The Cockney Translater!

Originally written three weeks ago, this post as well as the following one were withheld for legal reasons. Today we finally got the nod after all, so here it comes...

Morning morning morning, another day in our little boxes of paradise,

Hot cold running water.
Hot cold running blood.

But it’s not yours, so all good eh!

We were going to one way discuss the subject of secrets...
Seems pretty simple,
So what’s a secret ?
Something you know and others don’t,
Why would you want to keep it a secret,
Cos it’s a surprise! Yay!
Or, you could be keeping a secret to protect someone.

Well, we could bore ourselves shitless wiv all da reasons.

But suffice to say, it’s a thing we all do. For all sorts of reasons.

Ok, we are all secretive, if you say you’re not, are you keeping a secret?

When is it not ok to keep a secret?

That narrowed it down a little.
When is it right to say nothing.

That’s a bit of a personal dilemma for me which I break-dance with on a personal, seasonal basis..

My personal view is simple, you make an agreement, and keep it.
If that agreement turns out bad, that’s your fault, you should have been much more discerning in your original deliberations on whether to be involved or not.
That was your mistake...

To then turn on whomever you made the agreement with is, well, you’re a wanker... period...
If you renege on your agreement, tell your secret, you have still betrayed, someone, some thing.

The argument is for the witnesses to it all.
But then we are out of the realms of secrets and honour, we enter into a psychedelic dream of what is right or wrong, a whole other crack den of fun. N games...

But let’s stay with the word-breaker...

He / she is a simple contract breaker, point one. Wrong or right..
You broke your word.
So, you’re new audience, they are already looking for sign, even if they don’t think they are, the corner of the eye, the crossed legs of defence hiding the lie the deceit... the truth?

So all our brains werrr n clck, pop and snap through the decision...

The ambiguity of deceit,

Some people like marmite, some don’t, lol.

So someone makes a good / bad decision ...

Based on what they know and believe at the time.

Then the circumstances change in some way.

The agreement is no longer an agreement, if deceit was used to dupe you to agree, this is not a free decision, you’re in chains you know nothing off.

Let’s do the tablecloth trick and pull,

See what’s left....?

An idiot/villain, that got duped, a liar that did the duping good/bad, are we going to decide what’s right and wrong yet...?
Or would you need all the truths first, then judge.

Or shall we go further?

Oh dear look at all those question marks...

Lots of arguments there, sorry, discussions.
I forgot we are all assuming some constants, such as being civilised human beings... whatever the fuck that means...

If you steal twenty million secrets, and tell 2000, what did you do...?

When did you decide the wrong deeds were done, when your conscience catches up ?
When you couldn't take doing things that felt wrong anymore...
Not another minute... it all just become too much to bare.
Or when your new pay deal didn’t reflect what you consider your worth.
Or when you got caught doing something else.

Lots of reasons truths and denials...

And none of it matters a fig.
All of it is very simple to solve ...

It will never happen.... Never...

Because you’re all at it...all of you...your wrong-or-right meter is of your or your controllers’ whim/design.

But for the sake of fun how about this.

Let’s start with the obvious subject, the official secrets act.
When you sign it you agree that breaking it under any circumstances is against the act, not law, act....
Not an order that can be shouted on a parade ground, so is it an order, go look that up....

If you’re interested, if you signed an agreement, if you are military,
If you are service...

But you signed, so you will be fucked,

Or don’t sign.
When you sign, you sign away your right to judgement, using your own, plus your right to any, its n there...

Right wrong, you decide, you will anyway, that’s another judgement you give away if you do... sign.

So stop bleating, if you’re a hero because of the perception of your chosen audience, great.... for you.
If you’re a total James Blunt, because of this perception, so what...Who cares...

So there you are, signed up and obedient, for all the right reasons, "today".

Then someone moves the goal posts....with more official secrets.

