and the publicity is shite.

So, the discouragement option was born.

They click that box on you and you can’t get thru, or you do then it cuts you off just at the point it shouldn’t, or, you get thru do everything and it doesn’t compute in sum, way...

Basically the most rudimentary of tasks takes forever, for, you...

The bad egg.

That has progressed to, now if you’re doing anything but buying something or making them money, you’re discouraged.

This of course became very popular in all institutions; insurance especially, especially claims lines...

Oh yeah they answer quick like the add says, and it just goes downhill from there, as we know, all insurance companies work on three knock backs of customers claims.

They have even progressed that with the help of the propaganda unit at the AUNTY (BBC) to paying for programs that paint them in some grace saving light, in their task to protect us all from fraudsters, while being the biggest culprit, great innit.saints and

Off course national insurance which is now handled by private hands...

Yes that’s why disabled people are being victimized and sent out.

The insurance company masquerading as the DWP, or government department responsible for well being... that department.

They are at the spearhead.

They are now sending their "friends of the court" into tribunal hearings, to badger the court and the witness into not getting the claim.

It’s only business!

Discourage, discourage, discourage...

Three times...

Most humans cave right there...

They have a life...

Things to do...

It’s math.

And your government do it to you thru private companies, so they can wring their hands with Theresa Dismay at the terrible thing that happened that they will get to the bottom of. Oh fuck off, lol.

Even forum software like facefuck, and youtwittertwat, has discouragement, they’ve been doing it for seven years that I KNOW of.

Yeah, you all fort is woz just da computers innit.


They are fucking with you daily, for profit.

Daily, in the very policy, the funny thing is, it’s the middle class wanker administering it, that are now complaining coz it’s biting them... ooooh dear..


Recriminations aside...

Look at the gun, not the birdie.

Talking of guns...

I phoned the foreign office faining I was a dad whose daughter is about to travel the world...

I asked what countries were dangerous etc.

He tried to direct me to the website, I off course fucked that off, I’m an apple or orange or something, remember, lol.

I said ‘nope, don't do computers sorrys, I need verbal help’...

I asked what the criteria was for said danger levels indicated.

He said, well it’s in the threat described.

I said so being shot is a main one obviously, he agreed of course.

I then said, the usual countries they like to hear... he agreed all were a bad idea.

Because of the danger of being shot, I re-iterated at the end.

He said categorically, yes.

I then relayed the murder rate by gun in the US per annum, and thus far, some 12000 deaths.

From being murdered with a gun.

This year.

He went silent.

Then put the phone down.

That is your government.

More people die in US this way than in any dictatorship.

The president points his hands to god, while the Jesuit nudges him in the elbow and says, god bless....

Meanwhile the NRA secret deal shit is out for the in da club gun toters.

Pregnant mums don't get discount on flights...

Gun toters do... lol.

Meanwhile the 7 in china finally get their way...

And we all have our dictators at the ready.

Honestly, it’s like a bad film script.

Meanwhile the rot shockwave is on its way...

The realization of the honest that the world is run by scum.

That think they know best and therefore have the right over you for you...given by you, so your fault.

They don't see the problem, and 70% of the public don't and doesn’t care, they’re too busy staying alive.

The ones that do, and should be doing something, are too scared to do much...

Those that do commit social hara-kiri.

This is all washing over you now.

As planned.

The fake old money was tanking...

So they put in the Obama hope.

Gave him a death checkbook...

And he signed and signed.

Then you had a debt to blame eventually on him.

Then the new hope the "opposite" of the other hope...

He is now here... he is cleaning up the mess, with a bigger one.

They don't care whose watch it goes down on now, they are still surprised they found a big enough idiot so full of himself he wouldn't notice, he is Nero.

Meanwhile he flounces around gettin picked on by everyone, as expected.

The pundits accuse each other of exactly the same thing, using verbatim tactics and doing everything short of blowing raspberries at each other.

There is no main stream, alt, anything; it’s all one stream, into you.

You decide, by turning it on, that’s the mistake, but no one will stop ever. Once addicted.

So I go back to the 33.

They were honest thru shame apparently.

They agreed to caretake, not profit.

They let go in 2011, DEC.

Disbanded, four cornered, fucked off.


They were important it seemed, looking at the chaos that’s ensued.

I will cover those at a dinner.

Then come back with a good version from my peers thoughts.

Old money/new money.

Old way/new way.

That’s what’s coming.

We did it.

Whether you like it or not, the whole globes going off this waterfall.

So you’re coming.

Maybe not Elon. Lol.

It’s what happens when the lies don't work no more.

The cats out of all the bags.

Slowly it will take effect.

Just like it did to my mum.

We were in the car,

I was nine.

The spurs were playing, so the roads were blocked off in certain places.

My mum drove the car into the road before ours and there was a road block. A copper was standing there a sergeant, she done down the window (wiv a handle lol) and said, excuse me officer, I live in that road and it’ a cul-de-sac,

He said, don't tell me it’s a cul-de-sac I know, fuck off and park elsewhere.

My dad was in the front seat.

He got out walked round the car and proceeded to let the officer know what he thought of that,

He was joined and bundled back in the car by my mum, as two other officers approached.

She put her foot down and parked round the corner.

My dad was a very honest nice man, polite and fair to all, as he thought you should try, he explained that to me regular.

Coz I was a shit.

He walked back to his house with his wife and son, in silence.

It took five minutes, but for me it was forever.

My mum stayed quiet to, which was unusual to say the least.

We got in.

The house was subdued for a few days, very unusual.

Eventually things came back together as they do, you know.

Smiles return for silly pranks made, or I got in trouble or something moved us all on.

Years later, I was a youngster; I had a small self-employed business.

I went round grabbing board-ups, from break-ins.

