The Cockney Translater!

Payday yay!

Nope, for some the letter box is a gaping chasm of woe.

For most it’s a combination of yay-woe.

At least three four days of being solvent.

For some money is not a subject you talk about, impolite, eeeeeuuuuuwwww, how common... talking about money.

So you stand there and watch, the "not" talking about what we are doing there.

Funny innit.
So is it rude cos, well I’m struggling.
Already, for me money is the reason for most physical altercations, in fact when I really think about it its all of em. Lol. One way or another.
Over the years, if you make it that far you start to realise some things.
Things like, get it right up front.
So we all know what’s what.
Hopefully then there will be no arguments.
Something I personally believe is, everyone has to win, at least a little, and an uneven deal won’t last long.

But that’s it isn't it, for most money is a matter of life, the basics, heat, light, food, peace.
A basic habitat, to survive.
So it’s too important to be polite about it.
It’s important to get it right, for everyone’s sake.

So, I struggle, with this.

So I watched.
To see what I missed.

Well let’s talk about the obvious, if you’re having a bite to eat, with some friends and a business associate sits down, friendly like, then starts talking about business, that’s rude.

So let’s not be twats about it..
You know what I’m talking about, no matter what’s in ya wallet .

NO, not that kinda rude.

It’s FROWNED on to talk about anything to do with it ever, unless absolutely necessary.
So everything is turned into business.
Then it’s none of YOURS, even if you’re a family member.

Closed doors.

Well the man from the bank, he works for the client if the client has more money than the bank.
Banks are all shapes n sizes, as you know these rivers flow uphill.

The bank needs to transfer money so a credit system emerges.
So they can throw it across the distance, while it’s in the air, no one owns it except them.
The mysterious spiders that live in the credit atmosphere everyone trusts to deliver the package.

In order to be capable, papers are needed, privately, shhhh.

Well things spin round in the universe a lot, then we all land. Plop.
Now the credit system is everywhere, after all you must give everyone a chance for the dream, things can only get better.
Off everyone pops, exercising their plastic elbow.
Taking their chance in the arm wrestle with the mortgage.
Hoping they can outpace the years.

Shit, and look at all the talking, from the people that own the companies that don’t talk about money in public cos its wuuuude..
Adverts, push notifications.
Great innit.

So the credit system, the monitors that impartially monitor it.
They impartially monitor it and impartially take your score, to see which portion is what, about you.

Or your family,

Or your area,

Blah blah blah,

So credit for all,
Except that’s bollocks isn’t it.

19 year old born in Newcastle.
Clean record.
Mum works.
Dad works.

Applies for a mortgage.
To buy the family home.

Dad swallows cos he got in trouble with the couch payments once and the window tax wasn’t paid, bang CCJ, county court judgement.

And mum, well she drove into the congestion emission anti poor people zone, or whatever it’s called now, the excuse to keep the riff raff out.
Anyway, she drove in the corner, then they got a letter, a thousand buck fine, bang couldn't do it, paid something forever, CCJ.
Fucking criminals everywhere ain’t there, still there it is,
So the kid steps up. Good kid, tough kid, good dad, good example, family before pride.

So off they go to the man,

They get the mortgage, yay!
No, not yay.
Not yay at all, as some of you are painfully aware.

19 year old kid.
Lives in South Kensington.
Dad’s rich, mum’s good looking .
He goes for a mortgage cos he don’t want to stay with mater an pater no more, they're cramping his style.
Can’t blame him, fast car, nice life.
Good for him,

He goes to dad, dad gives him a card, he goes to the address on the card .
Gets the mortgage for six million spondoolics.
Buys a flat overlooking the thames, sweeeeeeeet.
One year later he sells for the one upstairs, it’s got a better terrace, bigger.
So he makes a million in profit on the first flat, pays that down on the next etc.

The postcode lottery.

But no, now we are being told, different, it’s being introduced slowly but surely your genes effect your decision tree. (my personal opinion while watching of late).

I have a nasty feeling the monitors are getting soooooo much more these days... don’t you?

Watch what you sign, especially if you are on benefits.

Meta data, meta data, it’s all totally fine,
watch their faces
when you exercise your right
not to sign.

Insurance companies can then access your likely hood for all sorts of ailments, before you even know, they have figured out when you are most likely to die etc etc.
So in turn, dodging any real cost of sales.

You ain’t gettin a policy.
Unless sales are low this quarter, then they come up with a policy designed for them to wriggle out of, cos they know more than you.

So the system they all want you to join to look at your credit is joined to oh so much more webs, with all sorts of spiders running about, don’t get caught.

Repair your credit... lol.

Repair what? Your credit?
What the fuck is that?
It’s their file on you to decide whether you’re a proper person or not.



According to who?

Not a who, an it.
For years millions of pounds are spent on equipment, then billions.
Do you actually think that something which costs this much, has prooooved sooooo much to so few, is then ignored???


So what’s been running the show really.
Moneys power / energy!

Another day, for that one.
Black screen transactions included.

Back to the credit genetic postcode lottery.