Then where are you, but now it’s too late...
Does the normalcy bias apply to superhuman wonderful people, that know better...
Can they just realise their current situation and then just "go along " with it in shock n awwwwwwwwww.


All seems pretty pointless recrimination and churlishness.


You pay to live here.

You pay the civil servant to do just that...

If the servant starts keeping secrets, and one person dies unjustly...
It’s over, it never started, the agreement is null..
Because we employed them to keep the fences painted...
And now they control everything, for all our sakes.

Was that the deal, lol.....

Let’s paint a picture...
You’re old.
You can’t fix the house...
So you employ someone.
Ask them to do it for you.
Maybe it’s too big a job for just one person, now your outnumbered.

The house gets repaired, then your servants suggest a nice gazebo be built, or an orangery, jacuzzi.

Seems like a nice idea, plus you get more luxury.... all good for you.
They get more to do, and the other peeps that make such things, well there kids get the new thing they needed to exist... or else you’re a hopeless loser parent... the advert said...

Then the servants think, well, this is great, the stupid old man don’t know shit...
If we tell him the roof leaks, more work, for us and the boys.

In the end the old man lives in a casino which doubles as a nuclear bunker to guard against all the things that got dragged along with the new found fun n fortune... fiasco.

One day the old man goes upstairs and looks out of a dirty window in a room he didn’t know was there.
Then sees the cost across the fence...

What can he do?
This is not as understood, his money/intention has been used and abused in all sorts of ways.

Just then a child looks up from his dead mums arms and see's the old man, looks him right n the eye...

He screams "you did this...."

How do you feel about that?

Well it doesn't matter how you feel, you’re a backbone less ostrich.

Your going to do nothing, you always have...


Now we all know what we are.

Now knowing.

Every one of us has known the cost for years.

I’m not interested in your platitudes and denials,
You’re old enough and ugly enough to know, and you do.

So shut it.

The question is, will you ever have a backbone.

Well, I think you’re going to have a chance.

And it’s gonna get very very rough.

Resolve will be needed.

You do not possess it. (personal opinion)

But I live in hope of the ensuing fun if you do. (also personal)

Anyway, you won’t,you’re too busy talking shite to hide your middle class guilt (eh michael)and you would've by now..
And if someone mentions a percentage and one person makes a difference, you have just shown your ignorance, GOT BETTER HAS IT !!!!!!!!
Less government is there, you fuckin seagulls, squarking squarking the same codswallop, then gettin married and moving to easier pastures as the salt n pepper hair appears, to reminisce.
The threshold has been reached,

It’s what the sillies in the forest have been repeating to you after you told them ...
but they’re fun to watch.
Talking complete bollocks and fantasising, better excuses learned, fantastic ones, the more ludicrous the better more hits, but FUNDED... always FUNDED...

The threshold,
Comes in many forms, here’s one ..

If you are alive now, you are fortunate.
Well it’s very lucky to be here in person anyway, but more than that, it’s fork in the road time sugarplums.
Religion is a surfer...
I don’t talk of such things, I know nothing of them, nor want to.
The pope’s gettin ready.
Everyone's bracing, why?


If you’re alive now, you are the child on the cliff top, wondering whether to jump...
Waiting is a mistake.

But you have, so now the adrenaline is kicking in, you elbows are getting hollow, your knees are weakening, what ya gonna do ....

The group stands there, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump....

You gonna jump, you gonna turn away... lol.

Secret, secreted, secretly, in ssssssssssecret, lol.

So what do you do if the people you gave jobs, start to lie to you, keep secrets for your own good, from you, who’s who in that pointy stick butt fuck?

What if you didn’t get taught the setup, you didn’t know at all that the powers were not always what they seem to be.

That carrots don’t come out of a plastic bag.

If you’re taught that, it’s all you know.
And you know no better, you’re finished, you are one of the flock, the terminology all sides use is very interesting, they all seem to agree your sheep of some sort. Lol.

And here we all are!

