The Cockney Translater!

Sunday, Sunday, the beginning of the week for the lost looking for salvation.

How’s that going, getting better, or worse or nearer, richer, poorer,

Shit, I nearly performed a marriage ceremony then... Fuck, lol.

Gotta watch watch ya preach from the pulpit, the lectin.

Forgiveness, pity,

Do you pity petty criminals, oh yes, if they repent.

But what if their crime is right by your god?

Such as shoplifting to feed the dustbin lids?

Or fiddling the gas meter to keep warm?

Do they have to repent?

From jail?

Morning, lol.

I preferred camber-wick green, lol. More gritty n urban, lol.

Went better with my graffiti covered concrete surroundings.

Are you having tea this morning or coffee, or bomb crater puddle water that a mangey stray dog topped up yesterday evening.

Will it be roast today, or will you go out for a treat?

Or maybe you could track that dog with ya friends and eat it.

That’s what the propaganda says, the algorithmic media melody says it’s not twue.

Poor thou, what ya gonna do?

Criminal innit.

So yeah criminals, what’s a crim?

Armed robber?

Jewellery thief?

Drug dealer ?

How about,



How about,


Who's more of a crim in the public’s eyes?

Arm robber?

Or a



Money, or a child?

Now go look at where the money's spent.

Then ask why the more is spent on one than the other...

The police are fairly crap at detecting crime.

I mean it’s not easy, is it? Lol.

Back in the seventies before they had all the tech and gadgets to go with the laws...

They couldn't catch anyone, it was pathetic.

Just a few fiascos,

The Yorkshire ripper... he fucking made them look stupid, they even had him once by accident... fumbled the ball, as usual.

The list is endless..

I won’t bore you with an embarrassing trip down memory lane.

Now off course they’re shit hot.

They sit in the station, or ride around in tech filled space ships, well the upward mobile movers n shakers do, the PC n WPC on the beat in the more deprived areas have a wing and a prayer. Unless the brass want a media push in that area on that designed media topic that week, then the shiny cars come...

Policing is far more fun these days if you’re a nosey, vengeful, snidey, bullied-at-school, wanted-to-be-a-doctor-but-couldn't-cos-you’re-too-thick dropout... lol.


And fucking wiv da scum... lol.

Looking thru the social media BEFORE doing any investigation into the real world, then going with your understanding of who is to be policed when arriving, and what for, lastly why...

All before a phone, a word, a truth or a lie...

This is most, not all.

Some are talking to me about what is really going on and how trapped they feel, Yes they have a ticket to the other side, but at what cost, some are wrecked with conscience over this ... it’s a horrible thing to see, a truly honest, wanting-to-help anyone, just and honourable human, go thru that.

Some of them usually older ones, wanted to become policeman because they truly did want to protect the less able, that is a vocation. I hazard that not one of them knew the wages before wanting to be one. It’s like a nurse or a doc, fireman etc.

A thing you want to do for the right reasons.

Now, they are in the short order, and government policy has been gassing them slowly with retirement deals, redundancies by other names...

Offered at the right time, after a riot, after a social unrest.

Meanwhile the new PIG's are being recruited from ex-recruits, the money is good if you didn't have it at all before.

University students that think they’re a bit game, lol. I look at some of them and I think, really? REALLY? lol, fuckin wouldn't last one puff of a jay in my old neighbourhood.

There was a reason the police didn't do these things they do now in the past.

The police are not an army, or I should say, were not.

Now they are a domestic terrorist force.

And guess what you are, if you don't agree with anything.

But now with the all new blanket phone suppressing tech, you ain't gonna be seen getting bundled away in the night.

No one will say anything in case it happens to them.

This is where we are in some postcodes already, but not the nice ones, the newsmakers don't see...

Don't want to...