25 ooo, oo, pounds or under is unsecured.
If you own nothing when the door bangs, fuck all can happen except a very boring ride, too many are taking, right now.
I say to many, because the system is unobservable under the mountainous list of millions in a queue to be judged.
To be told to pay twenty quid a month towards twenty five grand debt.
And be charged for the judgement, lol.

So, they are sub prime lending again,
Apply for a credit card and you will get it if you have a heartbeat, to get round the regulations.
Lol, regulations enforced by a dog with arthritis and no teeth.
Yes to get round the regulations, they only lend a bit, but they own hundreds of different companies with lovely fresh names.
And they all lend you a bit.

The regulations say, oi don’t do that thing again, that you did, right,
Make sure they can afford it.
K, they say, then lend you a little bit on each card.
A friend of mine, has been lent over 19k this way.
He is a mental patient.
With no income.
In one month he had 20 grand of cards.
And I should think a lot of fun, which I will narrate for you from time to time here.


Of course credit is in all shapes n sizes.
Another example is a friend of mine, Margery.
She found herself smashed in the face by the father, then ran.
Now she lives with the kids.
On her own.
She had a job, teachers assistant.
But became ill and was forced onto benefits.
She asked to be taken of the sickness benefit she was on, so she could go onto a different benefit.
That would allow her to work a minimum amount of hours.
16 in fact.
They didn’t tell her she could work on the benefit she was on, already, plus less demands will be put on her because of her health situation, they did this, because of the chance of getting one off the current political jimmy bar for the tabloid readers.
So hey why say.
Now she has all sorts of letters and demands on her, she tries and succeeds mostly.
But no one will employ her, she is not a hundred percent, but NOT ill NOW according to a civil servant and fuck her doctor, he don’t count, like self employment. Unless you’re a professional. Lol.
The stack keeps getting steeper doesn’t it.

So one day she can’t pay the gas bill.
And it’s summer, so she uses the electric to heat the water and struggles on, watching the letters, talking to the platitude spouters.
And one day a very nice man turned up at the door, uninvited.

He says, now, Margery, you owe my massive corporation one hundred and fifty quid.
She explains the situation at the door with everyone listening as her voice echoes down the piss soaked spray painted stairs.

He listens, it seems.
He says, that’s terrible.
I know he says, I will go make a call, one moment.
Margery thinks, wow, a human.
Hmm, can she relax a bit, for a minute as the kids look on at the uninvited guest. Now talking to his imaginary boss, (they’re a contractor in a contract designed to do just this, theatre).

Then he comes back and says,

I spoke to the boss, he says that we can help.
We can install a meter that will give you gas now.
Only problem is its 150 pounds to install.
But I tell you what, we can wave that cost, because of the sob story you bored me shitless with (paraphrasing a bit there).
So, tomorrow a man will come and work for you, then you can take your key down the local shop so everyone knows you’re a loser ok the paraphrasing is out of control.
You can charge your magic key. With your budget, plus two pounds... for the debt.

Howz dat, steps back goes down on one knee jazz hands,

She excepts, why not.
She isn’t stupid, bare minimum she gets the friggin gas on... oooooooh, a bath, in hot water... lovely.

And so it is.
Then winter comes.
She has to put on twenty pounds, it’s gone up for some reason. (They charge more for gas and for the meter, she pays double).
And then she can’t do it, another bill. She can’t do, simple.

So she doesn't use the gas she has, saves it for emergencies.
Then one day the emergency happens a kid comes home pukey from school.
So she turns on the boiler.
Goes to her friendly helpful lovely gas meter.
And it says.

Fuck off, we took the money you had on there for the bill.

Shit, she thinks, off down the shop.
Gets a tenner out, and puts it on the key.
Goes home,
Sticks in the key.
It registers and takes the money. All of it, for the debt, she was behind to many two pounds, stacked payments.

Are You a BRITISH GAS SHAREHOLDER, ARE YOU???I’M GETTING TO YOU?.patience is a virtue.

So she is cut off in winter .
At night.
The amount put on the key to get a minutes gas, after the debt, is more money than in the bank.

Out comes the kettle.

Now .

If you use this company you help them.
A company that can come up with this in memos to the chairman and the board, then they drink champers with you.
And then of course there’s the idiots that have a grands worth of shares cos Margeret said so..


IF you are connected, in anyway, to them, your scum.

If you now sell those shares... you’re not. You’re cool.

Let’s spread this about, and watch the share price fall further than it will anyway.
It’s a dead industry despite the blurb. electric is next..for everything except the engineered need..

Hence them diversifying into other essential grips, oops I mean services.

So go get your free credit, cos that’s what it is.

Where shall we go next?
How about...

THE DWP, and the massive fraud they are committing on the tax payer.
Through partnerships indirectly with "zombie companies" thru universal tax credits.

It involves training companies, that are registered in the same street as the bank of England. That’s behind the great wall.
So not England at all.

All this from a man that had Touche Ross as accountants, while banking at Coutts.

The sunsets in your eyes.

Slater, from the Cockneytranstraitor.

If some of the links don’t work, go look. Innit, what!

As I haven’t been about and its Sunday here’s a supplement, for the extra coffee/tea/wine/wheatgrass/joint, the fluctuations, the artificial ones to get the last wrings out of the flannel.

