The Cockney Translater!

Morning new media mangled muppets,

How you going?

Well so much is going on

But the gurus still flounder.

Wonder why, cos they're tired, hmm

Well you are, aren't you? I suspect you’re feeling 20% less cool, as the bronies wouldn't say.

The poor old Alexander and his dad’s drug company are running out of marketing ideas for the water they sell, well that’s one thing for them I will say, they ain’t stupid. The substances they use are soooo inert they ain’t never gettin sued. If you sell water or expensive urine as Sheldon would put it, in a nice bottle wiv a misogynistic trigger word then you'd got to be careful to avoid side effects, eh...

I mean if all those potions and lotions are soooo effective then where are the side effects? Or is Alex claiming that he is immune to the law of numbers and the infinite genetic pool.

Maybe he doesn't swim,

Leaves that to the seals,

Gonna have a word with someone about that to see how the other ones feel about it all.

Not just the bigmouths, which in itself is unusual don't you think? So often the talkers are not the doer’s in the pack, but this seems the exception, however, I have noticed a distancing occurring.

The more sensible in the bunch are gettin a bit, agitated with the move into arms sales..

Understandable, it’s backward.

Like religion, it’s for eight year olds. We all know that, just too embarrassed to say it out loud. I was talking to a churchy, a high up one, he said, and I quote.

"Oh no, we in the protestant church, and of course some of our counterparts, including the pope it seems of late, know.

We know that the unsubstantial will not sustain the faith in the new era, no, no, we know it is time to acknowledge the ceremony for what it is, a ceremony.

I still believe in the hope of being right to a good word and deed. It's of most importance to us all, whatever your faith, but, do we believe in the story, of course not, that’s for the unsettled, to become settled."

End quote.

Personally, that relieved me a bit. How about you?

So the excuse the lunatic fanatic uses on all sides is not real.

But still they all play... eh.

What didn't give much satisfaction is to see how hardly any are actually on track (back to gurus) take the TYT chaps and chapess’s they are and were always good for a laugh, at least.

But now,



Alex is starting to be honest in his new corporate millionaire guise...

But Cenk,

He is starting to look like a tired fifties physical comedian, grimacing little faces for a laugh, but the content suffers.

But we are talking click me media, they will never upset their own demographic, so perhaps I'm being cruel.

Oh dear, what a shame, never fucking mind.

Delayed reactionary repeaters,

Oh but the ex-cop, he is trying, but still in the game.

So not really.

No content

Their lost

Time for another choice.

Harder, less physical.

The affiliations of all the pundits is becoming painfully obvious, as their rhetoric diminishes.

Repeating works, on a hamster!!!

Or on a lion doing the get up and kneel down dance.


Any road up, it matters not one fuck, just thought I would let you know what I think of them, personally I would think they are all very amiable when not excited about something.

Unlike me.

I’m always excited.

And then asleep.

Then excited again.

My excitement has nothing to do with the internet, oh no.

But you will see.

Have you been paying attention to the men of mayhem?

They are slowly moving from fuel to water...

Slowly they will get the water meters installed...

They go after the elderly first, the ones with a remnant of trust left for authority.

They will sign up because they believe the constructed letter that looks like they have no choice, when the opposite is true.

When they have all had them installed... then they will start the campaign of pointing out your neighbours that don't have one, and of course how they are riding for free when you have to pay... then the silver surfers will call to arms as usual in the monarchist trance.

The Nimbys, the intolerant, the religious...

They will make a fuss so an act can be put in place, so the bailiffs can come, to make you have a meter.

Then they own the water, you can be electronically turned off...

Remotely, no fuss, no court, just like the gas meters that charge the needy and poor to pay the share holders, defo... as the poor are the majority...

On a key meter.

So yes, they are quietly "diversifying" into water, thru shares, not deals, the criminals are stealing your water, and the government are helping them, in return for the control it offers...

You see, any debt will get you cut off, from everything in the brave new world.

One thing we will miss about Europe, one bit of the bureaucrat is useful, the human rights.

You see that’s why the government are so willing to get going, when they could have just been useless and stagnant as usual.

They want it done.

The figures are good, the brexitera are exonerated ...

Financially anyway, as for 50k of protesters in the city, well impressive, but contrived.

Michael Moore and his misrepresentations aside, we are out, and that is that, the government want out, for once in this respect the 67million in England agree with them it seems...

Which is funny, when ultimately it means less ministers, eh..

Ever known a bureaucrat wanting less people and the paperwork they create?

But Miss Dismay will sell it as so...

While trippin the light fantastic with the golfer.

Slowly quietly, behind your back...

Did you know English companies are buying American rights to water, and the meter system has been tested on the test bed, which you should all know by now, that is the experiment, America.

Independent media, are you that stupid? Really.

Go look up the real laws...

The ones you should worry about, the ones for captains.

Why do you think the fantasist de-do-ron-ron Hubbard, went that way, lol.

He learnt from the best.


To the courts and the old bill, and general stirring.

Well I'm reluctant to talk about the case as there have been all sorts of tricky legal shit going on, before it even gets really legal.

Two lawyers(one a freemason)later, we are set.

I had all sorts of hassle, everyone was scared of it, or me, or their mortgage etc.

So I sat and thought ‘what would me old man do..?’

He wasn't a bighead like me, so thought a lot more and didn't speak too much.

But when it come down to it, he was like stone.

Always there.

So I'm lucky to have the thought...

So I did, think, really what would he do, now obviously it’s way more complicated in detail, but as with all things it boils down to yes and no at what juncture...

The crows foot....

Do you know what that is gurus? It comes from a book, an old one.

That you have not seen.

I have, and photographed the whole fucking thing.

So I sat.

Back to basics was the short version, so that’s what I did...

Who can I trust?

Someone who is not one of them for defo, well that narrowed it down a bit cos they are fuckin everywhere eh.

I went back to my old neighbourhood like a scalded dog, but found a friend.

Someone who got somewhere.

I went for a drink, then there was someone else.

That person introduced me to a person at a union.

They passed me onto a lawyer that is not affiliate with the sects, least of all the masons.

So now I have a lawyer, from up north. "No messin about son", he said.

So complaints have been written and balls are rolling.

We have a recording of me being me with the IPCC.

I spoke to a very nice chap, he put up with me famously, after the police did the military triple step at every opportunity, it’s expected, but I still point it out to be a twat.

Now they have a problem.

They know it’s a gateway case.

They know what gateway I want open.

But I have WAY WAY WAY too many witnesses.

Seven years worth...

Some of you will drop in now.

Some of you will cringe at what you are, who you pulled ya pants down in front of, some are still eating a digestive, or finishing a jay.

They will come later when they are having less fun and more think, ya know.

So yeah we have a recording.

We are wondering whether to broadcast yet...

We have and still are recording everything.

I have 70 odd hard-drives of total shit, and a few diamonds.

So I will be recording all legal convos for intent to broadcast in the future.

Hence everyone steering clear of me if they know they are full of shit...

Yeah they stay away.

I really fucking burn, go ask.

I have every one of them, by the bollocks or flaps, depending on gender.

So when the votes taken (in here) my compadres will decide what comes next, including the police raid footage, when legal.

That’s a promise.

No fake.

No guru.

No book.

No snake oil.

No begging.

Just us spanners.