The Cockney Translater!


I would ask if you are well, but of course you’re not.

How could you be?

I suppose you have found yourself staring into the space in front of you, but not noticing it.

From the train window on the way to work.

At your kid eating his/her cereal.

Staring into space and thinking, what next?

Really what’s going to happen next, who is going to kill who, when?

I should think parents everywhere are wondering what station they are going to leave their kids at, when they leave for the last time.

Relinquishing their adult children to their fate.

Independent hysteria.



I have watched over the last few years at a small group of people, taken note of their varying stances, the apparent reasons , but more interestingly the concealed ones.

The internet is the reason for the current linked mass hatred.

Well it’s not the intrawebs themselves, they are electronic superfairways, for the media golfers.


It’s the people on them obviously.

If people do good things on the intrawebs, you thinking they are doing "good" how does it turn out bad..?

Well it doesn’t.

Something happens.

An envelope appears.

Around them.

Then a set of varying species of life form emerge in it.

No not a flight of fancy, a nutters cue.

A real thing.

They are real people, doing horrible despicable things for their own ends.

They create a fantasy around a person who has less faculty at that moment.

They promote themselves riding the back of said sicko...

Or psycho, depending how fucked the guru is.

Yes the guru, not the victim.

They are a varying degree of people with afflictions, afflictions of convictions based in a psychosis.

These guru parasites ID this trait, they then spend a few hours stroking the right string in the mind, smoozing, oozing their current fucked up gambit into the unsuspecting innocent.

This is easy, I watched them try it with me, that was very funny.

That video is coming.

I even tested the things they were willing to overlook for their fandom/adulation...

I have scared them bad, very, they know what’s coming cos I told them upfront... hence never having a challenge excepted... just the usual back channel lies and putrid explanations, always back door, never head on... never.

They won’t either because I have enough to sink any one of them forever.

And I’m going to.

The "Alternative Comedia", a phrase that came out my mouth in a slip, which everyone present laughed at. Well it was funny, those slips always are.

The Alternative Comedia.

That’s sooooo apt...

Well it’s OVER, if you talk shite that causes this sick reaction in people I’m coming for you, legally with a camera and a lawsuit...

Personally, and not to one of your wankfest conferences either, your fucking house, in broad daylight... and you won’t wriggle, cos I wouldn’t come if you are not a cunt.


Here’s a list of the lieing shite first of.

It’s in alphabetical order (cos you know these egos, pending)

There’s a second list, it’s much more pleasant, these people try to help.

Tell the truth, adjust the story honestly when they find the honest mistake or the downright deceitful.

You can only bring a liar down with lies, never an honourable person.

You assailing them will be your demise.

That is the independent media that needs separating once and for all from the bigots, the warmongers and the scum.

Then we will start to get somewhere.


But separate, truly INDEPENDENT MEDIA, watching each other as well as the liars, staying truly independent from each other, in every-way except one, the fuckin’ truth.

Not one hit piece and no lie.