The Cockney Translater!

Happy Hadron day,

Is that a holiday? Oh no, not yet.

Still nice to see we have collided again, you should stop coming, it’s not good to collide and collude.

It’s going to be criminal to criticise,

It's gonna be naughty to notice.

If you do notice and say something all will recede, like the water before a big wave.

After all if you have a good job, then you don’t want to make waves.

Noticing can be dangerous.

So you’re a civil servant, you’re in the club...

Then you notice the function you perform for the mass feeding organism is the total opposite of what your job is supposedly funded to achieve.


Well nah.

Not odd, exactly right.

We could pick on any department, budget is the forward to the narrative, and they say we have no money...

They will argue for a year about a million for a youth project, then find ten to shut up a person that catches them in a an old boy network fiddle.

Fuckin rubbish,

Bad management, if you think that you’re a blithering idiot, criminal conspiracy to keep a position!!!

Most ordinary people do a job, they, (after a certain amount of time) do this job, even if they don’t like that job too much, they do it with a modicum of skill, some take pride and like their job, so therefore do it with a high level of skill.

Skill is said to come with age, I would not agree. I have had the opportunity to see some young people that like what they do, so do it with a level of skill the older colleague admires (if they are not insecure).

Something that was common, now not so much...

So the skilled go to a job, they surmise the problem, obtain the materials to remediate, finally physically do the job,

with skills.

Complete, on to the next one.

If any new nuance is learned, retrieved, it’s spoken of thru the grapevine until it’s ultimately more knowledge for the whole trade or discipline.

So what about government?

The bobblehead professionals at keeping a job... professional liars.


I don’t know where to start; it’s the subject all avoid because of their own particular place on the Christmas tree.

We all live in the new jungle...

The terrain is what it is...

But if you think for a moment its incompetency, well, go to the back and sit down, or leave, you’re in the wrong place.

If you stay, shut your stupid face.

For those of us that are jaded and graded.

Lost in the tone, but hearing it...

We don’t have the bliss of the ignorance...

We have to look at all, knowing, seeing the next move.

Then we are told of it endlessly by the bloke down the road that didn't realise making a video on YouTube is exactly what you’re supposed to do with your half-baked denials and false retribution.

We all know that the only real beef the guru has about it, is the fact they are not in the club...

They don’t have a ticket, they failed...

So now sneer in a very particular way...

That particular way they snarl is modified after they start snarling, not before...

So if you’re a complete idiot babbling your own theories and don't know how fuckin cretinous you look, in your total media informant delusion...

That’s fine...

Your idiom will be cherished, nurtured and most of all funded...

You will (of course) in your delusion think your performing a self serving service, yay!


Not yay. (Well yay for me, I think, it’s fuckin hysterical.)

Turn round and look up your arse, you have one of those big long feathers sticking out of

You’re not goood...

You’re not needed...

You’re not informative...

You’re exactly what you look like, to a sane brain, driven mad.

You will be funded by the click, the donation, which we are slowly renaming to not look like begging.

Maybe a thought for you...

If you beg, you are shit at your chosen?

If you support yourself with original content, are you talented?

Look again at your guru/pundit/peddler...

And know you can’t do better so don’t...

Join yourself to the idea of being sane.


Think, don’t do.

Don’t add.


A concerted effort, not funded by whoever pushes the button, therefore anyone.

Get control of yourself, to get control of yourself.

I’m not talking to the converted new age idiot; you can fuck off to a conference or some other addendum to a fanciful shit idea.

It’s all part of it.

I believe there’s a conference about it soon.

Time wasting.

Meanwhile the minutemen make their god raygun.

I would start looking at the numbers in your neck of the woods...

Start taking names of the people those numbers first.

Who is in charge of budgets in your area?

Not the politicians, they are a camo-conveyorbelt to hide the real culprits the crims in the machine of government the dug in long term tick.

We will tell you which ones.

Just give us your locality.

This must be organised properly.

We have people in every country now.

All honest.

No agendas.

No products.

Self funded.

Effort not babble.

Just taking the first steps to becoming electronically and financially independent.

Oh yes, you can you know.

It’s simple.

If you wish to know more you can.

Others have been brave, patient.



They picked up the phone and said, yeah, no more.

What can I do?

It’s that simple.

Hard to admit one’s wrong, isn’t it?

Hee hee, don’t worry you will get over it.