So the politicians much like jack will say, you can’t handle the truth.
Well you can can’t you, because you handle seeing baby's arms and heads flying all over the place...
You can handle turning your back...
You can handle living well at others expense.

What’s that? What you dribbling? What can you do ?

You’re just a little granny.
What can you do your 41 and stuck in the death grip with four children.
You’re just a single woman....
You’re just a number,
The only people off the hook in society are the homeless... they walk, as far as I'm concerned, spend a night outside, we can talk, until, then, jog on..

You'd like to help but...
And ...
And ...

Oh fuck off!

If you don’t like the job?... done on your behalf with your money.
Don’t pay the very uncivilised servant...

If you’re the civil servant saying, whatever bollocks you excuse yourself with ...
Fuck off...
You know what you are...
If you’re a bailiff, fuck you, you know what you are...
Bailiffs are for business, not people...
If you go to a bod’s house, you know the difference, drop dead now.
Clearly stated enough.

So you can do something but you won’t...

Because of all your excuses...

You pay them, to,
Keep secrets from you,
You don’t want that?
So stop allowing it.

And here come the bleats.

I caaaaaaaaan’t, the elections are rubbish ...
I’m just one woman or man,
what about my children...

What a load of melodramatic bullshit...

But you learnt it from the best...
Just look at the alarmist lobbyists that crawled out the woodwork in 2007.

Yeah it’s just you being a FAPPER again, so go away. You’re nothing.
A number, a drone, go eat ya royal jelly..

Oh and let’s not forget the official standpoint...
Whistleblowers are evil, they risked peoples security and lives.

Good point...

So let’s get an ordinary notary, or six...
And they can stand in for us...

Sign the act, but never tell us names etc, cos its totally above board what’s going on, sooooo no problem letting them in is there... unless you’re a criminal.

You see often there’s a misconception...the state do not murder people,
What happens is a professional person does something illegal, at that point they become a criminal, they resigned their commission at the very point they committed a criminal act, they are no longer a servant, they are a criminal.
So it's criminals taking advantage of their position, and duping the ordinary man that is there with the best intentions...they make that man a criminal too.

SO IF WE GET SIX WOMEN SIX MEN, who are picked because of their attributes in their daily job, such as an administrator, who lives in Cheltenham and has a few kids, or a fireman, or, or, or ...

They ... will tell you when they see criminal behaviour... especially if they have professional advice on hand being paid by an independent source... they would know... WOULD YOU LIKE A GO, WOULD YOU BE IRRESPONSIBLE FOR SENSATION, ?
Of course giving away no one’s legitimate secrets, if there is such a thing.
So you "Mr official standpoint", your fucked right there and everyone is safe from allllll the know about,

Like the twenty one Russian suitcase nukes no one can account for?

"The official liar’s protection act."

So back to the bleaters...

You need to be legal.
So here’s a site to sign your name, legally your real name..
Rather than being an anonymous coward that anyone can infiltrate EASILY...
Then you are protected because you are withholding your labour until your servant stops telling, starts listening...

One month ...

That’s all it will take, no war, no disaster, no massive upset...

Now to tell someone to not pay tax in public is illegal in the UK, you will be arrested for... it.
And I dare say you will be for withholding it... too.
So don't.

Just hold your rent... for one month.
Hold your death grip payment for one month.

A "vote" with the wallet that can’t be rigged, with a postal infusion.

One month will destroy any support, from the greedy.
One month will be a disaster for the government.

Because you will see what you can do...

Plus, no real longterm damage...
Definitely, less damage than the thievery that’s been going down.

The most important decision made by any humans ever is being made soon.

It seems an economic financial social decision, of great importance of course.
But it’s oh so much more.

The controllers win, if you vote to stay in.

Then it’s over.

For good.

The proverbial snowball.

I already know the outcome ...

I like surprises though, always interesting.

Point ya gun at yaself.

Next subject credit.

Slater... idiots.

Have a nice day.