It was a race to here the radio, and then rush to the job, 3 am...

First van there got boards on and the glass was there’s in the morning.

One night a Sunday I remember coz I had been to a do and was now working afterwards.

I got a call from my partner; I went to a Dixon’s electronics store that had been smash n grabbed.

No one was there; I was there before old bill, often happened.

I have a mind’s eye that notes a scene well.

The window was smashed in, little was taken, I would say a particular item was wanted.

The alarm was ringing.

Then the manager turned up.

Then the old bill.

Two officers in a panda car.

They walked up.

Completely uninterested.

Why would they be, it happened a lot, I know I made a living from it or the results.

The manager went with me into the store, he shut the alarm off and I plugged in an extension cord for power for the saw.

I got on,

The old bill were going.

They said, have we your prints on file, I said yes.

As they did I looked at the floor something was glistening at the back of the panda car.

At the boot.

They went.

When I went back with the board to put over the window, I noticed, two video recorders of some value were gone, I noted one as I had it myself at home.

It was more than I paid, so I was pleased, but, now it was gone.

I went in to the manager who was drinking a tea.

He asked if I wanted one.

I said yes and we talked and had a snout.

The videos were on his insurance claim along with my bill.

As I swept up I laughed to myself, cheeky fuckers nicked a video each.

When I was home, I told my family at dinner the next day.

I thought they would give the grin I did, it was petty after all.

I knew far worse.

I thought this was anecdotal.

Small, funny.

I didn’t get the response I thought.

A kinda silence, until pushed.

I didn’t bother me, well, coz I me, I was then too.

But to them it was devastating, they had worked there whole life honestly.

When those in the charge of hope do this, it kills us all.

It’s small and big.

And we have taken part.

In our lives.

I’m kinda glad they’re not here to see this all.

Me, I don't care.

You won’t soon, or don’t already.

As you have probably figured out.

We are our fate.

On a lighter note, Alex and Cenk, the brothers in the fight.

Opposing, but surely I’m not the only one seeing this irony.

It seems Ana is unaware of most things that don't directly concern her, as with most internet celebs, famous for nothing except being there, of course adopting a career later.

A journalist's I think she said, oh and she teaches, I must admit, I nearly spat my coffee out at that one.

Then of course not to just pick on her, there’s Cenk.

I almost don't know where to start, this guys so full of holes.

I don’t think I will bother mentioning in detail my suspicions before the revelations my compadres were witness to.

We watched him go limp on certain, popular issues as they rose.

Yes we saw you Cenky baby...

Now they’re all feeling the pinch cos they’re condescending and shit, Alex included, of courrrrrrrse.

Talking of Alex, owen gets paler by the day.

Maybe it’s the brainiac vitamins he rattles with according to him.

But yeah he is fading away before our eyes.

Pressure I should think.

Imagine being him, fuckin’ hell.

Fuck that.

Here’s a tune for ya little o, chin up son, lay off the goob pills a bit maybe.

Anyway Alex.

He is getting thin on the ground, the staff are disappearing daily.

The sales are going worse than the sell by dates as usual.

And then of course there’s Trump daily fucking him over in every which way. He then has to spin desperately into a narrative that makes sense, which of course has made him go slowly more loopy than ever.

It’s obvious these days being Alex is not much fun.

Alex and Cenk,

Both sitting there, with the same dress cues haunting them, to impress daddy.

Little blue jacket, ooo, you look good in blue guys, really, lol.

Fucking hysterical, I love them in a way, don’t I.

I can’t wait to see Alex do an about turn on Trump as his career goes down the plughole with him.

He is very funny when he is spinning, you can see the gears going round, the way they turned on Bannon was just shakespearean.

Cenk, just a bit borin’ though, eh.

The thing is,

I don't like puppets of any kind, especially drum banging adversaries masquerading as independent media.

But out of the two, I will say this.

Alex is crazy in his own way.

But thinks he is honourable, well he has to be, to himself, to keep the fable alive.

And god, sorry forgot that.

So if you were in the middle of nowhere and fell in the quicksand, along came Alex...

Let’s say you’re a ‘left wing everything he hates’.

He would pull you out, even though he could get away with it.

Now put a low grade intellect Fascist Right wing skinhead idiot in the sand.

An along comes, (remember, no one can see, scott free).


Yeah, I will leave you with that one, just a thought, remember buy ya t-shirt.

With ya colours.

To show ya anger.

To start a fight.

To pick a side.

(Shame about the others in the teams, there are some hopefuls in there. mainly idiots though.)

They’re all paid, some know, some don’t.

But they all get paper.


Meanwhile division.

They say they hate it, with every word they use to cause it.

Do they know, are they innocent truth mongers. You decide for yourself of course.

As always.

Let’s stop avoiding our responsibilities.

To each other.

Here's a fishy O a little fishy for ya, ya know, til ya boat comes in.

The basics.

A race before us.

Left us a note to the self.

On the surface of the world.

So we would know what we are, to be aware of our short comings, through theirs.

It went wrong, the guilty few vowed to never let it happen again, the lesson learned.

That’s the only religion on this ball, hurtling.

There is no determination or deomination to it.

Nutz innit.

See you at the next party.

This time it’s at the manor.

So we are bringing some bits n pieces along.

The letter is coming as I speak.

To those that can’t make it, we think of you, hope this helped.

To everyone else,

Take it easy, lemon squeezey.

Here’s a film "little Elon" loved, but still hid behind the couch while watching.

Here’s another, for your perusal, if you haven’t already seen it. Give it a chance, past the music I mean, geez, still ones food n all that.

Keep watching, the fireworks are coming, ooooooo, eeeeeeee, woooooooooooow.

Just gotta wait for the skiers to get back home. Awkward!

27 Feb 2018