If you do have something about you, courage.

Be honest.

Have your pen ready as a human will speak to you, oh! Lol.

We won’t want anything.

You just need to take a few notes.

Gets worse, you will be asked to help.

This will involve meeting real people, on your own recognisance.

Getting up in the morning.

Being human.

Just a day, here and there.

At first, if you want to do more you can.

From where you are.

We need to de centralise the control of central.

It’s easy.

Hold money in unison.

If you have less than 50 k coming into your household a year you should pay no tax.

For the time being, until we get straight.

Cos we can.

Oh yeah, it’s all a load of bollocks.

We have always had enough to go round.

It just doesn't go round.

Does it.

We don’t need oil for what it’s used for, but we do need it for something much more important in the future, hence it being supergreedystupid to use it all in such a frivolous way.

It incapacitates us in the future.

It’s not for burning at all!

Or didn’t you know?


If you have less than fiddy k, coming in...

You need to sign up.

When you do you join a protest on behalf of the poor by the poor.

The poor in both worlds.

Cos guess what, you had ya mouth taped shut with policy.

And you’re stripped of any chance of getting up again.

You know it.

So it’s time to sign up.




Devastating, if your business is control.

Hold money, they will feel what you do in a matter of days.

They survive on the poor; the poor have the most available money, easy snatch.

The civil servant/corporate-shill knows the old adage "look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves"

All it takes is to sign a petition.

No agreement.

It’s a statement.

It’s coming.

Download it...

Pass it along...

Do it yourself...

Jump the legislation, the trade agreement, the religion, the party...

They are never going to work obviously, they have had plenty of time, and they are infected.

A swift kick straight in the gonadal bank balance of the misogynistic slave trader...

A financial bullet to the diseased dick homicidal country rapist.

It’s coming.

Noticed how it’s copied...



Well do it then.

See if you can.

Take a notepad n pen...

The first arsehole that stands up and says you can’t for any reason take the name.

Tell him you will get back to him later...but take his name.

You’re going to get the chance...

The boulder is starting to move.

Don’t breath, grit and push fuckin hard, NOW!

For the traders...that don’t trade for money...

Call me.

My friends make lots of money.

And so to the cardboard cut-outs funded by googalishous and bubblyoubumtube...

Alex n Cenk...

Actually I should say Cenk and Alex as Cenk buys more numbers than Alex.

Or should I put Cenk first cos he pays more?

Well, here’s a tune for ya,

I can write you a little scene...

Imagine Alex and Cenk, they meet at the hotdog stand.

As they glance across the cart, the vendor looking on open mouthed, waiting for the eruption...

They glance down and see they have the same disgusting concoction in there chubby little fingers...

Their hearts stop, in unison...

Could this be, they are truly brothers in their personal struggle...?

They walk away from the cart to a nearby planted pedestrian area,

The music fades in...

They entwine their arms and take a bite of each other’s respective snack.

And so the ballet begins...

Lovely thought...

Come on guys, for us, for the laugh...


Call me huh..x

Some of you know, have known for years that there is a very healthy market for likes, thumbs up, etc.


I believe the going rate is a pound sterling for a thousand likes on youtube,at the mo, I see if we can find the latest (package wannabe offers).*

Their employees (facefuckyoumugs) are making a killing on the side...

Well the wages are shit for the subs.

So you can’t blame them.

In fact to say YouTube’s owners don't know would be a stretch of any imagination, after all the NSA have been doing it for their shills, from way way back.

That’s what is discussed really, when they speak about their combined crimes.

When everyone wakes up to all the mathematical mayhem they have caused and the electronic Nuremberg trials start in the future, it’s what you pick up now in your life as you walk through that becomes the evidence...

So watch it...


Conspiracy to obtain money under false pretence?

Ever noticed how the desperate tell you how great they are!

Kissy Cenk, kissy Alex, no hards, hahahahahaha...


Anyway, that’s why the advert shuffle happened... (on youbiatchtube)

Thanks for all the response,

Could that chap that got cut off ring back, you know who you are, we were a bit concerned.

Let us know eh!

Remember if you have an association that is not for profit, the staff don’t get payouts...

Call me.

I have a group you would like to meet, that will help you fund yourself for free.

No strings.

Ordinary folk,

No religion, no violence.

They will help you.

If you’re the same.

* recent example from a public comment section.... -the illumilazy xx