You know,

Relax and look at the moonlight tonight...

Just a word in your mind’s eye, a your understanding.

I haven’t had much to say about the event we just witnessed, not much point, but those of you that use your memory/mind to more effect than the usual daily grind. The habit.

Well you know, that I pointed out the Europe situation three years before it happened, immigration, borders, encapsulation, the sovereignty charge, Egypt, Syria, how? Cos I know Claire Voiyant? Please go back and look, if you were not paying attention and aren't easily distracted by the buffoonery...

I’m afraid I have to take part in said buffoonery.

It’s all in fun, sometimes, unless it’s not.

Helps with the endless repetition I witness...

So a heads up again...

Spelt out for the gurus and infotainers to see themselves in the mirror.

The united states of Europe!

But it’s not going to end there no, it’s the start...

Perhaps one of the best ways to explain myself is to use the guru/oil salesman, as the example.

It’s worth it just to see them try and waffle there way round the

So take the liars and look close...

Yes of course they are a mixture of snake oil (man drops) salesman, also the sick advantage takers which film ill people for the freak show...

Yes they are all riding too.

Fist punching the air "we did it” they say in self righteous victory, lol.

(Credo?????? Lol, last year’s shoes???)

For a start they never saw it coming until led by the nose...

Then in typical fashion own "the result" as their own, this all while you did the grafting for them, as usual, of course...

But that’s not the point; it’s just a!

The cabal, the iluminataaaaaaaaaaaŷ, the devil, the masons, the, the, the, zzzzzzzzzzzzZ

Just the futures historical posthumous criminals , emulated by a cult of the time , of some sort , that’s all , look at us on this ball, we are so due this fall.

Well they all bang on about this control, the way everyone in the know has it...

They bleat constantly, using the repeat method to get the fan...

The easy led...

Well, it’s easy to separate a fool from his money, so makes total business sense.

Like propaganda granddad’s taught them...the books they read, to educate them, so they can tell you, but what bits of the dictator’s teachings did they scorn? , which bit did they learn? , well I would say my observations differ to the fools. Still, each to his/her own, we all sit on the hill at some point.

I know better obviously, for a few reasons which become apparent as we continue, my friends are all aware, so we are gonna have fun.

I have looked for someone to support, but all I find is liars, as you do, constant dismay, sad...

So until then, you're fucked, you got me.

I’m ok , apart from my illness , but that is under control ish , I sit here not from choice , but because I'm unruly , can’t help it.

I pay my way , as everyone should that wants to talk shite, I’m not funded, I have no party, no affiliation, book to sell, conference to fill...

Blah blah...

I have paid for everything I have done and it's cost me dear...

All you hear about me is bullshit...I have many great friends, you already know and love. Oh dear, where is that gonna leave some when it comes out?

How you gonna look, lol.

So I know they are all what I say, because I have never seen any of them, in the places I have had the misfortune to walk, ever...

They are just liars, self promoting profiteers.

The reason I know that is because I did it for years for money for big people, not wannabes, actuals, these muppets are actually very clumsy at this.

I’m usually more vicious than that, because that’s the game...

But as I stated, this is all too serious for that, ...

Getting there...

The controllers?

The iluminatay?

According to them (alternative comedia/snake oil salesmen), they (alien/reptile/alternative bollocks) have control and have been trying to push you all into all sorts of plans and schemes...

Etc etc.... and blue birdies... with hooves, pathetic, so are the people that read it.

But, at last, my point...

So why the fist punching?

Stolen from you, surfed by them, what triumph?

The vote?

What vote?

You’re going to Europe, it starts the trap...

They will continue to stall debate and refer endlessly, and not for initial obvious reasons, even though they are the ultimate destination.

This will be done.

Until the result catches up the conclusion.

If they had won up front, it wouldn’t have been upfront enough,

No the numbers were not good, the real ones...

No, their dilemma is to push, not win...

The only way to CHANGE the numbers was to have a hang, just like Cameron’s election,

To show politics works, debate is real...

So you can see the change... the good rule...

Then by election debate, the good people will change their mind.


But, at last the idiots show themselves...

They are talking of a vote as if it’s real,

The reason for that is they know they know nothing ,talk to no one that matters and have no influence , except over sales of whatever shit they are limp dick burrowers , anonymous hiders... Exactly as advertised for.

Otherwise why be jubilant?

They are lying, they live where you do, and know less than you...

Go start using your discernment, its gettin heavy.

The fans of these idiots are trained to forget in three months, as the gurutainter does (as the gaga does)

As they help you do, with constant tragedy with no end.

Constant alarms at mechanical digital ghost wolves only they can hear howl in the electronic imaginary infonutwork.

Constant relay loop cycle,

Constant sales.......



As most of you know...

Sorry to the regulars, but I have to say, it’s so obvious...

They work in ignorance for the farmer...

Some light viewing for the oppressed...

(Heads up see if you can rummage thru the melee to figure out who funds these morons and why) (Another fun thing to play is, does the gurutainter know he/she is funded)

Tainter: taint a fanny taint an arsehole, it’s the bit in between, "tainter" fills the gap between the two main