The Cockney Translater!

Sep 17 2017

Oooh Sunday morning in the sunshine, sitting there eating croissants and

coffee, lime jelly...nice,

I laugh, if some of my old mates could see the guy I am now...

Funny shit, nibbling on my croissant, I think I look particularly pretentious

cos I got a busted up little finger on my left hand so when I drink me tea I

have that finger sticking out, it’s extra funny cos of how it ended up that


As wiv most young men back in the day I had my ranking, wanna be badass,


I learnt a lot about badassing since, lol.

Not the bendy over kind, either.

I learnt very quickly that the bullies at school were actually total wankers

on their own at night in an alley, when confronted suddenly by a masked man

and a vicious vengeful assault...out of the blue...

I learnt that they thought they were what they thought they were...

Only they had to convince all those around them...

That’s ok in a school or a prison or a confined space of that nature.

But not work...

The building site showed up the wankers very quickly...

When a big hairy dick is making your life a misery because you’re the

youngest, there comes a day when it’s pissing down, say a Monday, you just

uncovered the mixer and some ‘James Blunt’ ain’t cleaned it out properly...

You knock over your cuppa tea, then the arsehole says something... That’s when

you find out what and who you are...

My apprenticeship turned into a saga, I got in with the real boyz...

A mixture of all races doing business with each other, no fucking about.

I’m talking real boys, not the dicks that go on tele and talk about


What real boy goes on tele, lol.

No, these guys would float you in a heartbeat for talking about anything to


Mouth shut.

To all, even ya peeps.

For their sake.

So back to being an alpha fucking male, lol.

What a load of utter shit...

I was once stabbed by a fourteen year old.

It nearly killed me.

He was told to do it.

He had to, I feel for him.

If he didn’t do to me what was wanted, it would have happened to his mum.

Fuck, I would of run on the knife.

I turned and saw his face just as it went in, he was terrified.

He ran straight away, screaming sorry, sorry.

It was not a good experience for all concerned in the end.

The geezer that wanted to get it done was a dick.

But he had connections had charlie, had money.

Therefore people depended on that income, my actions fucked with that income.


They decided the best way was this way for all sorts of reasons...

Mainly cowardice.

There’s a lot of that in business coincidently, hmm.

Seems quite often the big idea men are way too important to whatever be, erm, risked.

That’s the usual story.

You can look to your own personal reference in that.

So Mr Alfalfa Male...

When you’re on the internet giving it the biggun, about this god and that

country, etc.

Whatever your anger, therefore weakness, is.

Your fear, that you shout about...


The people you refer to are not like you.

They are not good or bad, that would imply some sort of thought process where

you matter.

No one does, just what they want to achieve, does.

Do you care about the death of the leaves?

Have you even thought about all the leaves that fall and die?

No, of course not.

You just experienced the level of care they have, about general humanity.

They will come after your family.

They will wait until your popularity dives a bit, you’re older, less agile, not as able.

Then you will watch as your family is heckled at first by all sorts of life’s

little worries.

But it will always be that bit more complicated for you...

The letter will be late, or lost.

You will always get the withdrawal on the wrong date.

Communications will be hopelessly interrupted at every important moment of


You will watch all this alive and at your leisure, you self-centred


It’s all very well, you going around snarling at whatever your particular bent is...

The people you snarl about think they are right...

YOU think you are right.

Meanwhile the ones you should be looking at go unchallenged...

While calculating your family’s demise from the deep.

You will watch helplessly in old age at the decomposition of all you hoped for.

I say this as a heads up to those with a more temperate nature, around these verbally flatulent idiots,

the more considerate...

The researchers.

You think ahead, think ahead then...!

Heed what I’m saying if you know I’m talking to you.

Some of you comprehend the whole situation.

Be real now.

It will not matter what bluster comes back from the gun-toting NRA member or the mask-wearing ANTIFA activist.

guns and stamping on police cars won’t matter...It already doesn’t.

Bad people will do very bad things, others will clap in their ignorance.

All so the few keep the seat the father and their grandfather had.


Guns can be gassed. Cars can be replaced.

Good for commerce.

End of that.

Your supplies will run out.

Your communication will be disrupted...

In short you will lose.

Any sort of protest will be used.

Then will die out.

You won’t do horrible things, if you did you’re them.

You will lose.

Physical threat is going to die out.

It always does when the future is taken from the assaulted.

The bruised start not to care.

Like the battered wife, one day the worm will turn.

Nothing to hope for except indenturement in the new wrapping paper,

The cancellable short-term contract.

Subsidised by your local government credit system,

So the zombie company can be animated and serve the shareholders, the NAMES,

which completes the circle.

The war that is being diverted is a war by and for the mind.

They lose terribly in that war.

Several computer aided scenarios are witness to that.

No one turns up anymore for their wars.

This is not going to be allowed, you must be mongered into war and


By whatever POTUS, orange and otherwise.

But look behind the curtain for the decrepit fingers on the Bluetooth controller.

They have interrupted and falsified data, for years...

Who are they...?

Come on...

That does not matter...

That’s revenge, prim-evil.

It’s taught to you daily, subtly.


They emphasize the parts of history to appeal to that badass just as he or she feels the surge

of youth, you don’t see it, you’re not the target.

The youth do though, in all sorts of ways...

It keeps the trigger fingers alive.

Keeping the metal presses going...

The casings churning out, pop a dollar, pop a million dollars.

Bang a billion dollars...

If there are any real humans left, that have somehow managed by hook or crook, to

stay out of the hysteria, they will be the ones that make it...

Because they are going to stand up slowly...

Over the next few years, as the atrocities and hate grow...they will get more

vocal, less easily pushed about by plasticised money culture.

The internet is controlled now.

But something is going to change that, technology will extinguish itself.

If you are in gainful employ because of the internet, in its current state,

you are a company that is tech invested, on top now.... this is for you.

The employee needs to learn a real world skill.

The company owner/shareholder, you’re fucked.

Nothing you do will matter, the internet is going to step to one side in a

way no one has conceived. (As always)

If you charge for your shit service, or you make money from the

advertising, YOU ARE SCREWED....

The dotcom bubble’s tendency to deflate quickly is nothing to what’s coming,



If you are innocently thinking of getting a job in the current structure,


If you are working for a company in "that hierarchy" you know, but have no

choice, get out.

Not pop of a pompous nerdy balloon, like before, no, a big bang bang.

It’s all down to genius and motivation.

Forward motion.

No one can do anything about that.

It will be lassoed by the desperate billionaire, slowed with a jugular

outpouring of the company’s cash, it won’t matter.

Tripped up even, like a fire break.

It won't matter, it’s rolling downhill.

Water always wins in the end.

Keep an eye on the only real currency of and by the people, the banks need

it in the bag.

Watch who’s buying it all....

The Seven need a name, no one knows,

It’s getting interesting from a super violent emotional crocodile media point of view.